best golf hats for sun protection

Best golf hats for sun protection

Not only are the best golf hats for sun protection stylish but they are quite protective on your eyes especially if you are playing on a sunny day. Golfing strains your eyes because you have to survey the golf course’s long distance before making your shot.

You also need to look into the sky as you watch your golf ball travel to see where it lands; with fitted golf hats, your eyes will get a bit of protection from the sun. Other than protecting your eyes, you need to protect your head and your face from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

There are quite a number of other reasons as too why you should get your hands on some of the best golf hats for sun protection . There is a huge selection on best golf caps which gives a chance to pick the best for your style and comfort.

Golfer hats for men come in different shapes, sizes and styles and there’s also the matter of price which is the determining factor at the end of the day. No golf bag is complete without fitted golf hats for men or the best golf hats for women.

Adidas adizero golf hat

adidas adizero golf hat

We all know Adidas is one of the best sports apparel brands and it is not a surprise that they make the best hats for golf. Adidas adizero is one of the best hats for golf; it feels light and it is soft on your skin. Adidas adizero breathes well which ensures that your head is nice and cool even on the hottest day in summer. You will fall in love with it on how well it shades your eyes and your head.


  • Adidas adizero golf hat can be matched with plenty of other Adidas brand clothing
  • It is made using a blend of spandex and polyester material
  • The mesh panels on the hat helps it to vent
  • The sweatband prevents sweat from getting into your face
  • It offers UPF protection thus helping reduce sunburns on your face as well as preventing skin diseases related to sunburns


  • The tightening belt rarely stays put which means you need to keep on adjusting it
  • Sometimes it does not fit properly

 Henschel 5310 golf hat

If you find that a heavy golf hat does not tickle your fancy, then this Henschel 5310 golfing hat is the best hat for golf. This hat has been specifically designed to breathe well thus giving your head a cool and nice feeling. This is one of the best golf hats especially for people who play golf in hot climates that need a good shade as well as a cool environment.


  • It can be crushed to fit in your golf bag
  • It has an adjustable cord that ensures it stays put on your head
  • It is made of a cotton mesh material that helps maximize on its breathability
  • It comes in 7 different color options that you can choose from
  • It is made in the USA


  • Some people have issues with the sizes being inaccurate
  • The met does not protect the wearer from the harmful UV rays

Outdoor research sombriolet

Outdoor research sombriolet is one of the coolest golf hats for people looking for a 360 degree sun protection. Outdoor research sombriolet has been specifically designed to keep you protected and cool even on the hottest summer days. It reduces sun exposure on your face, eyes and pretty much the whole head thus keeping you cool on those hot summer days. If you are looking for the coolest golf hats for men, this is the hat you should be picking.


  • Your head is protected from the harmful sun rays from all sides
  • It is light in weight and breathes all thanks to the nylon material used to make it
  • The crown has been lined with mesh to improve on its breathability
  • You can adjust the draw cord with just one finger
  • The brim has floating foam to help the golf hat stay stiff and shapely


  • The brim does not always stay flat which sometimes makes the hat look odd
  • The chin is not tight at all times and sometimes the golf hat gets loose

Coolibar matchplay golf hat

best golf hats for sun protection

Coolibar matchplay golf hat is no doubt the best golf hats for sun rotection. Coolibar golf hats have been designed to keep the sun rays out of your head, face and eyes. This Coolibar golf hat perfectly does the job of protecting your whole head from the harmful UV rays.


  • It breathes well since it has been made from polyester
  • It’s design comes in really handy to block the UV rays
  • The crown can be adjusted by using the cord
  • It has a sweatband that keeps the sweat out of your face
  • The brim is 4 inches on the face to give your eyes better protection while the rest of the hat is 3 inches


  • It can sometimes feel heavy
  • Sometimes it is hard to get the right fit

The Taylor made R15 39

TaylorMade golf hat

The Taylor made R15 39 Thirty stretch fit men’s golf cap is one of the best golf hats for sun protection for men. This taylormade golf hat comes in 8 colors; are black, white, blue, grey, green, red, yellow and purple which give you many options to choose from.

Taylormade golf hats men have been made with 95 % woven polyester and 5 % spandex. When these materials are combined, the wearer gets a comfortable feeling even of the golf hat is worn the whole day.  The Taylor made R15 39 Thirty stretch fit men’s golf cap is very light in weight which ensures you don’t get a red line on your face by the time you are removing it.

