Golf grips for arthritis; golf grips reviews,what you should know

GOLFING when suffering from arthritis can be quite painful; wait, it is damn painful. All the same, you don’t have to give up on your golfing career, that’s why there are golf grips for arthritis. If you are wondering what is arthritis, it is inflammation of the joints; one or two joints thus causing quite a discomfort. Arthritis comes as a result of cartilage) the material that prevents your joints and your bones from rubbing onto each other) breakdown. Some of arthritis symptoms are swelling, pain, stiffness with the symptoms increasing as the disease progresses. Arthritis can be cured with moderate, normal exercises while other times it needs anti-inflammatory drugs (creams and tablets). In extreme cases, arthritis can progress to chronic pain and in the worst cases into disability.

You can play without pain-use golf grips for arthritis

As noted earlier, you don’t have to endure pain when golfing; golf grips for arthritis will be your saving grace. You can play without pain; all you need to do is to exercise moderately to strengthen your muscles. Aerobics will also help in joint function, joint coordination, and joint balance not forgetting your overall health. Make sure you have the right equipment because it makes all the difference. One great example of the right equipment is using the right golf grips for arthritis, using graphite shafts as compared to steel shafts because graphite ones are lighter thus needing less energy to swing. Also, graphite shafts vibrate less as compared to steel thus reducing the impact on your hands and in turn reducing the pain. You can also use oversized grips to reduce the pain since the bigger the grip, the less the amount of pressure your hands need to apply; also, the bigger the grip, the less the vibration your hands will endure.

Beyond the golf grip for arthritis

When you are armed with the right golf grips and the right golf clubs, arthritis golfers will endure less pain (discomfort). It doesn’t matter if you have severe arthritis, with the right golf grips for arthritis and the right golf clubs; you’ll still enjoy your golfing. Phil Mickelson’s (PGA Tour start) golfing career had his golfing career threatened by psoriatic arthritis but fortunately his condition was cured by a drug called Enbrel and he went ahead to get the British Open award in 2013. So, get the right medication and the right equipment and you are good to go.

The best golf grips for arthritis come in handy when one is suffering from arthritis and they still want to enjoy golf. Arthritis should not dim your golfing career. Arthritis is a disease that affects people in their old age and it is mostly as a result of cartilages breaking. When a cartilage breaks, bones come into contact with each other thus making it uncomfortable and in serious cases it escalates to pain. Having the best golf grips for arthritis will make your golfing little more pleasant; all you need are oversized golf grips and you are good to go. With  oversized golf grips, there will be less exertion by your hands when holding your golf club. We will discuss more golf grips for arthritis on this post so that your golfing experience can be more pleasant.

Avon Chamois Jumbo Black Grips

Avon Chamois Jumbo has to be one of the best golf grips for arthritis you’ll ever come across. The oversized grip lessens that vibration when one is swinging the golf club while still providing the arthritic golfer with ample cushion. The best thing about this golf grip is that it is ribbed such that the golfer wont have a problem placing his or her hands on the golf grip. This ribbed grip helps to ensure consistency when placing your hands which translates to greater consistency when making those golf shots. This golf grip for arthritis is made from rubber polymer which is great in terms of durability thus making it one of the best golf grips for people with arthritis. In conclusion, this Avon Chamois Jumbo helps to keep joint pains at bay while providing the best cushion for your joints when shooting.

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip

Winn Golf Grips are so soft on your hands they almost feel like a pillow which make the best golf grips for arthritis. They are cushy, comfortable and soft; the cushy grip helps to absorb the shock when one is shooting thus preventing the shock from reaching your most affected joints like your arms as well as your shoulders. Winn Golf Grips give great traction and in turn they offer the golfer a secure feeling. When using this golf grip for arthritis, you don’t have to grip on your golf club too tightly for control; all you need to do is to relax your arms. The fact that you don’t need to grip too tightly reduces the tension on your arms thus reducing the discomfort and in turn giving you a good, powerful swing.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips are manufactured from the best thermoplastic rubber which gives it a tacky feeling. Tac-Mac grips are one of the best golf grips for arthritis because the grip has a serrated design that gives you a tight grip. The many tiny bumps on the grip make it have a rough texture that helps you maintain your grip without holding on to it too tightly. With this grip, you reduce the pressure on your hands when you are making that swing.

Golf grips for arthritis

The Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2018


The best golf bags for push carts are one of the most important supporting players in your golf game. Your golf bag not only requires being organized, durable and functional-it must be worth the savings you are making from the fun gear. We understand it can be challenging to come up with all choices and categories you have. So, we have prepared the key criteria you need to consider when purchasing the best golf bags for push carts. Here is a look at the best golf bags for push carts.

  1. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway 14 is our choice for the best golf bags for push carts because it is lightweight hence making it easy to bring with you wherever you go, it has a smart design, and it has a lot of pockets. This golf bag has been in the market for a few years and the company never stops improving it.


  • The slots are full sleeve so your clubs don’t tangle.
  • The golf bag has 2 cooler sections, one for a cool towel and another section for drinks.
  • The bag also has a rangefinder slot that assists in protecting phone screens.
  • The bag has center slots which are larger for driver and putter.
  • The bag is large and still light in weight.
  • When at the range the bag can stand on its own.
  • The bag allows for tees via its exterior slots.


  • It is large and light in weight hence mobile.
  • It has a cooler section hence convenient for a sunny afternoon drink.


  • No cons


    1. Sun Mountain Sync

This pick for the best golf bags for push carts is from a known company called Sun Mountain golf bag. In contrast to Org 14, sun mountain golf bag has similar size, materials and number of pockets. More to this, this bag is designed to be used on push carts.

Sun mountain golf bags have been made for optimal use when utilizing the push cart. When using the best golf bags for push carts, your priority is maintaining the bag in place. Due to this, the bag features a bottom section that is notched and fits snuggly with push carts’ triangular pads. The sync’s side upper portion comprises a pass-through strap which lets a strap hold the bag firmly and avoids constriction of the pockets.


  • Sun mountain golf bags have a putter compartment which is integrated.
  • The top is 15-way with full length and individual dividers.
  • All pockets of the sun mountain golf bag are accessible and face forward when a push cart is carrying the bag.
  • The top also comprises dual utility handles to enhance handling.
  • The eight pockets comprise dual velour-lined pockets and a beverage pocket.
  • The pass through of the golf cart allows for the security of the bag to the golf cart while enhancing pocket access
  • It has a loop for towel.
  • Durability is increased via cart bumpers
  • The sun mountain golf bag has a matching rain hood.


  • The material is tear-resistant, waterproof, and high quality.
  • Optimal cart stability is enhanced by smart mounted wraps.
  • The sun mountain mountain golf bag comprises 15 dividers.
  • The bag also has eight pockets which are easily accessed and conveniently placed.
  • The hood is waterproof.


  • If the bag lacks proper weight distribution, it will fail to stand on its own.

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    1. Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag






This bag is a little bit lighter than Sun Mountain; hence it is able to pair up appropriately as a carry bag. In case you require adaptability and diversity in a golf bag, this is your best option. The bag not only functions great on you push cart but also works well on your back. It is excellent due to its water resistance ability.


  • The bag is able to hold a lot of gear via its 8 zippered pockets. Due to its cold air, it is able to store cold drinks.
  • The bag has 15 dividers that let you store 14 playing clubs, a ball retriever, and alignment sticks. The dividers keep your clubs from tangling and banging when walking.
  • Non flex materials make the sides of the bag to protect the clubs from a forceful impact.
  • The bag’s top features pockets so that you can access them easily when the bag has been strapped to the cart.
  • It has a unique non slip bottom which allows you to easily use a push cart.
  • The bag only weighs 7 pounds hence light in weight.


  • It has been made from water resistant and non-rip material.
  • The bag has 15 dividers for your clubs.
  • The clubs are highly protected by the non-flex material
  • The pockets are many and offer storage for beverages, balls, and apparel.
  • The bag can be mounted on a push cart, golf cart or be carried.


  • The bag lacks a hood.

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  1. Callaway Chev

Callaway is my favorite brand for cart and stand picks. This is a great brand and offers value for money. It simply does what you require it to do, it is durable and it is light. This bag has ease when on a push cart and also when walking on the golf course.


  • The bag has full length dividers and a 7-way top
  • The bag has 7 pockets together with a valuables pocket that is soft lined.
  • The bag offers stability on all terrains.
  • The bag has a soft mesh hip pad that offers ventilation and comfort.
  • The bag weights 5.5 lbs


  • The bag has great padding on the straps for carrying


  • When compared with other best golf bags for push carts, the bag is less durable as a result of weight optimization.
  • Dividers fail to go length of the golf bag.


