Best arthritis gloves to make your golfing easier

Being arthritic should not keep you from playing golf. Combining your arthritis treatment with the best arthritis gloves ensure that you have a good time at the golf course. Arthritis glove boots have been designed to reduce swelling and pain and at the same time improving your hand function. Most occupational therapists recommend arthritis gloves to help alleviate the pain; you just slip your hand into the glove to help you with your day to day activities.

How do best arthritis gloves help?

Before you settle on the best golf glove for arthritis, you need to try all the different types of therapy gloves to know the right one for you. One type of therapy gloves keep you warm, they are known as thermals. Another type of arthritis golf gloves gives you extra support; they are known as hand splints for arthritis. The compression types of arthritic gloves provide pressure on your hand joints and aching fingers. The good news is that you can choose a pair of arthritic golf gloves with combined features.

Other than easing your symptoms, the golf gloves for arthritis help you to feel more calm and relaxed. They don’t do much to in helping you gain the use of your hands but they help improve your hand grip. These golf gloves for arthritis have been designed to be put on for 8 hours which is about the time you are asleep. Keeping them on for overnight might bring about some difference in the way you feel.

Types of arthritis gloves

Arthritic golf gloves come in different types and the right glove for you depends on your specific needs as well as your budget. All the arthritic golf boots are however meant to relive your pain although some gloves can do more. The three glove types include

  • Wrist wraps
  • Open fingers
  • Heated gloves that make the use of infrared light
  • Arthritis gloves may have one or more of the above features and be available in all the three categories. Your doctor should also come in handy to help you choose arthritis gloves boots.IMAK arthritis glovesIMAK arthritis gloves have to be some of the easiest arthritic golf gloves because of their elasticity as well as cotton fabric. The gloves carry an ease of use seal from the Arthritis Foundation which means they are legit. The compression fabric goes beyond the wrist to provide relief from swelling and pain for your hand and wrist. These are open finger gloves and they make it easier to feel the everyday items without much of constriction. IMAK arthritis gloves are available in drug store chains meaning they are easily available to everyone.

    Veturo therapy infrared arthritis gloves

    Veturo therapy infrared arthritis gloves some of the leading heated gloves types. These gloves cover your whole wrist, the hand and the fingers of course minus the finger tips to allow one to have ample movement for their everyday life. These infrared heated gloves can easily slide on without the use of constrictive straps. They can be worn outside and the sun’s rays activate the infrared heat.

    The use of infrared technology helps in increasing blood circulation in the hands thus relieving the pain resulting from arthritis. The gloves are machine washable which makes them easy to take care of.

    Grafco wrist wrap

    The heart of hand arthritis is mostly felt in the fingers but sometimes the wrists may end up experiencing the same pain. Therefore, you need a little wrist support when you are doing your everyday tasks or even when playing golf.

    Grafco wrist wrap comes in handy as a good alternative when other types of arthritis gloves are not available. These wraps also have a thumb loop to help in easy adjustments which helps in dictating how much wrist compression you need.

    Thermoskin arthritic gloves

    Arthritic swelling changes daily which means having the right fitting arthritic gloves is very important. When you are looking for heated gloves that have an adjustable size setting, you should consider thermoskin arthritic gloves. The best thing about these arthritic golf gloves is that they range from small to XX-large and they also have an adjustable strap to give you the perfect size.

    These best arthritis gloves is that they have fingertips to increase their breathability. They are also made of soft material to provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

    Therall arthritis gloves

    Theral arthritis gloves are some of the best arthritis gloves because they have all the three features combined into one product. They have an open-finger design which makes it easy to use when you are carrying items. They have a wrist support which offers the much needed compression which in turn helps in alleviating the joint pain.

    Bionic golf gloves

    Bionic golf gloves help you to enjoy a better grip, more comfort and twice the durability of standard leather golf gloves. Bionic golf gloves have been made with a patented system to provide the golfer with stability which makes it the best arthritis golf glove. . This stability is what keeps the golf club from twisting and also minimize the impact the golf swing has on the golfer’s hands. Bionic golf glove is the best golf glove arthritic hands; it gives you confidence with every golf short you make.

    Terrycloth micro-pads in the glove helps to deliver a superior moisture control while the motion zones and signature web provide the player with flexibility and excellent dexterity.

    Best joint supplements for arthritis

    Sometimes the best arthritis gloves do not help much with your wrist pain and that’s why you need to get some joint supplements for arthritis. It might be hard to get natural foods that help with arthritis and that is where supplements for arthritis come in handy. Some of these supplements are; Devil’s claw and Boswelia. There are quite a number of them in the market but for now we are focusing on the two;

  •   Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is also known as harpagophytum has a chemical known as harpogoside and it has anti-inflammatory effects. Devil’s claw helps in reducing pain from osteoarthritis. Studies show that Devil’s claw works as the same as an anti-inflammatory drug known as diacerein. You can decide to get either Devil’s claw tablets or Devil’s claw powder depending on your preferences.

  • Bowselia

Bowselia is known as Indian frankincense and it is used in alleviating arthritis pain in the joints. Bowselia acids are chemicals that are found in Bowselia and they have anti-inflammatory effects. Clinical studies show that bowselia extracts help reduce joint pains more than a placebo especially in people with osteoarthritis. Most bowselia supplements range from 100mg daily to 333mg 3 times daily.