Taylormade golf hats for men also have a sweatband that absorbs all the moisture ensuring that sweat does not get to your face and your head does not get damp. The two materials; polyester and spandex ensure that the sweat odor is kept at bay

The Taylor made R15 39 Thirty stretch fit men’s golf cap plays an important role of ensuring your head is protected from the scorching sun. This taylormade golf hat also ensures that your face is protected from the harmful UV rays and that your eyes are protected from the direct sunlight.

This taylormade golf hat is suitable for both kids and adults


  • It is made from polyester and spandex which are comfortable to the skin and their moisture wicking properties are on point
  • This golf hat for men is light in weight and it does not leave a line on your face
  • It has a sweatband that absorbs sweat ensuring it does not get into your face
  • The material used to make this golf hat help in keeping bad odor at bay
  • Comes in 8 different colors
  • Suitable for both kids and adults


  • The colors can run which might ruin it or ruin your other clothes

The Nike golf sun protect bucket hat

best golf hats for sun protection

The Nike bucket golf hat is one of the best wide brim golf hats for men. This Nike golf hat unique design ensures that the wearer is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It is very light in weight and it is comfortable to the wearer. This Nike bucket golf hat is made from a combination of 88% polyester and 12 % of plain woven spandex.

This Nike bucket golf hathas a dri FIT fabric that helps in keeping your head and face from wetness. Nike bucket golf hat holds its shape well and it looks new and great at all times.This Nike bucket golf hat is best wide brim golf hat for sun protection.


  • It is made of polyester and spandex which is a good combination for wicking properties
  • The material provides protection from the harmful UV rays
  • The crown can be adjusted for the perfect fit
  • It comes in different colors as well as different size options
  • It matches well with other Nike sports apparel


  • The bill creases and sometime the creases don’t go away
  • It is hard to get the proper fit.

Under armour blitzing II

under armour blitzing cap

Under armour blitzing II is one of the best Under armour golf hats for men. Under armour sports apparel are of high quality and this golf hat is no different. This golfing hat protects your head from the sun and also keeps sweat away from your face. It is made from 100% polyester which is a great material to ensure comfort. The crown is vented to ensure enough circulation of air on your head.


  • It comes in multiple colors and sizes giving everybody a chance to own one or few of them
  • The crown is vented all round to ensure enough breathability
  • The structured design ensures the golf hat for men is in shape all the time
  • It has a built in moisture wicking band to ensure sweat does not trickle to your face


  • The golf hat loses its elasticity after some time
  • The sizes sun smaller for people with bigger heads
  • It does not have a variety of colors

Golfing is a game that’s played in the sun most of the time; it is very important that you have the best golf hat for sun protection. Having a great golf cap helps you to protect yourself from sunburns and skin diseases caused by the sun.

To be on the safe side, always look for golf hats that have large brims that will protect your eyes too when you have to look at long distances. Having a golf hat that protects your eyes from the sun helps you to see the golf ball on flight and you’ll also be able to see where it lands.

These best golf hats for sun protection come in different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and of course different prices. This means that you will have an easy time picking the one that suits your style as well as your budget. When getting a golf cap, ensure that it can be crushed without losing its shape so that you can keep it in your golf bag and you can always have a spare one.

Table of Contents

The best golf hats for sun protection shopping guide


You can wear pretty much any style of golf caps to the golf course so long as you are comfortable and the cap is serving its purpose. It is however good to note that the some styles are more common as compared to others. Most common styles worn to the golf course are golf bucket hats, ball caps, panama hats and of course the visors.

Ball caps are basically baseball caps. The best thing about these golf caps for sun protection is that they have a large brim on the front and you can adjust them at the back. They do a god job of protecting your head at the front but the back of your head does not get the right protection.

The bucket golf hat for example, the Coolibar matchplay golf hat is the best for the golf course as it provides protection from all sides. You might however be limited on your whole golfing attire when you wear this sort of a golf hat because it is considered a little casual.

If you cannot wear your bucket golf hat, then a Panama hat is your next best bet. Panama golf hats offer protection on all sides but they are a little formal as compared to the bucket golf hats. Panama hats are allowed to be worn to most golf courses.

The last option when it comes to the best golf hats are the visors which are hats that don’t have a crown. Visors only protect your face and your eyes but the back of the neck and the rest of the head is not protected. Visors are cool when it comes to fashion but that’s just about it; they don’t offer much of protection where it is needed.

