Are left handed golf clubs more expensive?

10% of the world’s population is left-handed and a tiny percentage of this population happens to be golfers. Getting your hands on the best golf clubs for left handers can be a little challenging but you can be lest assured you’ll get some.

However, they cost the same as right handed golf clubs. It is important to shop wisely before you settle on the right golf clubs for left handers.

Most companies, for example Mizuno, Callaway and Nike have the best golf clubs for left handers as well as golf clubs for right handers. However, there isn’t a big market for the left handed golf clubs which means they are not produced in large numbers.

Can golf clubs for left handers be custom made?

The answer to this question is yes; you only need the golfer’s weight, height, gender as well as their distance from their wrist to the floor.

Some of the best golf clubs for left handers are;

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set is one of the best golf clubs for left handers especially for people on a tight budget. These are quality golf clubs for left handed golfers; they have an impressive and forgiving 460cc driver which helps in delivering good accuracy and impressive distance. They best thing about these left handed golf clubs is that they have a light graphite shaft.

The handy 4 hybrid helps you to avoid longer irons. The three golf clubs come with head covers. The white finish has been designed to improve visibility. The irons run from 5 to the pitching edge.

They come with ultra wide soles and they have been optimized for an easy launch and a good spin.  Unfortunately the sand wedge is not included in this set but good news is that they don’t cost and arm and a leg.

The other one you’ll need to add is a putter but again, they are also found at amazing prizes; choosing a putter separately allows you to pick the one that you are comfortable with.

The best thing about Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set for left handers is that it is quite affordable. As your game improves, you’ll need to add a few golf clubs to your golf set.


  • The set comes with 3 head covers
  • Has 460cc driver
  • The set gives you value for money
  • Has wide soled irons
  • The driver and the 3 wood have a graphite shaft


  • Sand wedge, putter and the golf bag are bought separately
  • It is not meant for seasoned players

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set is popular because it is easy to hit, has extreme forgiveness, gives straight shots as well as effortless high launches. This golf clubs for left handers set is being improved as days go by in order to extend the forgiveness as well as the effectiveness of full range irons.

 Cleveland has successfully added technology to their past productions of golf clubs for left handers; the HiBore crowns have been working well with the hollow constructions of these Cleveland irons.

This gives them a low but deep center of gravity thus distributing more weight on the perimeter. For better interaction with the turf, these irons have a wide sole.

The combination of wide soles and the hollow construction gives these irons great forgiveness, help with good launching as well as improving on the distance control on the greens.  


  • Accurate and forgiving
  • Easy to launch
  • Progressive design
  • Hollow construction
  • Great green side control


  • Doesn’t work for all players
  • Limited playability