Best SuperStroke Putter Grip

The seemingly simple task of choosing the right putter grip can turn into an overwhelming challenge, especially when faced with the vast catalog that SuperStroke offers It’s not just about choosing a grip that looks good or feels comfortable in your hands for a fleeting moment; it’s about finding one that complements your unique putting … Read more

Does Dicks Regrip Golf Clubs?

In the realm of golf, the difference between a good shot and a great one can often be narrowed down to the minutiae: the swing’s angle, the wind’s direction, and yes, the grip on your golf club. Over time, your once pristine golf grip can wear down, affecting not just the feel in your hand, … Read more

How to Make Golf Grips Tacky Again

how to make golf grips tacky again

Imagine you’re lining up for the perfect shot, your concentration dialed in, the sun glinting off the fairway, and the hole in clear sight. You take a deep breath, ready to swing, but just as you’re about to make contact, your club slips ever so slightly in your hand. That minute deviation can spell the … Read more