UV protection

The main reason why any golfer bothers to shop for the best golf hat is to protect their head, eyes and face from the harmful sun rays. You can protect your eyes from bright light but you should also make sure they are protected from the harmful UV rays. It is the UV radiation that leads to most skin conditions caused by too much exposure to the sun.

When looking for a golf hat, it is good to consider the amount of UV protection the hat is offering. If your hat does not offer enough protection from the sun, then you need to ensure that you put on a sunscreen.

Most golf hats explicitly indicate how much UV protection they offer. However, if the hat does not show the amount of UV protection it offers, then you should just assume it doesn’t offer any. A hat that offers UV light protection has a UPF rating; just like with sunscreen, the higher the number, the better the hat. If your budget allows, you should pick the one that has the highest UPF rating.

Sometimes your coolest golf hat does not cover your whole head area; in that case, ensure you put on sunscreen. For example if you have a visor on, you should apply sunscreen on your neck as well as your head if you are clean shaven. Even if the heart offers a 360 degree protection, it is advisable to put on some sunscreen for back up protection. When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful.


Golf is a hot weather game and you should ensure the best golf hat you pick breathes well. If your hat traps a lot of heat and moisture, then you are bound to be sweaty and hot and you might end up taking it off when it should remain on your head. Get a golf hat whose vents are working properly and while at it, make sure that the hat has moisture wicking properties to reduce the amount of sweat that comes to your face.

A golf hat can vent in a number of ways and one of the ways in which hats vent is having vent holes spread throughout the hat’s crown. This sort of a design gives you minimum ventilation but still offers maximum protection from the sunshine.

The other way of having a golf cap’s ventilation is having some mesh panels on some parts of the hat. However, this is at the expense of sun’s protection since the mesh allows light to pass through.

The final design of having maximum ventilation on a golf hat is by having the hat completely made of mesh. This is however at the expense of sun protection; you don’t get any protection from the sun which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

When you are picking the best golf hat, prioritize on what is important to you; ventilation or protection from the sun. There is not a wrong or a right answer a both of them are important but whichever you pick, ensure you are well protected.


Getting the best golf hat is very important. You don’t want to keep on adjusting your hat because it is either too loose or too tight. Get a golf cap that fits snugly; it is not too tight neither is it too loose. Having a hat that fits a bit too tight is quite uncomfortable as it is bound to cause headaches.

When the hat is too loose, it will keep on falling off or sagging to your face thus reducing your visibility and interfering with your game. The best golf hat should fit properly and it should have an adjustable band to get you a roper fit in the event you had picked a size larger.


When buying a golf hat, the quality of the material is just as important as other things. When purchasing the best golf hats ensure you check on some things and these are; the crown, the stitching of the hat as well as the brim.

The hat should be well stitched to ensure that it does not come apart a few months after you buy it; proper stitching is the one that holds the hat together. The brim should be properly attached.

You should also ensure that the seams are straight and there are none that are loopsided or favoring one side of the hat. The inside of the brim should have a dark color that protects you from the sun’s glare when you have to look over long distance.

As for the crown, it should maintain its shape even after it has been washed. It should not be too shallow or too deep. Finally, ensure the crown has a sweat band that comes in handy to prevent sweat coming into your face.

Frequently Asked Questions on the best golf hats for sun protection

Are visors good golf hats?

This question depends on your priorities when it comes to sun’s protection or ventilation. Visors are a hit with women because they don’t mess up their hair as compared to regular golf hats. The only drawback to visors is that they don’t offer the most protection which means you need to apply sunscreen on the unprotected areas.

How can one tell if the golf hat is breathable?

A great way to tell whether the best golf hat for sun protection is breathable is the material used to make it. Some materials like spandex, nylon and polyester are breathable. Press the mouth against the hat and blow against it; if the air gets to the other side of the hat, then your golf hat is breathable. Looking at the construction of the hat will also tell you if the hat is breathable or not. A mesh hat is more breathable as compared to a solid hat.

How do I wash my golf cap?

Most of the best golf hats for sun protection can be washed but there are a few that have to be hand washed. Before you start washing it, ensure you have read the tag to see if it is hand washed or machine washed. If you are not sure whether it should be hand or machine washed, wash it in a basin of water with mild soap. Afterwards rinse it well and sun-dry it.

How large should the brim be?

The best golf hat for sun protection is one that has a larger brim as it offers a better shade as compared to a smaller brim.  On the flip side, a large brim will definitely make the hat heavier which can be quite uncomfortable. The best golf hats have 3-4 inches brim and this size is quite comfortable and sufficient to most golfers’ needs.

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