How to clean golf balls-The best golf ball cleaner

Golf is said to be a sophisticated and a clean sport but the golf balls are prone to some dirt by the end of the game and that’s why you need the best golf ball cleaner. It is easier to ignore the dirt but it is good to keep your golf balls clean and any other golf gear clean at all times. Regular cleaning of your golf balls ensures that they last and serve you for longer.

Even the smallest amount of dirt can affect the performance of your best golf balls. This dirt adds some weight to the golf balls and affects its balance which in turn affects its intended flight path. However, as I noted earlier, there are a number of ways on how to clean your golf balls.

The best thing is that there are portable golf ball washers that you can use when you are still on the golf course. If you prefer to clean your golf balls at home with a proper golf ball washer using golf ball cleaning products, you have also been catered for.

Best Portable Golf Ball Washers

Portable golf ball washers are a great way to keep your golf balls clean while you are on the go. The washers easily attach to any golf bag and use a small water reservoir to wash the golf balls. This is a great option for those that like to golf on the go or for those that don’t have time to stop at the clubhouse and wash their golf balls.

The washers are also great for those that play in tournaments, as they can keep their golf balls clean and regulation size. 

There are a few different types of portable golf ball washers available on the market. The most common type is the type that attaches to your golf bag. This type usually has a small water reservoir that you can use to wash your golf balls.

There is also a type of portable golf ball washer that is washer that you hold in your hand. This type is great for those that like to golf on the go, as it doesn’t require you to have a golf bag. 

If you are looking for a way to keep your golf balls clean while you are on the go, then a portable golf ball washer is the perfect option for you. 

1. Ballbrite Golf Ball Washer

portable golf ball washer

Why Choose Ballbrite Golf Washer?

Easily portable & discreet. Fits in the back pocket
Made from portable neoprene material to last you many, many rounds of golf
Easy to clean in case it gets dirty

The Ballbrite golf ball cleaner is a soft pouch that has a soft lining that’s used to clean your golf balls. This golf ball washer clings onto your golf balls as your rub it and removes all the dirt. Ballbrite golf ball cleaner can only be used with water.

Simply put two teaspoons of clean water in the golf ball washer and rub the ball such that the interior of the cleaner is fully in contact with the golf ball. The best thing about this golf ball cleaner is that you only wring out the water, air dry it and it will be ready for the next use.

2. Frogger Golf Amphibian Golf Ball Towel

best golf ball cleaner

Frogger Golf Amphibian Golf ball Towel comprises of two layers with one layer being made of polyester while the other one is made of cotton. There’s a water proof membrane that separates the two layers.

To clean your golf balls, this golf ball washer only needs water. Put some water on the polyester membrane and rub your golf balls with it; once clean, use the cotton layer to dry the golf balls.

To dry the best golf ball cleaner, simply reverse the small unit and clip it to your golf bag and it will dry while you are on the move on the golf course.

TribeA Golf pocket ball washer water proof ball cleaner

The best thing about this pocket size best golf ball cleaner is that it can fit in your pocket due to its small size. You don’t have to worry about your golf pants or golf skorts pockets getting wet because the outer layer is completely water proof.

All you need is some cleaning water sprinkled on the inner lining of this portable golf ball washer and you can be assured that your golf balls will be clean all through the golfing exercise.

Golf ball Cleaner Spray Solutions

Stixx golf club, golf balls and grip cleaner

One of the best golf ball cleaner spray solutions is the Stixx golf club, golf balls and grip cleaner.  This cleaning solution comes in a spray bottle that has an attached carabiner clip to help with easy access. The spray nozzle evenly distributes the cleaner on the golf balls, golf grips or golf clubs and with a brush, the grime and dirt can be removed easily.

When Stixx golf club, golf balls and grip cleaner is used on golf grips, the spray returns the grips’ shine and traction like it never left. Try this solution for your golf equipment and see the change.

Golfer’s Lift Off Cleaner

best solution for golf ball washer

Golfer’s lift off cleaner is a multipurpose cleanser and it is one of the best golf ball cleaner.  This golf ball cleaner can be used to clean a myriad of golf gear and equipment ranging from golf clubs to golf grips all the way to golf shoes.

With this golf balls cleaner, all you have to do is spray on your golf balls and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. It cleans all the stubborn stains on any golf equipment and your golf items will look as good as new.