  1. CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10-One

The bag is designed to protect your valuable gear when driving the push cart in the golf course. The bag has zippers and durable nylon construction that ensure the safety of your clubs.  The bag has skated wheels to enable mobility and also riveted handles to enable carrying the bag on a push cart or when walking.


  • It features extra durable nylon construction that increases the safety of your clubs.
  • It features great skate wheels that ensure rolling uses minimal energy.
  • The bag comes with lockable zippers for security.
  • The handles are riveted hence hold strong on the push cart.
  • The bag has dual oversize shoe pockets that can be used for extra gear.
  • The bag is heavily padded for maximum security against hazards.
  • The bag is light as it weighs only eight pounds.



  • The 600D Nylon material makes the bag extra durable.
  • The bag has extra space for your extra stuff and it is also well padded for gear safety.
  • The clamps are fully adjustable clamps that protect the bag from all terrains.
  • It is light when compared with other bags in the market.
  • Has in line skate wheels for easy trolling.


  • It has one color only and hence options are limited
  • The zipper gives out after some time due to its poor quality.


A Guide to Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

To select the best golf bags for push carts from the five types present and many brands on the market, you should opt for the following vital things.


Each of the various types of the best golf bags for push carts has features that will assist you move your gear with comfort around the course. However they have pros and cons. When buying a golf bag for a push cart you must put into consideration the type that you want since they all work differently. For instance, if you prefer trolleys then a carry bag is unsuitable for you since it will be hard to strap it in the cart.

  1. Carry Bags

Created for casual or recreational golfers, carry bags are easy to move around with due to their light weight. The shoulder straps make it easy to walk with them around the course. These bags usually have sufficient pockets to carry beverages, gloves, tees, golf balls and nothing else. These bags are all about carrying the essential golfing stuff. The bags are not many to prevent you from carrying unnecessary stuff.

  1. Stand Bags

These are the most versatile golf bags. They are heavier than a carry bag despite being light in weight. Their base has legs that ensure everything stays upright for accessibility. These golf bags for push carts are suitable when using a golf cart or when walking. They are usually strapped to the push-cart back when being used with a push cart. Great care should be taken to prevent the legs from damage when securing the bag with straps.

  1. Cart bags

Their bases are designed to be able to get attached to a golf cart. They have several pockets and a lot of storage. But these bags are heavier than those bags designed for those golfers who walk around the course. Golf cart bags are used by serious, competitive or professional golfers. These bags are designed to offer easy access to the pockets while still strapped to the golf cart’s back. The bag also features a rubber base to prevent the bag from sliding off the cart.

  1. Tour bags

They are comprehensive and comprise a lot of dividers, pockets and storage. They are made for competitive and professional golfers who require not carrying their own bag.

  1. Travel Bags

They are made for golfers who bring their golf clubs with them and want to protect them at all times. The bags have been designed to secure the golf clubs on flights and during handling of the baggage. The bags have been made from robust materials that ensure a golfer has what he needs when travelling for a game. The bag features padded top for security of the clubs, in-line or luggage skate wheels to enhance mobility, reinforced or padded handles to enable easy handling, and extra pockets for increased storage space.



As much as the features of the golf bags change from one manufacturer to another, the types of the golf bags will also have an influence on this. In case you carry so many things, then the presence of enough pockets is what you should look for. When buying  golf bags for  push carts, then you should go for the ones with several features. Some of the features to consider include the number of pockets, the weight of the golf bags, and the number of dividers. A bag with a lot of pockets will ensure that you have adequate storage while a golf bag that is light in weight will ensure that the luggage is lighter as compared to a bag that is heavy in weight. Also, if the dividers are many then you are able to carry a lot of golf clubs.


Your budget will have a determination on the bag that you purchase since you cannot buy a golf bag that you can barely afford. Consider how much you want to spend before deciding what to buy since the various types of golf bags have different prices. If you have no problem with spending lots of money, you can buy the staff bag but if you want cheap golf bags, a carry bag will suffice.

Customer Reviews

In spite of what you decide to buy, it is vital to go through golf bags for push cart reviews on well-known websites to see what users have to say about the products. Getting primary information from users of golf bags is the most reliable information source since they have tested the product.


The best golf bags for push carts is are vital as any other equipment for your golf game.  Hence you should be very keen when shopping for a golf bag to make sure you acquire the right one.  Considering the above factors will ensure that you get a golf bag that will maintain security for your gear, fit your push cart, and that you enjoy your golf game.

2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf- sunglasses reviews

2018 should be here in less than three weeks time and what is better than 2018 prescription sunglasses for golf to welcome the New Year? Yes, having a good pair of enhancing golf sunglasses should never be overlooked because you don’t want to miss your win because your eyesight came into the way. Prescription sunglasses for golf feature polarized lenses that help in increasing the depth perception while on the course and they do this by enhancing the visual contrast between the blues and the greens.

Shopping for the best 2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf

To get the most out of your golfing sunglasses, you need to keep the following in mind;

  • Lens shape and size
  • Lens color and tint
  • Frame features
  • Polarize or not polarize
  • Bifocal or non-bifocal


Lens shape and size;the best lens shape for golfing sunglasses

B measurement or lens height– A or B measurement refers to the lens’ height. When it comes to golfing sunglasses, the taller the lens, the better the golfing glasses. ‘Short’ lens will force you to look over the top of the frame if your head is tilted downwards. With a taller lens, you are able to look right through the glasses when you have your head in a downward position; this gives you better visibility without you having to compromise your position when golfing. One of the best 2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf is the Adidas TourPro.

Wrap around lens– the B measurement refers to the height of the lens from top to bottom while a ‘wrap around’ lens curves around your eyes’ corners such that you are able to get maximum coverage and a wide vision field.

Lens color or tint; the best lens colors or the best tints for golfing sunglasses

Lenses that enhance color contrast– with golfing sunglasses, contrast is the most important thing. The recommended colors are brown, amber and rose lens colors. Each of the mentioned colors increase color contrast thus allowing you to track the golfing ball with precision while at the same time reading the greens with a better perception.

Low to medium light conditions-lens colors that move from amber to brown is able to brighten your view in overcast conditions while also increasing the contrast vision such that the ball’s color will pop. With the ball’s color popping, you will be able to track the ball mid-air or when it’s on the grass. Some 2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf like SportRX A.C.E lens offer the best transition from amber to medium brown for an all day brightness protection and contrast enhancement.

Medium to bright light conditions– rose copper lens colors provide more brightness protection as compared to amber lens. On the flip side, it still maintains great contrast such that you can still see the track the ball midair and on the track.

All conditions– photochromic or transition lenses are reactive to light and they will self-adjust to the correct golfing conditions. With such golfing sunglasses, you can wear a pair of golfing sunglasses that will take you from an early morning tee to sunnier tee times all through to sunnier afternoons. Good 2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf are SportRx ACE and All in one lens; they will provide you with an all day protection.

Frame features; the best frame shapes for 2018 Prescription sunglasses for golf






Caddy daddy constrictor 2 review:the best golf travel bag

Caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag has to be the best golf travel bag because it has additional padding that keeps your club heads from any harm. It also has compression straps that keep your clubs as secure as you can imagine. There is also a lockable main zipper that makes sure no one gets their hands on your clubs.

Caddy daddy constrictor 2  has a pair of in-skate wheels to help you pull your bag through airports and other parking lots which means you don’t get tired. Lifting almost 25 pounds of your golf clubs is not a pretty thing especially if you have a jet lag from hell.

It has a total of four handles with one on the top, two located in the middle and one at the base of the bag. Lets say you are spoilt for choice on however you decide to carry your caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag. Also, with the upper and bottom handles, you can have your partner help you carry when walking on a rough path.

The other best thing about caddy daddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag is that it has a removable tag name which means a couple can share the bag; they only have to switch their names. This name tag also means it would be easier to trace the bag in case of loss. Also, the bag has an address window stitched on the bag which means tracing the bags in the airport in case of loss would be super easy.

Caddy daddy constrictor 2 might not be as durable but it sure gives you a value for money if you are looking for a short term bag. For starters, it is a lightweight bag, it allows one to carry additional stuff together with the golfing equipment and it has other smaller pockets that can carry smaller items like socks.

