What is a cadet golf glove?Cadet vs regular golf gloves


What is a cadet golf glove is a question whose answer is not known to many golfers. A cadet golf glove is a golf glove that’s specifically made for golfers whose hands are a little bit different than the normal people. So, let’s talk about cadet vs regular golf gloves; Cadet golf gloves are shorter … Read more

How do you play golf in hot weather?

Is it safe to play golf in hot weather?

Summer is almost here and when you are a new golfer, your biggest question is how do you play golf in hot weather? High temperatures should never be a reason as to why you should keep off the golf course. All you need to do is to arm yourself with the right golfing equipment and … Read more

What grip do most pro golfers use?

golf grip pro golfers use

What grip do most pro golfers use is a question asked by most amateur golfers because they want to be as good as their golfing idols. One thing that golfers should know is that golfers touch only one piece of the golf club which happens to be the golf grip. Unfortunately golf grips tend to … Read more

What Golf Towels Do the Pros Use?

what golf towels do the pros use

It’s a question that has plagued golfers for years: What kind of golf towels do the pros use? Some swear by terry cloth, while others prefer microfiber. But what if there was a towel that could do it all? Today’s golf towel market is flooded with all types of towels. Some are built for wetness, … Read more

Does water affect golf balls? Should you soak golf balls?

water affect golf balls

Golf balls are definitely not cheap especially if you are buying high end golf balls like Titleist 2021 Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. Therefore your question of whether water does affect golf balls is very valid because you can’t be buying golf balls often. Once in a while you’ll hit your golf … Read more

How Do You Make Old And Dirty Golf Balls Look New?

dirty golf balls

Sometimes golf balls get lost either in the water or in the long grass or the golfer just gives up on looking for the missing golf balls. Most times when you come across these dirty golf balls, way later after they got lost, they are just old looking and dirty and you might be tempted … Read more