What are the best golf shorts for men?

The best golf shorts for men are all about comfort and even though different brands tend to be similar, the level of comfort varies. Being on the golf course with an uncomfortable pair of golf shorts can ruin your golfing game and pretty much the whole day. When you are playing golf, you are supposed to have fun as you escape from the work world. However, you cannot achieve that comfort if you have to keep thinking about time to go home and change into more comfortable golf shorts.

Style and fashion are a part of golf and you should always ensure you look the part when going on that golf course. The biggest question however is, what are the best golf shorts. The golf clothing market is big and as new manufacturers come up, it gets a little hard to make a choice on the best golf shorts 2021. There’s however a pair of golf shorts for everyone in the golf clothing market which means everyone is catered for.  When buying the best golf shorts for summer, ensure the short’s material can protect you from the harmful UV radiation because not all fabrics can protect you.

Most manufacturers producing golf shorts for men always ensure they produce appropriate choice for everyone in terms of prices. So, how do you choose the best golf shorts?

Here are some of the best golf shorts for men

Under Amour showdown men’s golf shorts

These shorts are light and stretchy which allows maximum performance; they allow you to move without any restriction. The moisture wicking capability coupled with the fast drying technology helps in keeping you warm and comfortable even when it is hot. These golf shorts for men are built with a high performance, a stretch waistband, mobile fabric and a new streamlined fit to reduce any drag on your every golf swing. These golf shorts for men have flat front, 4-pocket design. These shorts are the best option for anyone looking to have a slightly more fitting pair of shorts. They are not tight but they also don’t have too much room around the knees area.

Nike Men’s Core Flex Shorts

If you are looking for an absolute power manufacturer when it comes to sportswear, Nike should be your first pick! Nike Men’s Core Flex Shorts are the best golf shorts because they tick on every box when you are looking for golf shorts. The stretchy material and the little give in at the waist band both helping you to make your swing without feeling restricted.

The material has been made with Nike’s Dri-Fit technology which helps to keep your skin dry and comfortable on those very hot days. The best thing about these shorts is that they inexpensive and durable thus giving you value for your money. Other than being affordable and durable, these golf shorts for men look and feel good. If you want value for your money, these are the golf shorts you should get you or your significant other.

PGA TOUR Men’s Expandable Flat Front Short

PGA TOUR Men’s Expandable Flat Front Shorts have been made with high quality fabric to provide the wearer with superior comfort. As the name suggests, these golf shorts for men are expandable with the elastic waist band that stretches to conform to the wearer’s fit and size. The best thing about these golf shorts is that they have been made of 100% polyester, they are easy to care for and they are machine washable. Their smoothness and soft feel are maintained even after many machine washes. We all know polyester is highly absorbent and it soaks up moisture fast; these men’s golf shorts soak up the moisture fast and they dry fast thus providing you with comfort throughout your game.

Oakley Men’s Chino Icon Golf Shorts

Oakley Men’s Chino Icon Golf Shorts are the best men’s golf shorts as they are easy and flexible to move around in. They come with three deep pockets which offer you with sufficient storage for your needs; they allow you to reduce trips to your golf bag. The material used to make them is 97% cotton and 3% spandex which make them slightly form-fitting and comfortable.

The cotton used to make these golf shorts for men makes them breathable and they absorb moisture quickly thus ensuring you are dry and comfortable. These golf short’s design is a combination modernism, technology and performance.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shorts for men

Material: The material used to make golf shorts for men will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the golf shorts. Ensure the material used to make the golf shorts you pick will impact on how comfortable you will be on the golf course. Any pair of golf shorts made with a polyester blend will be comfortable and will definitely last for quite some time before you need to replace them. If you are fair weather golfer, ensure you pick a few moisture wicking or fast drying material for those spring and summer days golf games.

Price: This is the main driving factor behind most golf shorts purchases because we all know the golfing world can be a little pricey. After all has been said and done, just ensure you are getting value for your money. Just because an item is expensive, it doesn’t translate to a high quality item. Therefore, do your due diligence and get value for your money.

Breath-ability: This should be your top priority when buying a pair of golf shorts. Thinner fabrics tend to lighter and more breathable which make your golf rounds a bit easier. The good thing is that nowadays most manufacturers are integrating mesh into the golf shorts pockets to add on to their breath-ability.


In conclusion, ensure the pair of golf shorts you pick will be able to last you several golf seasons because you don’t want to keep on buying them after every year. Combine style, functionality and durability and you will be good to go.