Shopping for the best golf travel bags 2018-Golf travel bag reviews

Having the best golf travel bags 2018 when you are a golfer is a must. However, shopping for the best golf travel bags is not a walk in the park; you’ll find out that some of these golf travel bags are quite expensive while others are way too cheap meaning they are of bad quality. Other bags are of course hard cased while others are soft sided. Trying to negotiate your way out of these bag shopping trips can be exhausting and that is why we have done the leg work for you; all you have to do is sit back, relax and browse for the one that suits your needs. You also need to check out the best golf clubs 2018

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian is one of the best golf travel bags 2018 in the Clubglider tour series. It features a 4-wheel design that will still do well even under the airport stress. The top of the bag is quite strong thus offering your contents outstanding protection. It is also spacious which means you have adequate space to carry your golf equipment like clubs as well as other travel essentials. This bag provides all what you need in a travel bag while giving you the maneuverability of a normal suitcase

Most customers have already expressed their happiness in regard to their experience with this bag.

The leg mechanism has been extended in such a way that it is easily retracted in an easy motion and the legs get to retract into the molded tray with ease

You will not need to be kneeling every now and then to load and unload; the two zippers are full length thus making it easy for you when loading.

The pivoting caster wheels are able to provide better maneuverability

The high-impact roller blade wheels are durable and the axles are heat treated to make them even more durable.

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CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black

CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black is one of the best travel bags 2018 having been made from high Impact EVA Mold to make sure that the contents of the bag are fully protected. The best thing about this bag is that it has a self standing wheel base meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty when you place it on the floor. It is one of those best golf travel bags 2018 with wheels that you ought to have; it has 3 oversized pockets which mean you can carry other extras apart from your golfing equipment. The best thing about this bag is that it weighs just 12 pounds meaning you barely ‘feel’ the weight.

The best part of this bag is that it has internal and external straps and they are both adjustable; this helps in keeping the clubs stable. And the cherry on the cake about CaddyDaddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag, Black is that it has a one year warranty-how cool is that?

Most customers have expressed their satisfaction with one of the best hard case travel golf bags; they say the bag can be folded into half when not in use thus creating space in your storage area. The fact that you get the best bargain in terms of price and what it offers makes it your best bet when shopping for golf travel bags with wheels.

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CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover has to be one of the best golf travel bags 2018 with wheels. For starters, it is heavily padded meaning your clubs and your other golf equipment will be safely stored. The external and internal compression straps ensure that the clubs are securely resting in the bag. The zippers are lockable meaning you can lock up your stuff and not get worried that someone might pinch something.

The bag boasts of in-line skate wheels meaning you don’t need to carry the bag around; also, there’s no chance of the wheels coming out easily. It is considerably long and the best thing about it is that it only weighs 9 pounds. Cherry on the cake is that it has a one year warranty incase of damage that might happens on transit in airports.

Did you also know it has a business card holder? I bet you didn’t; yes it has a business card window meaning you don’t have to unload everything to reach your business cards. The bag being too spacious can accommodate up to 10 cart bags; that’s a lot of space right there! And it has two address slots where you can label in bold letters that it is a golf bag.

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Plano Golf Guard Standard Case

Plano Golf Guard Standard Case is one of the best hard case travel golf bags 2018. It is also the most economical travel bag you will ever have. This bag can hold up to ten inches in diameter and 48 inches long drivers and still have a spacious room for accessories like shows, balls and umbrellas. The case is extremely hard with an even harder frame that’s more superior to any of the soft-cased bags. Plano Golf Guard Standard Case is the best travel bag because you are assured your gear is safe on transit.

Plano Golf Guard Standard Case also includes front tabs that are compatible with heavy duty locks; it also has metal bail latches. Other great features of this bag are; it has large handles that make it easier when traveling and the heavy duty and smooth rolling wheels make the travel even better. Plano Golf Guard Standard Case weighs approximately 13 pounds meaning it is quite light.

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Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels

Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels is one of the best golf travel bags 2018. It is made of denier nylon and it is heavily padded at the top in order to protect the club heads. Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover with wheels has heavy duty and lockable zippers on both the main opening and the side pockets. This bag also has internal and external straps that keep the clubs and the rest of the bag’s contents secure. This has to be the best golf travel bags with wheels because the inline skate wheels are easy to roll and you don’t have to put much effort when dragging/pulling your bag.

The best thing about Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels is that it has 2 large packets on the side which mean you can stuff your other items like shoes and your clothes. When not in use, you can easily fold it thus reducing your storage space which could be minimal. You also get to have a business card window as well as a molded luggage tag. What else would anyone look for in the best golf travel bags? Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover with wheels has to be the best bag ever!

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Buying guide for the best golf travel bags 2018

When shopping for the best golf travel bags 2018 you need to consider the following tips. You only need to shop once and shop for an item that will serve for a good number of years to come;

Check out the video below for more tips




Shopping for the best Golf Rangefinders 2018

The best golf rangefinders 2018 are basically electronics used by players to estimate distance when they are playing golf. Rangefinders are equipped with GPS systems that help the players to determine the distance between certain points while at the golf course.

The best golf rangefinders 2018 can either be a software that you install on your smartphone or a standalone device with GPS capabilities. In fact, installing rangefinders could prove to be more beneficial than you think as the software will detect the distance between certain points and holes while the rangefinder maps the entire course to figure out the exact position of the holes.

The best golf rangefinders 2018 will range from $150-$400 and others may cost slightly higher. This review will help you figure out which rangefinder is ideal for you.

How to choose the best golf rangefinders 2018


Although the brand of the best golf rangefinder 2018 is not a major determiner, new golfers who by the way need some other golf tools for beginners often find it easy to trust reputable brands as opposed to new comers. However, most of the reputable brands are slightly expensive that little known brands with the same quality and functionality. Fortunately, the big brands have started creating affordable rangefinder. Therefore, what matters the most is the budget you are working with as it will determine the type of rangefinder you get.

Range distance and accuracy

These two are the most important features to look for in the best golf rangefinder 2018, besides what good is rangefinder if it is not accurate or cannot measure distance. The accuracy of a rangefinder is very important especially for beginners. You see, a rangefinder will make it easy to target, make a swing and lastly it will help you familiarize with the sport and the golf course.

After you gain enough experience in the game, you will realize that you do not need the rangefinders anymore. However, before you get used to playing you will be stuck with one for a while. And the better your rangefinder can measure targets the better it becomes for you.

Ease of Use

In most cases, the efficiency of the best golf rangefinder 2018  goes hand in hand with its ease of usage. This means that the more efficient it is, the easy it will be to use. And gauging efficiency by ease of use, then the Bushnell Tour Z6 is arguably the best laser rangefinder as it only has two buttons and it is easy to read. Its view is clear and manages to give clear results even in dark conditions.

Type of the best rangefinders 2018

The best  golf rangefinders 2018 are classified into several categories but based on their working method we have Laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. Laser rangefinders use laser technology to measure distance. You simply target a point and then press the button to see the result. On the other hand, GPS rangefinders are a favorite for many golfers as they help them to see the holes from above. Using a GPS rangefinder is almost similar to using maps on your smartphone. And the more expensive the device is, the more detailed your device is.

Other features

Manufacturers will always add a few features to their products in an effort to try and outshine their competitors. Some will have fancier features than their competitors, for example you might a rangefinder with a large capacity battery and another one with a small capacity battery. And because you do not want your game to be interrupted, you will most likely opt for the rangefinder with the large capacity battery.

The size of the best golf rangefinders 2018 will also matter, as you do not want a hefty and bulky device that is cumbersome. You want a rangefinder that’s easy to handle such that you can even put it on your neck. This way it will be easily accessible and convenient.

Next is the display. You see, LCD displays are durable, easy to view and save on battery. You can also factor in the optical magnification.

The list of features is endless as some will even have water resistance features, battery saving modes, vibrations, and others will measure in a period of less than 20 seconds.


Golf is a sport that is widely recognized for its class and some may think that price is a non-issue. However, saving several bucks on a device that you could have bought at a much higher price doesn’t feel or does it? Besides, who wants to buy an expensive product while they could the same product for half the price? You could even get a better product for less. What matters the most is the amount of research that you conduct. As you all know, there are numerous rangefinders in the market but if you conduct adequate research, you’ll get a rangefinder that is worth your money.

However, it is important to remember that rangefinders with fewer features will definitely go for a lower price compared to rangefinders with more features. But you can always find a quality rangefinder at an affordable price.


The market is flooded with various models and designs of the best golf rangefinders 2018, which means that you can always choose the model that suits your needs. Models such as the Bushnell Hybrid laser rangefinder which became the 1st Golf rangefinder to combine both GPS and laser. There are numerous other models with unique features you just have to figure out what exactly you want.

