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golf pitches is a review website for the best golf courses near you

Golf Pitches was founded in 2016 by a team of golf enthusiasts with a collective golfing experience that spans decades. Our journey began with a simple yet audacious goal: to create a platform that encapsulates the heart and soul of the game.

Our platform mirrors the spirit of evolution that is ever present in golf. We're committed to remaining at the forefront of golf's changes, whether it's the latest equipment innovations or shifts in course design trends. By constantly updating and refining our content, we ensure that the heart and soul of golf remains relevant, vibrant, and accessible to all who seek it.

Golf Pitches - a blog dedicated to reviews of golf equipment, accessories, and golf courses

Dive headfirst into the heart of golf with our blog's insightful exploration of the sport's unseen dimensions.

From delving into the psychology that separates the best from the rest to uncovering the untold stories behind iconic golf courses, each post peels back the layers to reveal the magic that makes golf more than just a game.

Fairway Chronicles
Golf Pitches cares for people living with arthritis

From mastering the art of consistency to decoding the secrets of effective course management, we've got the tips you need to shave those strokes

best golf grips for arthritic hands reviewed at Golf Pitches

Dive into proven strategies that transcend the fairway and delve into the mental game. Read on and get ready to celebrate your century-crushing victory lap!

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best golf grips for arthritic hands

From soggy bunkers to waterlogged tees, discover the sweet spot where golf and precipitation meet to create a challenging experience.

best golf grips for sweaty hands

Teeing off with a 3-wood isn't just for the pros anymore! Discover the secrets to launching your golf ball into the stratosphere with precision and control.

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best golf tips and techniques for high handicappers
Find reviews of the best and trending golf gear At golfpitches.com
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