Comparing 15-Degree vs 16.5-Degree 3 Wood

Getting a 3-wood airborne can be challenging for certain golfers, especially if the loft isn’t quite suited to their swing dynamics. If you’re caught in the 15-degree vs. 16.5-degree dilemma and are considering a blind purchase, an adjustable 3-wood might be your best bet. Adjustable 3-woods allow players to fine-tune the loft (and sometimes other … Read more

Why Are Chippers Frowned Upon in Golf?

why are chippers frowned upon in golf

Why are chippers frowned upon? This is the million-dollar question among many newcomers and seasoned players as well. Despite their potential to simplify the short game, chippers remain a contentious club among the golf community. To understand why this is the case, we need to delve into the design, purpose, and traditional perceptions surrounding the … Read more

Are Scotty Cameron Putters Worth it?

are scotty cameron putters worth it

When it comes to the world of golf, few brands command as much respect and attention as Scotty Cameron putters. Synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and performance, these putters are often considered the Rolls-Royce of golf equipment. But the question lingers in the minds of many golf enthusiasts, amateurs, and even professionals—are Scotty Cameron putters worth … Read more

How to clean golf clubs and golf grips

clean golf clubs

Having clean golf clubs always ensure that they last for longer. The best time to clean golf clubs is right after the game. However, if you can’t manage to clean them after the golfing session, then you can clean them whenever you get time. There are quite a number of ways on how to clean … Read more