Mistakes to avoid when buying the best golf rangefinders 2018

  1. Lack of proper research

It is not uncommon to find golfers buying golf equipment and gear without proper research. Buying equipment such as rangefinders should take time as you have to consider all the factors such as qualities, features, prices and even the best models in the market. Without considering these factors, you might end up with an option that is ideal for your specific needs. For you to have the best golf rangefinders 2018, you need to do proper research.

  1. Neglecting reviews

Although most people assume that reviews are irrelevant, they are actually quite informative especially if you read user reviews on online stores. And you can also read reviews by authentic sites, where you are sure to learn a thing or two about your favorite product.

Our Top Picks

  1. `Nikon Coolshot 40

The name Nikon is synonymous with the photography lens, but today Nikon is making a name for itself in the rangefinder category. And with models such as the Coolshot 40, Nikon is positioning itself as a powerhouse in the laser rangefinder category. You see, golf is one of those sports that requires more than your skill as it also incorporates your ability to use some of these devices to better your performance. Therefore if you are planning to buy one then the Nikon Coolshot 40 should be at the top of your list as it is USGA certified.

The Nikon Coolshot 40 is equipped with a high-quality monocular finder (6x) combined with a multilayer coating that allows you to view clear and bright images even when the weather is gloomy. It has a field view of 75 degrees which is wide enough to help you identify all the important parts on the golf course. It comes with a long eye relief that helps maintain an accurate and reliable view even for those with eyeglasses. The Nikon Coolshot 40 has an LCD display that displays clear and bright images. This helps you to scan the golf course easily and also results without much difficulty.

One of the most essential factor to succeed in golf is accuracy, which is exactly what the Nikon Coolshot 40 offers. It comes with an 18mm ocular that is large enough to allow for comfortable viewing in ranges of 7.5m-590m/8-650 yard. It uses a Hyper Read Technology that guarantees to show measurement results in about 0.5 m per yard.

When it comes to size, the Nikon Coolshot 40 is large enough o fit in your grip as it measures 112mmx 70mm x 36mm. It weight is only 160 grams (not inclusive of the battery). You will barely feel its weight when traversing the golf course as it is super light.

Normally, courses have numerous kinds of stuffs that can be scanned and recognized by the rangefinder as targets. Luckily with the Nikon Coolshot 40 employs the 1st Target Priority mode that disables any signals from other objects. The Priority mode is designed  to allow you to only focus on your targets, which eliminates any disturbances on  course.

The Nikon Coolshot 40 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Battery (DC 3v), which is tipped to last longer than most of its competitors. The Nikon Coolshot 40 automatically shuts off itself after about 8 seconds of inactivity to help save battery life.

You will often find golfers complaining about the ease of use of certain rangefinders but with the Nikon Coolshot 40 you will rarely come across such complaints as it is very easy to operate. It has two main buttons that when pressed bring up the overlay menu which is easy to use. Nikon Coolshot 40 has to be one of the best golf rangefinders 2018


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for all weather use
  • Has a waterproof design
  • Ideal for newbies as it easy to operate
  • You can use it in tournaments


  • Its toughness and durability is not up to par with metal-reinforced rangefinders

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  1. Bushnell Tour Z6

one of the best golf rangefinders 2018

The Bushnell Tour Z6 is one of the most popular golf laser rangefinders and packs some really impressive features. Some of these features make it stand out from the rest.

These features include:

PinSeekeer with JOLT Technology

This feature is designed to help you lock onto the flag irrespective of its distance from you. The PinSeeker features is designed to work together with the JOLT Technology. This means that if the PinSeeker locks onto a flag, your rangefinder will produce a vibrating pulse that confirms that you have indeed locked onto the flag.

The only downside to having this feature on your Z6 is that it is always enabled, which doesn’t seem to please all users as some tend to find it annoying. But this doesn’t mean that the PinSeeker is useless. Inf fact, if it is used properly it could help you get a better shot.

Vivid Display Technology

When using your golf rangefinder, you want it to identify your targets as quickly as possible, which is exactly what the Z6 does. And what’s more is that the Bushnell Z6 is among the first golf laser rangefinders from Bushnell to feature the Vivid Display Technology. Its most amazing feature is the fact that it can be used under any lighting condition. It also allows you to adjust the brightness levels of its display.

The Vivid Display Technology comes with four brightness options/levels for you to choose. It gives all its readings in red, which means that they will be clearly visible even when looking at points with dark backgrounds. The Vivid Display Technology allows you to read the relayed information quickly and with no issues.

Extreme Speed Precision

The Bushnell Z6 is equipped with the Extreme Speed Precision which when compared to other devices such as the Tour V3; the Bushnell Z6 is beast and gives some of the quickest results.


The Bushnell Z6 has one of the nicest designs as it comes with a durable black case and a rubber material. This design allows for a much better grip. And besides if the design of rangefinders tickles your fancy, then the Bushnell Z6 is the best bet for you.

Moreover, it is has aluminum on both sides which gives it a perfect blend especially with the textured black casing. It also comes with a carry pouch that makes it easy for you to carry your golf rangefinder around. You can attach the carry pouch to your golf bag as it comes with plastic pouch clips.

The black casing is waterproof and the device only has two buttons which are very easy to use.

As for the weight and magnification, the Bushnell Z6 has a magnification of 6x and weighs about 11.6 ounces. This weight is inclusive of the carry pouch. The Bushnell Z6 uses only a single 3-volt CR2 battery which last you long enough. It has to be the best golf rangefinders 2018


  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Comes with the Vivid Display Technology and PinSeeker
  • Comes with a carry pouch
  • Water resistant casing


  • The price is a bit high for those on a budget

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  1. Bushnell Tour V3

Bushnell has some of the best golf rangefinders on the market today. Among these is the Bushnell Tour V3, which is quite expensive compared to other models but is definitely worth every penny. Its performance is way better compared to the Bushnell Tour V2 and it has an outstanding performance when it comes to lock pinning out targets.

It has an accurate and crystal-clear display. It boasts of a high magnification of 5 which may not please most users but if consider trying it, you will be surprised at how good its performance is.



Accuracy is one of the most important features of a golf rangefinder as it is vital in upholding your good game. That said, the Bushnell Tour V3 is super accurate when it comes to measuring distance and provides a crystal clear view.


Most golfers view optics as the core of a good golf rangefinder and the Bushnell Tour V3 delivers quite well in this area. Like earlier mentioned, the V3 has a magnification of 5x which a clear view of between 5-1000 yards.

The only downside associated with using the Bushnell Tour V3 is that it does have the Vivid Display Technology, which means that you will have a hard time viewing objects against dark backgrounds.


The most intriguing feature of the Bushnell Tour V3 is the Pin Seeking mode, which is present in all Bushnell golf rangefinders. The Pin Seeking mode will make it easy for you to lock onto your closest target especially those in your direct line of sight. It also features the JOLT design that sends short bursts of vibration that indicate it has locked onto a target. This makes it easy for you to make a comfortable hit.

It is a favorite for many veteran golfers as it easy to use and it picks and locks onto to a target with ease. However, not every seems to like the JOLT technology but once you get used to the vibrations it will be easy to use.


Its body is mainly plastic and has a perfect combination of black and white. It also comes with a grip rubber that is designed to help to reduce slipping even when wearing gloves. The Bushnell Tour V3 has a zippered case that is designed with red and black highlights. The case also has a netting that will help your golf rangefinder from falling.

It has only one button, which serves as the power button and function button where you can adjust the settings such as the JOLT feature.

It uses a 3-volt battery, which should be enough to last you long enough. Besides the battery is sealed to prevent it from sunlight exposure or even getting wet.


  • It is weatherproof
  • Exceptional distance reader
  • Easy to use
  • Provides scan mode
  • Has a cover case


  • The 5x magnification power could be higher

You could also try out the newer version of the Bushnell V3, which is the Bushnell Tour V4

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  1. Bushnell PRO X7

The Bushnell X7 is a way better compared to the Bushnell Pro 1M as it offers better features and gives you a sneak peak into what the high-end golf rangefinders offer. Below are some of its top features.

Vivid Display Technology

The Vivid Display Technology allows you to use your golf rangefinder in virtually any weather or lighting condition. It doesn’t matter if the day is gloomy or not, the Bushnell X7 will always deliver and you will enjoy a seamless performance thanks to the Vivid Display Technology.

Extreme Speed Precision

The Bushnell X7 comes with 2nd generation Extreme Speed Precision technology that ensures your golf rangefinder is super accurate which makes it the best golf rangefinders 2018. The device will also provide you with some of the fastest speeds.


