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The best golf bag is one of the most important supporting players in your golf game. Your golf bag not only requires being organized, durable and functional-it must be worth the savings you are making from the fun gear. We understand it can be challenging to come up with all choices and categories you have. So, we have prepared the key criteria you need to consider when purchasing the best golf bag. Here is a look at the best golf bags 2018

Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway 14 is our choice for the best golf bag for push cart because it is lightweight hence making it easy to bring with you wherever you go, it has a smart design, and it has a lot of pockets. This is one of the best golf bag for push cart and it has been in the market for a few years; the company never stops improving it.


The slots are full sleeve so your clubs don’t tangle which makes this bag one of the best golf bags 2018.

This is one of those unique golf bags; it has 2 cooler sections, one for a cool towel and another section for drinks.

Callaway org 14 also has a rangefinder slot that assists in protecting phone screens.

The bag has center slots which are larger for driver and putter making it the best golf bags 2018.

The bag is large and still light in weight.

When at the range the bag can stand on its own.

Callaway Org 14 golf bag allows for tees via its exterior slots.


It is large and light in weight hence mobile.

It has a cooler section hence convenient for a sunny afternoon drink.


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Sun Mountain Sync

This pick for the best golf bag is from a known company called Sun Mountain golf bag. In contrast to Org 14, sun mountain golf bag has similar size, materials and number of pockets. More to this, this golf bag is designed to be used on push carts.

Sun mountain golf bag for push cart has been made for optimal use when utilizing the push cart. When using the best golf bags for push carts, your priority is maintaining the bag in place. Due to this, the bag features a bottom section that is notched and fits snuggly with push carts’ triangular pads. The sync’s side upper portion comprises a pass-through strap which lets a strap hold the bag firmly and avoids constriction of the pockets.


Sun mountain golf bags have a putter compartment which is integrated.

The top is 15-way with full length and individual dividers.

All pockets of the sun mountain golf bags are accessible and face forward when a push cart is carrying the bag.

The top also comprises dual utility handles to enhance handling.

The eight pockets comprise dual velour-lined pockets and a beverage pocket.

The pass through of the golf cart allows for the security of the bag to the golf cart while enhancing pocket access

It has a loop for towel.

Durability is increased via cart bumpers

Sun mountain golf bags have matching rain hoods.


The material is tear-resistant, waterproof, and high quality making it one of the best water proof golf bags.

Optimal cart stability is enhanced by smart mounted wraps.

The sun  mountain golf bags comprise of 15 dividers.

The bag also has eight pockets which are easily accessed and conveniently placed.

The hood is waterproof.


If the bag lacks proper weight distribution, it will fail to stand on its own.

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Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag


The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag  is a little bit lighter than Sun Mountain; hence it is able to pair up appropriately as the lightest golf carry bag. In case you require adaptability and diversity in the best golf carry bag, this is your best option. These unique golf bags not only function great on your golf push carts but also works well on your back. It is excellent due to its water resistance ability.


The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag is one of the best golf bag as it  is able to hold a lot of gear via its 8 zippered pockets. Due to its cold air, it is able to store cold drinks.

The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag  has 15 dividers that let you store 14 playing clubs, a ball retriever, and alignment sticks. The dividers keep your clubs from tangling and banging when walking.

Non flex materials make the sides of the bag to protect the clubs from a forceful impact.

The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag  top features pockets so that you can access them easily when the bag has been strapped to the cart.

It has a unique non slip bottom which allows you to easily use a push cart.

The bag only weighs 7 pounds thus making it one of the lightest carry bags

It has been made from water resistant and non-rip material thus making it one of the best water resistant golf bags.

The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag  has 15 dividers for your clubs.

The best golf clubs are highly protected by the non-flex material

The pockets are many and offer storage for beverages, balls, and apparel.

The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag  can be mounted on a push cart, golf cart or be carried.


The Ping Pioneer Cart golf bag lacks a hood.

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Callaway Chev-The best golf bag

Callaway Chev stand bag is my favorite brand for cart and stand picks; it is one of the best golf bag. This is a great golf bag for travel brand and it offers value for money. It simply does what you require it to do, it is durable and it is light. This golf travel bag has ease when on a push cart and also when walking on the golf course.


The Callaway stand bag has full length dividers and a 7-way top

The bag has 7 pockets together with a valuables pocket that is soft lined.

The bag offers stability on all terrains making it the best golf bag.

The bag has a soft mesh hip pad that offers ventilation and comfort.

Callaway stand bag weighs 5.5 lbs


Callaway stand bag has great padding on the straps for carrying


When compared with other best golf bag for push cart, Callaway stand bag is less durable as a result of weight optimization.

Dividers fail to go length of the golf bag.

CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Bag Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Bag Travel Cover is designed to protect your valuable golfing gear when driving the push cart in the golf course. The bag has zippers and durable nylon construction that ensure the safety of your clubs.  The bag has skated wheels to enable mobility and also riveted handles to enable carrying the bag on a push cart or when walking.