Portable combo cleaner (golf balls and golf clubs)

Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit

best golf ball cleaner

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This Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit is the best golf ball cleaner because as the name suggests, it is a combination of golf ball washer and a golf club cleaner. The best thing is that it easily attaches to the golf cart which means you don’t have to worry about space in which to carry it.

This best golf ball cleaner has a plunger through which golf balls are pushed through a container of bristles.  When it comes to cleaning golf clubs, this golf ball cleaner and golf cleaner has a square unit that has built in brushes that have been designed to remove dirt from the golf clubs grooves.

The best thing about Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit is that it can water hold and the cleaning solution without splashing it all over the place.

It also has a handy t-drain for cleaning.

Permanent course fixture

Classic golf ball washer

best golf ball cleaner

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This classic ball washer from Standard Golf can hold up to 1.8 liters of cleaning solution and it can hold four golf ball at a time. To prevent the build-up of soap and leaks, it has been fitted with an overflow tube.

This Classic best golf ball cleaner can be filled and emptied quickly using the simple drain. This ball cleaner has been designed to be attached to a post and its exterior is green in color such that it will not become an eyesore on the golf course.

Par aide ball washer

Par Aide Master Ball Washer

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Par aide golf ball washer is made from aluminum and it has been made to last for a long time. Its red bright color is for its visibility and the best thing is that this golf ball washer is tamper-proof. Par aide ball washer is capable of holding 2.4 liters of water or cleaning solution; it is easy to use.

To maintain the oar aide golf ball washer, all you have to do is to remove two screws and for quick water replacement, there’s a drain plug that helps with that.

How to clean golf balls at home

If you don’t have any of the above golf balls washers, you can use your dish cleaner and a bucket full of water. Some of these ball cleaners can only hold one ball at a time and sometimes you have more than 10 balls to clean.

To clean the best golf balls, remove any lose dirt using a dry piece of cloth. If the stains are still stubborn, put water in a large bucket and add some dishwashing liquid. Let the golfing balls soak for a while then rinse them in clean water. Let them air dry.

If the golf balls have stubborn stains that won’t come off, use a soft brush like a tooth brush to scrub them. Never use brushes with metallic bristles to clean golf balls because they’ll scratch them and damage the surfaces.

How to remove sharpie from golf balls

Sharpie stains can be quite stubborn meaning they cannot be removed with just water and soap. These stains require a special golf ball cleaner so that the stain can be removed safely. Commercial golf ball cleaners can do the trick but if you don’t have them, rubbing alcohol on the marks will do the trick.

Most of the times, rubbing alcohol on the balls completely dissolves the permanent marker. Not only will the alcohol remove the marker, but the golf ball will shine like it was just as new. All you have to do is to pour some alcohol on some paper towels and rub the golf ball clean.

How to make a golf ball washer

Most golf ball balls cleaners cannot be said to be expensive; however you can still make a golf ball washer at home. To make one, all you need is a plastic tub and a few surplus used parts of items you use at home. Home-made golf ball washers vary and you have to choose one theme from where you can base your DIY.

Here are the steps of making a golf ball washer

Prepare everything you need

Drill a hole on your tub at the bottom and then insert a drain plug as well as a drain plug. The drain plug is removed when it is time to change the cleaning water or the cleaning solution.

Measure the height your plastic tub and mark an inch above the horizontal line at the centre on each side

Mark and drill holes on each side of the tub and make sure they are wide enough to accommodate the crank handle from one side of the tub to the next. Test whether the crack fits on both sides and then remove the crack on one hole.

Impeller and brushes

Fit the crank bushing around your impeller. Fit one of the brushes and make sure it is facing away from the tub’s edge. Facing away from the edge of the tub, slip one brush onto the crank handle rod. On that rod and in front of the brush, place the impeller and then place another brush facing the impeller.

  • To prevent movement, place retainer clips on to the outside of each fittings.
  • Through the second hole, slip the rod of the crank handle and hold it in place using situ.
  • To prevent the crank handle from moving, fit retainer clips on the inside and on the outside of each end.

The tube lid

  • Place the tub’s lid on top of the tub and make a square hole that’s about 3×3 inches.
  • Use a dry wall saw cut and a drill, cut a hole exactly above the brushes and the impeller.
  • Sand the edges where you made the cuts to make sure there will be no sharp edges.
  • Replace the lid on the tub and make sure the hole lines and the impeller line up perfectly
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