The slope feature is one of the most intriguing features on the Bushnell X7. This feature compensates on distances incase of any changes in elevation. Such a feature will give you an edge over others as you will get exact measurements.

Pin Seeker

The Bushnell X7 is equipped with the JOLT feature, which is an ideal feature for average golfers and beginners. It makes it easy for you to locate the pin as quickly as possible and vibrates each time it locks onto a target.

Design and magnification

Just like many of the best golf rangefinders 2018, the Bushnell X7 has a groovy design that is waterproof and a bit heavy compared to models such as the Bushnell tour 6.

As for its magnification power, it has a magnification power of 7x which is relatively high compared to most models as they have a magnification of 6x. It also has HD optics.


  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Offers broad range coverage
  • Its weatherproof
  • Easy to use
  • Has a premium carrying case


  • It is bulky
  • It is expensive models with the same features

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  1. Leupod Gx-4la2 Rangefinder

one of the best golf rangefinders 2018

The Leupod Gx-4la2 is among the best golf rangefinders on the market today as it features the OLED display. It even has some of the advanced features from the leading manufacturers such as Bushnell. And its performance is top notch. Below are some of the intriguing features and aspects of the Leupod Gx-4la2.


Its accuracy ranges up to 700 yards and has a magnification of 6x. It also comes with an enhanced laser and multi coated lens, which give you the exact precision you need.  Unlike the Bushnell rangefinders, the Leupold Gx has a pin hunting technology which helps you with hitting your targets.


It has the OLED display that provides a crystal-clear view of the golf course. It also helps you to locate the target faster even where the backgrounds are  dark.


From what we saw in the Bushnell Pro X7, it can compensate on hilly and uneven terrains, which is almost similar to what the Leupold GX offers but its performance and accuracy is slightly lower than that of the Bushnell Pro X7. You can disable this mode by simply removing the chip that is designed to read the slope.


It weighs 7.9 ounces and is quite handy thus easy to carry around without feeling uncomfortable. The device is weatherproof and has a rugged aluminum body that is not only durable but also ideal for heavy-duty use which makes it the best golf rangefinders 2018.

It has a CR2 lithium battery that is available in most stores thus making it the one of the best golf rangefinders 2018


  • Digital Enhanced Accuracy
  • 6x magnification
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Compact and handy
  • Pin Hunting technology


  • Blinks while reading distances

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Best Golfing Clubs for any golfer-golfing clubs reviews

Having the best golfing clubs ensures a good golfing experience. Sorting through the many golfing clubs and picking one of the best golfing clubs may not be an easy task. That’s why we wrote this article to help you with your predicament. Hopefully our reviews will be of help to you as you embark on your journey to become a professional golfer and to become a professional golfer, you also need to have the best golf rangefinders 2018

The best golfing clubs  for serious golfers

  1. Mizuno MP-25 Irons

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Mizuno is one of the best golfing clubs; it prides itself in producing masterpieces and the MP-25 is no different. The MP-25 Irons have the perfect combination of an exquisite design which includes a muscle black iron, a cavity back and a blade. With the MP-25 Irons, Mizuno once again stems its position as the brand that inspires confidence using its beautiful structured golf clubs. They are mainly designed for the more advanced players especially those with lower handicaps as they place a premium on both workability and feedback. Interestingly, the MP-25 Irons are not designed to players who shoot low occasionally rather than being consistent.

The MP-25 is the ideal golfing club for an advanced player who is looking to invest in a quality iron. It feels solids, has an impressive playability as well as impressive aesthetics.

The MP-25 Irons are grain-flow forged from a mix of steel and boron. Basically, grain flow forging is the process that is used to provide that solid yet soft feel on your shot. It also gives an immediate feedback on any mishits. This material will help you know every time you mishit your shots, which is the kind of feedback you want while in the field.

The MP-25 allows you to connect with every shot by providing you with data for diagnosis, which in turns helps you to gauge and up your game accordingly. The use of both steel and boron has an added advantage; it imparts more distance to the MP-25 Irons. And since Boron is way lighter and strong than its compatriot steel it ensures that the face is hotter and thinner. This means that the clubface becomes lighter which allows you to swing your club faster thus increasing the distance of your shot.

Although these irons look like blades, their performance is almost comparable to that of the hybrid golf clubs. They possess the workability of a blade but with the distance and forgiveness of a cavity back iron or a muscle back. The MP-25 Irons also have a hidden cut-through slot that is positioned behind the face thus allowing for a much greater ball speed thus making them the best golf clubs 2017.

  1. Mizuno MP-5

The Mizuno MP-5 is arguably one of the best golfing clubs on the market today. The Mizuno MP-5 is designed for single digit and professionals. Although some refer to them as blades, the commonly used name for these irons is channel back. This is attributed to the difference in thickness between the muscle back and the top line. The name blade can be attributed to the fact that with the Mizuno MP-5 it is hard to miss.

This makes the MP-5 iron club ideal for single digit handicap player. However, if you aren’t a single digit handicap player you can but really like the Mizuno, you can always go for the Mizuno JPX 900 Iron.  Such a club will ensure that you enjoy your game and it will also compliment your overall game, which will in turn help you to shoot lower scores. This will guarantee an improved performance and overall experience.

The Mizuno MP-5’s design is based on the MP-64 muscle backs that almost resemble the cavity back looking irons.  You see, Mizuno is known for its continued advancement in its designs by trying to blend several aspects of different models into one model. This way the company continues in its strive to be always innovative while still sticking to the classic style.

The MP-5 irons have slightly smaller heads as they are designed for advanced players. And even with the smaller heads they still manage to step up to the golf ball well. They boast of a very thin top line that makes them ideal for lower capped handicapped players as the clubs provide the players an improved sense workability.

The MP-5 are simply not forgiving, therefore, if you do not shoot your golf ball off the sweet spot then do not expect it to react the way had hoped it would. However, it is more forgiving compared to other blades. And since the MP-5 has a smaller head that means less surface area thus less room for error.

The MP-5 irons are made from carbon steel, which gives a soft but solid feel. They have an efficient club head with superior weight distribution that gives the players excellent control.

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  1. TaylorMade M2 Irons

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The M2 Irons are arguably the best golfing clubs on the market today. Their popular is probably due to the vigorous marketing conducted by TaylorMade and not to forget the M2 are among the best cavity backs if not the best.

The M2 Irons are ideal for entry-level players and the price makes the deal even better. The TaylorMade are designed to hit the ball well, to make it fly straight and far. These clubs are simply designed to improve your game, make the game more enjoyable and easier.

Most golfers are faced with the challenge of flying the ball high as it is key element in maximizing the distance and also landing the ball softly. If you’ve tried hitting the ball high then you know it is not easy. In fact, it is even harder if you are an amateur. Hitting a towering 9-iron 128 meters is no joke. This means that if your contact with the ball is poor, or your swing speed is slow, then you will find it a little bit more difficult to hit your ball high enough in a bid to maximize on distance. Fortunately, the M2s are designed to help you with that; they are the best golfing clubs

But you also have to remember that your game will be greatly improved if you on not only understanding but also implementing sound fundamentals. You also have to train and improve your swing since you cannot rely on inanimate objects to do all the work for you.  The main selling point of these clubs is that they lenient on poorly struck shots unlike other clubs.

The M2s have large cavity backs, which greatly maximizes on their forgiveness. This way it minimizes the negative effects of your mishits thus are able to hit the ball straighter and further.  The clubs have face slots that preserve ball speed even when your shots are mishits.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, most club manufacturing companies are able to refine each element of the club, which greatly improves the club’s potential. A good example is the use of fluted technology on the hosel of the TaylorMade M2s Irons, which reduces the weight of the clubs significantly.

  1. TaylorMade M1 Irons

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All TaylorMade Irons feature innovative technology as their mission is to provide both amateur and pro golfers with the best golf clubs ever. TaylorMade uses cutting-edge technology to provide golfers with a conceivable (legal) advantage making it one of the best golf clubs 2018. However, not all golfers tend to agree with this as it makes the game easier as opposed to traditional. But that not stop pro and amateur golfers from purchasing the M1 irons as they offer plenty of forgiveness.

The M1 Irons are smaller but sleeker than the M2 Irons by TaylorMade. Overall, the M1 Irons will inspire confidence and get your ball into the air. They are arguably some of the best golf clubs 2018 that money can buy. The M1 Irons are ideal for players who are looking to ditch the cavity but still want to cling on the forgiveness. The only downside we identified is that the M1s may not be as sleek as you would want them to be.  However, not everyone agrees with this, which means that you might like it.

