As a golfer, having one of the best golf carts for walking not only helps speed up the game but it also helps people to spend some quality time together while having meaningful conversations in between the shots. Golf carts are recreational vehicles and they are more environment friendly as compared to normal cars. The best thing about these golf carts is that they can be used by kids as young as 13 years so long as the state and golfing club allows. These golf carts also come in very handy for the elderly who still love their golf but they have difficulties walking for long.

Getting yourself a golf cart for the first time is quite exciting; it’s like buying your first car. Since there are different golf carts brands and a lot of features to consider, it can be a little confusing. However you need to understand that more features mean that the brand is better. Also, a golf cart being more expensive does not mean it is the best golf cart. Therefore ensure you consider all your preferences before you make that purchase.

Most people start their golfing career with golf push carts and then they progress to electric golf carts or gas golf carts. For push golf carts, there’s definitely going to be a lot of walking as compared to gas or electric golf carts which save a lot of time when on the golf course. It is easier to drive right to your ball as compared to walking there.

Golf carts gas or electric

Golf carts gas or electric are both great golf carts but as always, it is always about personal preferences. The cost of operating either an electric golf cart or a gas golf cart is all the same. This is because having an electric golf cart needs a battery replacement after every 5-7 years and we know it doesn’t come cheap. If you settle for a gas operated golf cart, you’ll need to keep changing the oil, filters and definitely the fuel. These two factors show that buying either of the two golf carts will cost more or less the same to maintain and run them.

Pros and cons of gas vs. electric golf carts

Electric Golf carts


  1. They are kinder to the environment: Electric golf carts are more environmentally friendly since there are no carbon emissions. There being no emissions means that you can use your electric golf cart in more places. Most indoor settings don’t allow fuel based golf carts which means you have lots of places to continue with your golfing game. Ensure you dispose off the golf cart battery to continue being more environment friendly.
  2. Low maintenance cost: An electric golf cart requires very little effort to maintain it because most times you only need to ensure the battery is charged. There are no starter bells or spark plugs to replace. It has less than 50 moving parts which means there are lesser parts to maintain or replace. The only thing you need to replace is the golf cart battery with some batteries lasting for almost 10 years. To prolong the golf cart battery, ensure it is charged after every use and check its water levels regularly and adjust it as needed.
  3. Less noise. Electric golf carts do not have a noisy engine which means they are more quiet.


  1. Less speed/power: When compared to gas golf carts, electric golf carts are quite slower and they are less powerful. They do not offer as much power especially when you have a rough terrain.
  2. Charging time: Depending on the golf carts brand, it might take as much as 12 hours to charge the battery which means you can’t just up and go to the golf course. It is also a little hard to gauge when the battery’s power will run out.

Gas golf carts


  1. More speed/power: Gas golf carts are faster as compared with the electric golf carts; they also don’t require any charging meaning you can just up and go.
  2. Street/use ready: Gas golf carts are the best golf carts for short distances on the golf course. For starters, they are fast and they are equipped for short distances.


  1. Pollution: Gas golf carts are not environment friendly because the fuel used produces carbon emissions which is bad for the environment.
  2. More maintenance: Gas golf carts have quite a number of moving parts which means they all need maintenance. This golf cart needs oil and oil filter changes every now and then. It needs to be fueled after every few months depending on how many times it is used.
  3.  Noisy: Gas golf carts use engines to power them which means they are quite noisy.

Examples of the best electric golf carts for walking

Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

This is one of the best electric golf carts for walking. It’s been made with an easy to fold and unfold technology which ensures the golf cart opens in a record one second. Its handle is ergonomically shaped and it is suited for both right and left handed golfers; the comfort grip is also amazing. The handle comes attached with an umbrella holder which ensures you and your golfing equipment are dry in case of rain or snow; with this umbrella, you are able to play in all weather conditions. Qwik-fold golf push cart is the best electric golf cart for walking; it has quite a number of features that make your golfing easy. This push golf cart has a score card holder with enough space for your golf tees, your golf score cards as well as other golfing accessories and necessities. There is also a top and bottom golf bag holders which help in keeping your golf bag in place; the holders’ straps are adjustable.

This electric golf cart for walking has an easy to use parking brakes to hold the carrier especially when you have to scale hilly golf courses. This is the easiest and the fastest golf push cart for walking; you only need to push a button and the golf cart folds into a small compact size. For you to unfold the electric golf cart for walking, you only need to pull the handle until the golf cart clicks into place.

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