What grip do most pro golfers use?

golf grip pro golfers use

What grip do most pro golfers use is a question asked by most amateur golfers because they want to be as good as their golfing idols. One thing that golfers should know is that golfers touch only one piece of the golf club which happens to be the golf grip. Unfortunately golf grips tend to … Read more

What are the best golf shorts for men?

best golf shorts for men

The best golf shorts for men are all about comfort and even though different brands tend to be similar, the level of comfort varies. Being on the golf course with an uncomfortable pair of golf shorts can ruin your golfing game and pretty much the whole day. When you are playing golf, you are supposed … Read more

Do I need a golf towel? What are golf towels for?

One of the most important and often overlooked items is a golf towel. A golf towel just like any other golfing is just as important because you need it for a lot of things on the golf course. Even the USGA recognizes the importance of a golf towel and that’s why it allows golfers to … Read more

What golf towels do the pros use

golf towels pros use

What golf towels do the pros use is a question most golfers ask right before they buy golf towels. Golf towels are as an essential when you start playing golf. Most people will forget to bring golf towels to the golf course; never mind they never forget to bring extra balls, markers or tees. It … Read more

Does water affect golf balls? Should you soak golf balls?

water affect golf balls

Golf balls are definitely not cheap especially if you are buying high end golf balls like Titleist 2021 Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. Therefore your question of whether water does affect golf balls is very valid because you can’t be buying golf balls often. Once in a while you’ll hit your golf … Read more

How Do You Make Old And Dirty Golf Balls Look New?

dirty golf balls

Sometimes golf balls get lost either in the water or in the long grass or the golfer just gives up on looking for the missing golf balls. Most times when you come across these dirty golf balls, way later after they got lost, they are just old looking and dirty and you might be tempted … Read more

Is the Swing Glove legal on the golf course?

the swing glove

Is the swing glove legal on the golf course is a question that keeps playing on many golfers’ heads. A swing glove is a unique golf glove because it is the only glove that has a built-in swing gear which guides you through all the points of your golf swing. This glove can be said … Read more