The M1 Irons designs blends well between the cavity backs and the forged irons. They are way easier to hit compared to blades but still offer the playability that most elite golfers look for. The M1s are said to allow golfers the ability to work the ball more, which results to the players hitting lower trajectory controlled shots. Unlike the M2, the M1 is designed to maximize forgiveness, distance, and height.

The M1 has a thin top line thus giving it a sleek look. And in its design it includes a speed pocket that is designed to maximize ball speed by increasing the flexibility of the clubface(boundaries). This means that energy generating from your swings will be transferred to your golf balls, which in turn leads to more distance on mishits.

Best golfing clubs for Increased Distance

  1. Callaway XR OS Irons

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Not many golfers can break 100, despite the fact that there are numerous irons to choose from. Fortunately, the Callaway XR OS is one of the best golfing clubs ; it could be just the answer you are looking for. They not only offer great forgiveness but they also offer great distance. They will also help you keep the ball in the grass. They are solely designed to help improve distance. Therefore, if you are interested in gaining a few yards, then the Callaway XR OS are the ideal choice for you.

The Face Cup in regard to the best golfing clubs for serious golfers

So what is the Face Cup?

It is a piece of technological design that is designed to equip you with superior ball speed. Essentially, it gives your club head a hot face which in turn increases ball speed significantly. And as you all know, increased ball speed results to increased distance. Also, if you manage to hit the ball properly, it will launch searing sound that most golfers find invigorating.

In addition  to this, the irons feature a multi-piece construction that is specifically designed to help your ball launch faster. The irons have light clubheads, longer ball flights, and optimized iron blends for efficient transfer of energy from the iron clubs to the golf balls. With such combination of features, you will get an iron that is built to increase ball speed and distance.

Perimeter Weighting

Most of the game improvement clubs will always have good weight distribution with most of the weight being at the bottom of the club. However, with this model, Callaway has managed to push the weight further from the face. It is an engineering move geared at balancing the centre of gravity, which allows for more consistent and improved ball striking. This design will not only increase distance and ball speed but it will also give you better results when in case of a mishit.


Most of the game improvement irons are loathed by many players because of their lackluster designs. The use of gimmicky feel and or colors is not well appreciated by players. Besides, game improvement irons are often oversized and most of the players feel that the irons make them look ‘uncool’. However, Callaway was able to capitalize on these shortcomings and made improvements that not only oozed of style but also confidence. The Callaway XR Irons have a more cleaner look with very little dramatic color schemes.

Strong Lofts

Nowadays, strong lofts have become a trend, however, not everyone appreciates the strong lofts. But all those who do not like it will have to deal the fact that it is here and probably here to stay. If you look at the Callaway XR, you will notice that it has strong lofts. This means that you’ve to fit your club farther with every club. This is the main reason that these clubs are famed for their great distance. Its pitching edge is angled at 44°, which is quite strong for a PW.


The sole purpose of the XR OS irons is   to offer great distance. They are also extremely forgiving, which means you will not only improve your game but you will also enjoy while at it. As for the look and feel, it is commendable, I mean, isnt it just one of the best golf clubs 2018.

Conclusion on the top 5 best golfing clubs

Before you buy any of the best golf clubs 2018, make sure you do great research! You dont want to end up with something you didnt want. One great way to do research is to read through the reviews; by doing so you will see the ones that have great positive comments.




The most durable golf gloves you will need for better golfing

For you to have a good golfing experience,you need to have the most durable golf gloves because you cant keep on shopping for them every now and then.  You also need to  learn and understand all the rules and regulations. You will also need to acquire specialized equipment and gear to help improve your shot and accuracy. For instance, you will need a quality set of the most durable golf gloves as well as the best  golfing gloves to help improve your swing and also protect your hands from any injuries that may occur.

Although most people consider the most durable golf gloves to be cosmetic accessories that are just there to make them look cool, they are more than just that as they as important as golf shoes. Features like their non-slip palms make them exceptionally useful in golf, as they not only help improve the swing speed of the user but also their accuracy. The most durable golf gloves are also designed using tough materials to help protect you from hand injuries while still maintaining the overall comfort.  This article will help you choose the most durable golf gloves for your favorite sport.

Golf tools for beginners: from equipment to gear

Choosing the Best Golfing Gloves

The challenge most professional golfers and amateurs face when shopping for the most durable golf gloves is choosing  golf gloves that will fit their needs without having to compromise quality. And due to this they are forced to buy renowned brands on the hope that, the brands will live up to their name. Some of these brands include Nike, Bridgestone, Footjoy, Callaway, and Titleist. However, it is important to remember that your choice should not be influenced by brand alone, as they are several factors that are more important than brand.

Factors to consider when choosing the most durable golf gloves

  1. Fit: Sporting ill-fitted gear to a game could be the worst mistake as they will alter the experience and also lower your overall performance. They will also increase the risk of picking up injuries while playing. You will also have a high sense of discomfort and irritation. Therefore, always pay attention to the glove’s fit before deciding on whether to buy it or not. Ensure that your fingers and palms fit perfectly without being too tight or too loose. You can also read the product description just to make sure that everything is the way you want it.
  2. Material: Once you are content with the fitting, you can proceed to check the material. One of the most known materials used in making the most durable golf gloves is pure leather, which is mainly due to its high durability. However, pure leather may not be the ideal material for everyone especially those with sensitive skin as it may cause some discomfort due to its rough interior texture. Luckily, if pure leather does not work for you, you can always choose from synthetic leather and hybrid material. Preferably, choose a material that fits you perfectly and suits your needs. Ensure that it is comfortable and durable.
  • Dexterity: Although dexterity is ignored by many, it is one of the most essential features in the most durable golf gloves . For instance, buying a right-handed glove for a left-handed player would be a bad decision and a waste of time. Buy a golfing glove that suits and aligns perfectly to your laying style. And if you have several dollars to spare, you can always opt for the ambidextrous gloves that are available in most online stores. They are comfortable and ideal for both left and right-handed golfers.
  1. Performance: What’s the actual performance of the most durable golf gloves of your choice? Does it enhance the performance and experience of the golfers? This means that if you opt for a low-grade golf glove that easily slips every now and then, you are sure to get poor results every time you are playing. You can read user reviews to get a clear picture of how the product works its upsides and downside before contemplating on buying. For instance, if most of the users vouch for it then you are sure that it is one of the best golf gloves.
  2. Price: In most cases, when people are shopping for sports gear and equipment, they are always ready to spend more in the hopes of getting quality products. However, it is important to note that price does not necessarily guarantee that you will get quality for your money. It’s always good to consider all the important factors before deciding which product you will buy. Always ensure that you get value for your money rather than purchasing an expensive product only for it to last a couple of weeks.

Best Golfing Gloves Fitting

An ideal golfing glove should comprise of a snug fit but that doesn’t mean that it has to be tight instead it should feel more like a second skin rather than a glove. It shouldn’t have any bagginess either on the fingertips or on the palm area.

The most durable golf gloves should fit perfectly and still allow for sufficient movement of your hand inside the glove. Remember that the glove will offer a much greater tackiness than the skin on your hand can. This ensures that the golf club does not turn or shift in your hand when you’re hitting the golf ball. The most important factor to remember is that the golf glove is normally designed to fit the opposite hand.

In simple terms, if you are left handed then the glove is for your right hand.  This is attributed to the fact that the opposite hand acts as the lead hand when holding the club. And as said earlier, the grip has to be firm to ensure that the club does not turn or slip in your hands. This in turn ensures that the shot goes as expected without ruining your round.

The fit comes in two sizes: cadet and regular sizes. The former mainly focuses on golfer with wider palms and shorter fingers while the latter fits proportional hands with normal sized fingers and palms. They are both available in women’s and men’s sizes.

Always check the size and if possible try fitting before making a purchase but if you are ordering online, opt for a brand that has a return policy, as it will allow you to send it back in case it doesn’t fit. Also ensure that the golf glove has a snug but not tight fit. Try to try flex and move your fingers to ensure that your fingers can bend easily as this will be vital in holding the club.

Some of the most durable golf gloves we chose for you;

  1. Callaway X Spann Glove

In every golfing game, quality golfing gloves are very important which is a why the Callaway X is the one of the most durable golf gloves for you. It is one of the top-rated models for the left hand and it comes with intriguing features. The Callaway X features a good-looking design that’s easily wins the hearts of many. It has a newly designed compression system that ensures that it is a perfect fit. It also has a 3D performance mesh that helps improve the overall experience and functionality.

