What age to start golf lessons for kids?

You can introduce golf lessons for your kids at any age; there are many ways you can do so. You can use Nintendo Wii where kids are able to play golf on a computer as a computer game. By playing this golf computer game, they are able to get golfing concepts while learning the golf course and still see how a golf swing looks like. If you didn’t know, kids are quite visual and they absorb most of what they see; this means when it comes to playing the actual golf, they’ll have an idea on how to go about it.

So, what age to start golf lessons for kids? For starters, you should understand that every kid’s milestones are different and you should not force anything on them. For example there’s a 3 year old who can place their feet in a certain way and they have a consistent golf club swing. There’s a 10 year old who cannot do the same. Therefore, observe your kid’s ability and go with it.

It is recommended that parents should enroll their kids for private lessons before releasing them to the actual golfing world. It is also recommended that kids should be started with plastic golf clubs because the actual golf clubs can be quite heavy for their tiny hands. Parents can also let their kids tag along when going for golf games so that they can watch their parents play and get interested.

If your kid plays baseball and he can catch a baseball, it means their eye-hand coordination is on point and they are ready to learn golf. It is also recommended that learning or playing golf should be made fun because when kids start feeling like its work, they’ll get stressed out and their interest will fizzle out really quick.

How to teach your kids golf lessons

  • Make it fun

As said earlier, make golf lessons fun. Whatever you want for your child in terms of golf lessons for kids, never forget that it is just a game and let them never feel that golfing is a chore. How do you do that? Encourage them to get interested in other things like music and arts; let them grow up to be a well rounded person; don’t let golf lessons be their ultimate life goal.

  • Teach them the basics

Before your kids can pick up a golf club to start golf lessons for kids, make sure you have taught them the most basic golf principles. These golf principles do not even require them to pick up a golf club or even a golf balls. So, what are these golf principles? These are; the golf etiquette as well as the rules of golf. The golf etiquette is basically how people should live in their everyday life with concern as well as respect for others.

  • Find them an instructor

You’ve already primed your kids on the core values of golf; it is time to get them a golf instructor. If your golfing club (membership) does not have a section for kids, just search from the internet for golf clubs for kids. You can also ask around from your golfing buddies on where they have enrolled their tots for golfing lessons for kids.

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