It features extra durable nylon construction that increases the safety of your clubs making it one of the best golf bags 2018.

It features great skate wheels that ensure rolling uses minimal energy.

The bag comes with lockable zippers for security which makes it the best golf bag.

The handles are riveted hence hold strong on the push cart.

The bag has dual oversize shoe pockets that can be used for extra gear which makes it one of the best golf bags 2018.

The bag is heavily padded for maximum security against hazards.

The bag is light as it weighs only eight pounds.


The 600D Nylon material makes the bag extra durable.

The bag has extra space for your extra stuff and it is also well padded for gear safety.

The clamps are fully adjustable clamps that protect the bag from all terrains.

It is light when compared with other bags in the market.

Has in line skate wheels for easy trolling.


It has one color only and hence options are limited

The zipper gives out after some time due to its poor quality.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian is one of the best golf  bag in the Clubglider tour series. It features a 4-wheel design that will still do well even under the airport stress. The top of the bag is quite strong thus offering your contents outstanding protection. It is also spacious which means you have adequate space to carry your golf equipment like clubs as well as other travel essentials. This bag provides all what you need in a travel bag while giving you the maneuverability of a normal suitcase

Most customers have already expressed their happiness in regard to their experience with this bag.

The leg mechanism has been extended in such a way that it is easily retracted in an easy motion and the legs get to retract into the molded tray with ease

You will not need to be kneeling every now and then to load and unload; the two zippers are full length thus making it easy for you when loading.

The pivoting caster wheels are able to provide better maneuverability

The high-impact roller blade wheels are durable and the axles are heat treated to make them even more durable.

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CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black

CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black is one of the best golf bag having been made from high Impact EVA Mold to make sure that the contents of the bag are fully protected. The best thing about this bag is that it has a self standing wheel base meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty when you place it on the floor. It is one of those best golf travel bags 2018 with wheels that you ought to have; it has 3 oversized pockets which mean you can carry other extras apart from your golfing equipment. The best thing about this bag is that it weighs just 12 pounds meaning you barely ‘feel’ the weight.

The best part of this golf bag is that it has internal and external straps and they are both adjustable; this helps in keeping the clubs stable. And the cherry on the cake about CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black is that it has a one year warranty-how cool is that?

Most customers have expressed their satisfaction with one of the best hard case travel golf bag; they say the bag can be folded into half when not in use thus creating space in your storage area. The fact that you get the best bargain in terms of price and what it offers makes it your best bet when shopping for golf travel bags with wheels.

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CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover has to be one of the best golf bag with wheels. For starters, it is heavily padded meaning your clubs and your other golf equipment will be safely stored. The external and internal compression straps ensure that the clubs are securely resting in the bag. The zippers are lockable meaning you can lock up your stuff and not get worried that someone might pinch something.

This golf travel bag boasts of in-line skate wheels meaning you don’t need to carry the bag around; also, there’s no chance of the wheels coming out easily. It is considerably long and the best thing about it is that it only weighs 9 pounds. Cherry on the cake is that it has a one year warranty incase of damage that might happens on transit in airports.

Did you also know it has a business card holder? I bet you didn’t; yes it has a business card window meaning you don’t have to unload everything to reach your business cards. The bag being too spacious can accommodate up to 10 cart bags; that’s a lot of space right there! And it has two address slots where you can label in bold letters that it is a golf bag.

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Plano Golf Guard Standard Case

Plano Golf Guard Standard Case is one of the best hard case travel golf bag. It is also the most economical travel bag you will ever have. This bag can hold up to ten inches in diameter and 48 inches long drivers and still have a spacious room for accessories like shows, balls and umbrellas. The case is extremely hard with an even harder frame that’s more superior to any of the soft-cased bags. Plano Golf Guard Standard Case is the best travel bag because you are assured your gear is safe on transit.

Plano Golf Guard Standard Case also includes front tabs that are compatible with heavy duty locks; it also has metal bail latches. Other great features of this bag are; it has large handles that make it easier when traveling and the heavy duty and smooth rolling wheels make the travel even better. Plano Golf Guard Standard Case weighs approximately 13 pounds meaning it is quite light.

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Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels

Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels is one of the best golf bag. It is made of denier nylon and it is heavily padded at the top in order to protect the club heads. Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover with wheels has heavy duty and lockable zippers on both the main opening and the side pockets. This bag also has internal and external straps that keep the clubs and the rest of the bag’s contents secure. This has to be the best golf travel bags with wheels because the inline skate wheels are easy to roll and you don’t have to put much effort when dragging/pulling your bag.

The best thing about Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels is that it has 2 large packets on the side which mean you can stuff your other items like shoes and your clothes. When not in use, you can easily fold it thus reducing your storage space which could be minimal. You also get to have a business card window as well as a molded luggage tag. What else would anyone look for in the best golf travel bags? Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover with wheels has to be the best bag ever!

Caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag

Caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag has to be the best golf bag for travel because it has additional padding that keeps your club heads from any harm. It also has compression straps that keep your clubs as secure as you can imagine. There is also a lockable main zipper that makes sure no one gets their hands on your clubs.

Caddy daddy constrictor 2  has a pair of in-skate wheels to help you pull your bag through airports and other parking lots which means you don’t get tired. Lifting almost 25 pounds of your golf clubs is not a pretty thing especially if you have a jet lag from hell.

It has a total of four handles with one on the top, two located in the middle and one at the base of the bag. Lets say you are spoilt for choice on however you decide to carry your caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag. Also, with the upper and bottom handles, you can have your partner help you carry when walking on a rough path.

The other best thing about caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf bag for travel is that it has a removable tag name which means a couple can share the bag; they only have to switch their names. This name tag also means it would be easier to trace the bag in case of loss. Also, the bag has an address window stitched on the bag which means tracing the bags in the airport in case of loss would be super easy.

Caddy daddy constrictor 2 might not be as durable but it sure gives you a value for money if you are looking for a short term bag. For starters, it is a lightweight bag, it allows one to carry additional stuff together with the golfing equipment and it has other smaller pockets that can carry smaller items like socks.

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Golf bag buying guide

To select the best golf bag for push carts from the five types present and many brands on the market, you should opt for the following vital things.


Each of the various types of the best golf bags 2018 for push carts has features that will assist you move your gear with comfort around the course. However they have pros and cons. When buying a golf bag for a push cart you must put into consideration the type that you want since they all work differently. For instance, if you prefer trolleys then a carry bag is unsuitable for you since it will be hard to strap it in the cart.

  1. Carry golf Bags

Carry golf bags reated for casual or recreational golfers, carry golf bags are easy to move around with due to their light weight. The shoulder straps make it easy to walk with them around the course. These carry golf bags usually have sufficient pockets to carry beverages, the best golf gloves, the best golf tees, the best golf balls and nothing else. These bags are all about carrying the essential golfing stuff. The bags are not many to prevent you from carrying unnecessary stuff.

  1. Stand golf Bags

Stand golf bags are the most versatile golf bags. They are heavier than a carry golf bag despite being light in weight. Their base has legs that ensure everything stays upright for accessibility. These stand golf bags for push carts are suitable when using a golf cart or when walking. They are usually strapped to the push-cart back when being used with a push cart. Great care should be taken to prevent the legs from damage when securing the bag with straps.

  1. Cart golf bags

Their bases are designed to be able to get attached to a golf cart. They have several pockets and a lot of storage. But these bags are heavier than those bags designed for those golfers who walk around the course. Golf cart bags are used by serious, competitive or professional golfers. These bags are designed to offer easy access to the pockets while still strapped to the golf cart’s back. The bag also features a rubber base to prevent the bag from sliding off the cart.

  1. Tour golf bags

Tour golf bags are comprehensive and comprise a lot of dividers, pockets and storage. They are made for competitive and professional golfers who require not carrying their own bag.

  1. Travel golf Bags

Travel golf bags made for golfers who bring their golf clubs with them and want to protect them at all times. These travel golf bags for travel have been designed to secure the golf clubs on flights and during handling of the baggage. These golf bags for travel have been made from robust materials that ensure a golfer has what he needs when travelling for a game. The bag features padded top for security of the clubs, in-line or luggage skate wheels to enhance mobility, reinforced or padded handles to enable easy handling, and extra pockets for increased storage space.


As much as the features of the best golf bags change from one manufacturer to another, the types of the golf bags will also have an influence on this. In case you carry so many things, then the presence of enough pockets is what you should look for. When buying  golf bags for  push carts, then you should go for the ones with several features. Some of the features to consider include the number of pockets, the weight of the golf bags, and the number of dividers. A bag with a lot of pockets will ensure that you have adequate storage while a golf bag that is light in weight will ensure that the luggage is lighter as compared to a bag that is heavy in weight. Also, if the dividers are many then you are able to carry a lot of golf clubs.


Your budget will have a determination on the bag that you purchase since you cannot buy a golf bag that you can barely afford. Consider how much you want to spend before deciding what to buy since the various types of golf bags have different prices. If you have no problem with spending lots of money, you can buy the staff bag but if you want cheap golf bags, a carry bag will suffice.

Customer Reviews

In spite of what you decide to buy, it is vital to go through golf bags for push cart reviews on well-known websites to see what users have to say about the products. Getting primary information from users of golf bags is the most reliable information source since they have tested the product.


The best golf bag for push cart is vital as any other equipment for your golf game.  Hence you should be very keen when shopping for a golf bag to make sure you acquire the right one.  Considering the above factors will ensure that you get the best golf bag that will maintain security for your gear, fit your best golf push carts, and that you enjoy your golf game.

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