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The Callaway X is not only light but also flexible. It allows for a firm grip on the club when playing. It also improves your overall performance and swing. If your hands sweat a lot, the Callaway Glove is the ideal golf glove for you, as it breathes well thus keeping your hands comfortable and cool.

The Callaway X is designed using the full palm Cabretta leather, which is thinner than the standard sheepskin and goat leather but still desirable. It is also durable, which means that you do not have to worry about wear and tear. Cabretta leather is soft and consists of a comfortable feel that seems to appeal to most golfers.

Although golf clubs have a weighted design they have a propensity to slip whilst the golfer is playing, which is why a quality golf glove is an essential accessory. The Callaway X delivers on what most brands promise but are unable to deliver, which is comfort and quality. The Callaway is easy to wear and remove unlike the bulkier and heavier models on the market. It is also easy to clean up, as it only requires soapy water and a clean cloth.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Low maintenance design
  • Left-handed orientation
  • 3D performance mesh
  • Chevron tension sensors


  • Non-Velcro design
  • Seams split easily
  1. Grip Boost Golf Glove

The start of a weekend means the start of the game of golf where different men and women participate in the game of golf. But at the end of the day most of them go home with bruised hands due to the lack of quality gloves. Some also fail to get to their peak performance due to the lack of quality golf clubs. Luckily, Grip Boost Golf Glove is here to help you overcome the injury and performance issues.

It is designed for men especially those who use their left hand as the lead hand. It is quite comfortable and feels like a second skin. The Grip Boost GB is way better than most of its competitors due to its light design.
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Apart from its premium leather, the Grip Boost GB offers a snug fit, which makes it one of the most sought after golf glove in the world. It features a comfortable design combined with an all-weather design. It has a thin flexible structure that ensures that you get a good grip on your golfing club. The Grip Boost is ideal for golfers with sensitive skin thus you will not experience any irritation when wearing it. The Grip Boost GB is also has a stain and water proof design which makes it ideal for use in all weather conditions.

Grip  boost golf glove is arguably one of the most durable golf gloves and it is quite versatile. It has greatly improved over the years with several improvements in the accuracy and sensitivity. The Grip Boost GB has perforated palm fingers to allow for maximum ventilation combined with an adjustable closure.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Adjustable closure
  • Stylish white theme
  • Quality Cabretta leather
  • Comfortable fit


  • Rips at seams
  • Runs small
  1. Nike 2015 Dura Feel

Only a few brands can rival Nike in terms of quality and design. Nike is a world-renowned brand that is famous for its top-notch sports gear. All its products are known to set standards in the market, which is the case for the Nike 2015 Dura Feel. The Nike 2015 Dura Feel is ranked among the best sellers on online stores.

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The Nike 2015 Dura Feel is designed using perforated synthetic leather and features a white theme. The synthetic leather is high durable and the perforated panel helps to increase its breathability as well as its range of motion. With the Nike 2015 Dura Feel, you are assured of good results and impeccable performance every time you sport it.

In most cases, the biggest problem with golfing gloves is the fit, which tends to be awful. Fortunately, this issue is non-existent in the Nike 2015 Dura Feel. It is made of 10% nylon and 85% polyurethane, which makes it light and flexible. It features a stretchable design that allows it to fit most hand sizes and shapes. The perforated panel helps to keep your hand cool even when the weather is not favorable.

If you take a look at most golf gloves reviews, you will notice that most of the users are complaining about the gloves slipping. And although this issue is largely caused by sweating hands, it can also be a result of a poor design.  Fortunately, the Nike 2015 Dura Feel is design using an exquisite design that does not allow for such issues.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Genuine leather palm
  • Lightweight design
  • Soft and non-irritant
  • Perforated back panel


  • Runs small
  1. Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip

The Bionic Golf Glove features a perfect combination of leather and synthetic fabrics. Its design is durable yet flexible thus allowing you to control your club more efficiently when making shots. It is non-restrictive, which allows you to have a good feel even when golfing for hours on end.

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In most cases, golfers use different clubs to make different shots which warrants for use of different golf gloves every time they change the club. However, the Bionic RelaxGrip features a patented pad system that allows it to adjust to changes without having to sacrifice on performance. The patented pad system manages to even out the surface thus allowing for more relaxed grip. This means that you will get a firm grip and an improved performance. The glove is light on the hand thus improving the golfing experience further.

The fingers are accurately sized thus allowing for a comfortable fit. It is easy to wear and remove as it is does not irritate the hands. The fingers feature an advanced finger grip system that improves the performance significantly. They can withstand scrapes and scratches which makes them the most durable golf gloves .


  • Lycra motion zones
  • Perforated fingers
  • Responsive design
  • Patented pad system
  • Web zone gussets
  • Padded high wear areas


  • Cheap feel
  1. FootJoy Golf-MLH Golf Glove

FootJoy is one of the popular brands in the golfing industry. It is loved by many golfers because it is fashion conscious. The FootJoy features a black and white theme, which easily blends with most clothes.  It is long lasting thus making it an excellent accessory for beginners and professionals alike. Its design incorporates the uses of Cabretta leather for a comfortable and soft feel.

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Unlike most gloves that do not fit well after numerous washes, FootJoy WeatherSof has a microfiber material that allows it to maintain a consistent fit. This means that it does not stretch or lose its shape after every wash. The addition of Cabretta leather on its thumb and palm helps to improve its performance. The well-placed leather also improves your while minimizing damage to areas that are highly susceptible to wear and tear.

The FootJoy WeatherSof is designed to fit most hands. It is durable and has an all-weather design that works well in virtually all weather conditions thus making it one of the most durable golf gloves .


  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Stylish white theme
  • All weather design
  • Specially-placed Cabretta leather


  • Susceptible to wear and tear
  1. Callaway Men’s Dawn Golf Glove

Callaway products are known for their unrivaled quality and stylish designs. Their golf gloves are professional grade. The Callaway Men’s Dawn Glove is no different, as it sports a durable all-weather design. Not only does its structure lack the weight and bulk associated with traditional leather gloves but it also holds up well when put into use.

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Its material is comfortable and feels great on the hands. It fits perfectly without irritating the users. The Callaway Men’s Dawn Glove is lighter than most of its competitors thus making it ideal for use during long golfing or training sessions. Its thumb and fingers have perforations that help improve the users comfort and breathability. It is applicable in hot weather.

The Callaway Men’s Dawn Glove has a non-slip design that also includes an all-weather design. It also includes an Opti-Fit design for improved performance and experience. It has an adjustable cotton terry cuff that is soft and breathable, which allows for superior moisture absorption.  The Callaway Men’s Dawn Glove is fitted with a light, thin but secure closure that is easily adjustable for a perfect fit.


  • Advanced Opti-Fit design
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Cost-effective accessory
  • Comfortable and ergonomic fit


  • Questionable finishing
  1. Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove- Bionic Gloves

Since their inception into the market, Bionic gloves have become very popular which is largely attributed to their functional designs. They are made using Cabretta leather thus increasing their durability. They are available in different interesting designs that are all designed to help improve the performance of the users. And although they are light, they do not crack easily even when used in tough weather. The seams are flattened, tight and durable to minimize irritation.

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Although this glove won’t transform into a pro in a just a day, it will certainly help improve your game. And being that it is light, it will reduce hand fatigue significantly. It has elevated comfort levels due to its anatomical pad that helps absorb shock every time you hit the golf ball. The golfing glove also displaces any grip pressure from your hands. It has an advanced technology that helps keep you in full control making it one of the best golf gloves.

The fingers have a snug fit and a comfortable wrist strap that is easily adjustable for a perfect fit. It also features a pre-rotated finger design that has a natural curvature designed to improve the snug fit further.


  • Non-slip palm
  • Natural curvature
  • Moisture-wicking interior
  • Breathable material
  • Thin and snug fingers
  • Durable genuine leather


  • There were complaints about its flexibility
  1. Zero Friction Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

The Zero Friction is designed with an elegant white theme that also includes a novel compression-fit design. It fits perfectly as it was made for you. It features a durable palm patch that’s designed to work well during both hot and wet weather conditions.

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Apart from the incorporation of a premium pad, it also has lots of add-ons that are designed to improve its overall grip. You also get digitized palms and fingers with comfortable form-fitting designs that will help you grip the club better. The first finger features a well-engineered synthetic patch that allows for a solid gripping. It also has a detachable tee and ball marker.

Unlike leather golf gloves that are always bulky, synthetic gloves are lighter and much comfortable to use even for long period. The Zero Friction Golf Glove is light, fits perfectly and is breathable. It has back mesh Lycra fittings that help improve comfort and swing thus making it one of the most durable golf gloves

It has a flexible design that is highly durable and does not irritate the user. They cost effective yet highly comfortable and functional.


  • Light and breathable
  • Solid gripping
  • Digitized fingers and palm
  • Tight compression fit
  • Detachable tee and ball marker
  • Flexible design
  • Comfortable
  • Durable palm patch


  • Low-grade seams
  • Peels off over time
  1. MG Golf DynaGrip

MG Golf DynaGrip is one of the best sellers in the golf glove category on online stores such as Amazon. Its durability is very impressive especially considering that it made using Cabretta leather. It does not peel over like the Zero Friction. It manages to maintain its shape even after vigorous use and it does not emit nasty odors. And thanks to its exquisite design it has managed to win numerous PGA Tour events around the world because it happens to be one of the most durable golf gloves
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The MG Golf DynaGrip is comfortable and creates a seamless connection between your hand and the club, which allows to get just the perfect grip needed for accurate shooting. Unlike most of its competitors it doesn’t rip easily. And although it uses the soft Cabretta leather, its durability is unrivaled. It is said to be resistant to cracking even when it is exposed to harsh elements such as rain and sunshine. It has a durable edge trim and detailed stitching which gives a good reputation from all its users.

Although it is relatively cheap, it features a stylish design that easily appeals to virtually all age groups. The Medan tanning finish incorporated in the manufacturing process does not stain or fade easily. It’s also perspiration and moisture resistant.


  • Excellent fit
  • Detailed stitching
  • Stylish Medan tanning finish
  • Flexible design
  • Durable edge trim
  • Reinforced critical points
  • Unique traditional style
  • Weather resistant


  • no palm patch
  1. Intech Six-Pack Ti-Cabretta

Last on our list is the Intech Six-Pack, which is a reputable glove for golfing amateurs and professionals alike. It is attainable as a value pack, which not only makes it impressive but also cost effective. And the material used in the manufacturing process is tipped to be one of the best. The Intech Six-Pack features a smooth and soft luster that helps improve the performance and experience of the users.

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Unlike other models that could easily irritate your hands, the Intech Six-Pack is fun to wear. You can wear it for hours on end without experiencing any issues. And although the golfing gloves are durable that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not flexible. In fact, they are offer the highest level of flexibility. The addition of Lycra inserts between the fingers will enable you to have a firm grip on the club making this to be one of the most durable golf gloves . This will not only improve the power of your shot but it will also improve your accuracy.

Golfing gloves will wear out as times goes by, but wear out faster than others do. Luckily, the Intech Six-Pack uses Cabretta leather, which allows it withstand abuse. The seams are non-irritant and tight.


  • Pack of six gloves
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Easy to wear
  • Eye-catching design
  • Non-irritant interior
  • Tight and flat seams
  • Premium Cabretta leather
  • Breathable Lycra inserts


  • No ball marker

Conclusion on the most durable golf gloves

Golfing gloves are some of the most important accessories in your golfing setup as they help provide you with a tackier grip, which in turn prevents your club from twisting and turning as you take your shot, or while swinging. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase the most durable golf gloves , as you will be assured of quality, performance and durability.

Golf tools for beginners: from equipment to gear

Golf is an awesome game but for a novice player, everything looks hard especially when they walk into golf’s items shop. They don’t know what is needed where and the fact that they can be quite pricy makes it even harder. Just like any other game, new golfers want to perfect their game especially the golf swing in order to satisfy their desires or even their golfing partners. Golf has many rules, it has different clubs that can overwhelm a soul, and then there’s a specific lingo that the new golfers should grasp. If you know nothing about golf, you just landed on the right site; we’ll take you through the whole thing.  To perfect your game as a new golfer you will need to get hold of the best golf tools for beginners. These are:

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer; one of the golf tools for beginners

Best Golf Swing Analyzer installed with Golf OLED screen provides the novice players with a near accurate mathematical calculation on the most accurate swings; it reduces blank swings that palyers make. This device gives you a preview of your final shot; it also helps in rehearsing for the perfect shots in a game without you using the actual balls. A golf swing analyzer gives the player a close estimate of the distance the balls will ‘travel’ in an actual game. The best thing about this golf swing analyzer is that it is wearable and it is light in weight. Other things about this analyzer is ;

  • It is iOS/Android compatible
  • It uses Bluetooth version 4.0 LE
  • It is convenient in that it has features of a digital clock as well as an automated call declining feature
  • It has a vibration motor ready and a call alert
  • The battery is made of lithium polymer 70 Mah
  • The battery runs for 5 days after its been fully charged for two hours

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  • Real time swing analysis- Golf swing analyzer uses a 6-axis micro electro mechanical(MEM) sensor to analyze the 9 types of swings that are common in golf and it is one of the best golf tools for beginners. The feedback will come in handy in your practice because you will know where to adjust your swings/shots. Golf swing analyzer also helps in recording the previous shots that your had done with perfection. The best news is that this information can be viewed with a single tap.
  • Carry distance calculator tittle; Golf swing analyzer has been equipped for the estimation of the carry distance using a set algorithm. The projected distance calculation is done with immediacy as well as accuracy. This tittle is also compatible with all standard clubs- wood, driver, iron, putter and wedge. The best thing about this analyzer is that it displays the results in a personalized manner; the displayed data also includes the club path, head speed, the swing type as well as the face angle.
  • Golf course GPs data-this golf swing analyzer has information about 36,000 golf course scattered all over the world and it is connected to smart phones via BLE. To know about a specific golf course, all you have to do is to type the country or the name of the golf course and all the information you need will be at your disposal

Advantages of using Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Its GPS helps you to access various avenues in terms of data

  • It is cheap when it comes to price and the best thing is that it does not water energy
  • The device is tailor made to suit needs of each user
  • You don’t experience text or calls disturbances
  • You can easily download it and set it up with ease
  • It lets you deliver your shots like the pro you are


  • If one is not tech savvy, using it can be quite confusing
  • The device’s Bluetooth is not as reliable
  • It can heat up thus destroying the labels as well as being a threat to the golfers

Smash Bag Impact Trainer : one of the best  golf tools for beginners

Smash Bag Impact Trainer for Improving Clubface Impact is one of the most important golf tools for beginners. It guides you through the golf course as you get to those scores on the golf course.

  • Its material is of high impact with the zipper being a visible feature
  • It does not need any battery to function
  • Your impact’s standard is done by proprietary targets and this is communicated to you via visual feedback.
  • It weighs 905 grams with 10’’ *9.5’’ * 3.5’’ dimensions

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Stuff the bag: stuffing the bag is very important;it is one of the most important golf tools for beginners. The stuffing will weigh the bag down thus absorbing your rough strikes. These rough strikes are inevitable since you have to practice for hours on end

Easy to use: impact bags regardless of the model function in the same way. They’ll help the use to learn the correct impact of the clubface. It also helps to provide a visual feedback on the accuracy and the quality of the impact. It also helps in the elimination of thin and fat shots as well as cure slices; it is also easy to interpret the target. It is perfectly safe for use for you and your club(s); it can also be used with other trainers


  • You can use old clothes or old towels as stuffing meaning you’ll put the weight best suited for you.
  • It can be used at home
  • It solves the problem of slices as well as thin and fat shots
  • You are assured of the safety of your clubs as well as personal safety
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps with downswing sequencing


  • It is not equipped technologically which means more is required of your manual expertise
  • You can rule out the possibility of injuries; it should be used carefully
  • The fact that the bag is self weighted can be a problem since the bag can fly off from the impact

Swingyde Golf Swing Training aid; one of the best golf tools for beginners

Swingyde golf swing training aid happens to be one of the best golf tools for beginners. It helps in improving one’s distance and accuracy. All you need to do is to attach the swingyde golf swing training aid to the grip or the shaft of the golfing club you are using and then rest your wrist on the other end. By doing so, you encourage your wrist to cock well and it also improves the swing plane, the club face alignment as well as the follow through. If you are looking for one of the best golf tools for beginners, Swingyde is what you need. the best thing about Swingyde is that it works for both right and left-handed golfers.

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid; one of the best golf tools for beginners

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid is a golf tool for beginners and it can be used even in your backyard; it also has a variety of other uses. One of its uses is to help in developing your natural tempo; other uses are strengthening your swings as well as building muscle memory. Gold Flex also helps in developing one’s core muscles especially if one has an injury.

SKLZ Gold Flex-Golf training aid also comes in handy as a great warm up tool just before you get to start your golfing rounds; it lets you ease into the rhythm without much of a hustle.