Best Golf Irons- Golf Irons reviews & Golf Irons buyers guide

Having the best golf  irons ensures a good golfing experience. Sorting through the many golfing clubs and picking one of the best golf club sets may not be an easy task. That’s why we wrote this article to help you with your predicament. Hopefully our reviews will be of help to you as you embark on your journey to become a professional golfer. 

Best Golf Club Irons-Golf Irons reviews

  1. Mizuno MP-25 Irons

best golf irons

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Mizuno is one of the best golf club irons; it prides itself in producing masterpieces and the MP-25 is no different. The MP-25 Irons have the perfect combination of an exquisite design which includes a muscle black iron, a cavity back and a blade. With the MP-25 Irons, Mizuno once again stems its position as the brand that inspires confidence using its beautiful structured golf clubs. They are mainly designed for the more advanced players especially those with lower handicaps as they place a premium on both workability and feedback. Interestingly, the MP-25 Irons are not designed to players who shoot low occasionally rather than being consistent.

The MP-25 is one of the best golf club irons ever for an advanced player who is looking to invest in a quality iron. It feels solids, has an impressive playability as well as impressive aesthetics.

The MP-25 Irons are grain-flow forged from a mix of steel and boron. Basically, grain flow forging is the process that is used to provide that solid yet soft feel on your shot. It also gives an immediate feedback on any mishits. This material will help you know every time you mishit your shots, which is the kind of feedback you want while in the field.

The MP-25 allows you to connect with every shot by providing you with data for diagnosis, which in turns helps you to gauge and up your game accordingly. The use of both steel and boron has an added advantage; it imparts more distance to the MP-25 Irons. And since Boron is way lighter and strong than its compatriot steel it ensures that the face is hotter and thinner. This means that the clubface becomes lighter which allows you to swing your club faster thus increasing the distance of your shot.

Although these golf irons look like blades, their performance is almost comparable to that of the hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers. They possess the workability of a blade but with the distance and forgiveness of a cavity back iron or a muscle back. The MP-25 Irons also have a hidden cut-through slot that is positioned behind the face thus allowing for a much greater ball speed thus making them the best golf clubs 2017.

Mizuno MP-5

The Mizuno MP-5 is arguably one of the best golf club irons ever on the market today. The Mizuno MP-5 is designed for single digit and professionals. Although some refer to them as blades, the commonly used name for these irons is channel back. This is attributed to the difference in thickness between the muscle back and the top line. The name blade can be attributed to the fact that with the Mizuno MP-5 it is hard to miss.

This makes the MP-5 iron club ideal for single digit handicap player. However, if you aren’t a single digit handicap player you can but really like the Mizuno, you can always go for the Mizuno JPX 900 Iron.  Such a club will ensure that you enjoy your game and it will also compliment your overall game, which will in turn help you to shoot lower scores. This will guarantee an improved performance and overall experience.

The Mizuno MP-5’s design is based on the MP-64 muscle backs that almost resemble the cavity back looking irons.  You see, Mizuno is known for its continued advancement in its designs by trying to blend several aspects of different models into one model. This way the company continues in its strive to be always innovative while still sticking to the classic style.

The MP-5 irons have slightly smaller heads as they are designed for advanced players. And even with the smaller heads they still manage to step up to the golf ball well. They boast of a very thin top line that makes them ideal for lower capped handicapped players as the clubs provide the players an improved sense workability.

The MP-5 are simply not forgiving, therefore, if you do not shoot your golf ball off the sweet spot then do not expect it to react the way had hoped it would. However, it is more forgiving compared to other blades. And since the MP-5 has a smaller head that means less surface area thus less room for error.

The MP-5 irons are made from carbon steel, which gives a soft but solid feel. They have an efficient club head with superior weight distribution that gives the players excellent control.

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  1. TaylorMade M2 Irons

best golf irons

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The M2 Irons are arguably the best golf club irons on the market today. Their popular is probably due to the vigorous marketing conducted by TaylorMade and not to forget the M2 are among the best cavity backs if not the best.

The M2 Irons are the best golf irons for beginners and the price makes the deal even better. The TaylorMade are designed to hit the ball well, to make it fly straight and far. These clubs are simply designed to improve your game, make the game more enjoyable and easier.

Most golfers are faced with the challenge of flying the ball high as it is key element in maximizing the distance and also landing the ball softly. If you’ve tried hitting the ball high then you know it is not easy. In fact, it is even harder if you are an amateur. Hitting a towering 9-iron 128 meters is no joke. This means that if your contact with the ball is poor, or your swing speed is slow, then you will find it a little bit more difficult to hit your ball high enough in a bid to maximize on distance. Fortunately, the M2s are designed to help you with that; they are the best golf club irons.

But you also have to remember that your game will be greatly improved if you on not only understanding but also implementing sound fundamentals. You also have to train and improve your swing since you cannot rely on inanimate objects to do all the work for you.  The main selling point of these clubs is that they lenient on poorly struck shots unlike other clubs.

The M2s have large cavity backs, which greatly maximizes on their forgiveness. This way it minimizes the negative effects of your mishits thus are able to hit the ball straighter and further.  The clubs have face slots that preserve ball speed even when your shots are mishits.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, most club manufacturing companies are able to refine each element of the club, which greatly improves the club’s potential. A good example is the use of fluted technology on the hosel of the TaylorMade M2s Irons, which reduces the weight of the clubs significantly.

  1. TaylorMade M1 Irons

best golf irons

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All TaylorMade Irons feature innovative technology as their mission is to provide both amateur and pro golfers with the best golf clubs ever. TaylorMade uses cutting-edge technology to provide golfers with a conceivable (legal) advantage making it one of the best golf clubs 2018. However, not all golfers tend to agree with this as it makes the game easier as opposed to traditional. But that not stop pro and amateur golfers from purchasing the M1 irons as they offer plenty of forgiveness.

The M1 Irons are smaller but sleeker than the M2 Irons by TaylorMade. Overall, the M1 Irons will inspire confidence and get your ball into the air. They are arguably some of the best golf clubs 2018 that money can buy. The M1 Irons are ideal for players who are looking to ditch the cavity but still want to cling on the forgiveness. The only downside we identified is that the M1s may not be as sleek as you would want them to be.  However, not everyone agrees with this, which means that you might like it.

The M1 Irons designs blends well between the cavity backs and the forged irons. They are way easier to hit compared to blades but still offer the playability that most elite golfers look for. The M1s are said to allow golfers the ability to work the ball more, which results to the players hitting lower trajectory controlled shots. Unlike the M2, the M1 is designed to maximize forgiveness, distance, and height.

The M1 has a thin top line thus giving it a sleek look. And in its design it includes a speed pocket that is designed to maximize ball speed by increasing the flexibility of the clubface(boundaries). This means that energy generating from your swings will be transferred to your golf balls, which in turn leads to more distance on mishits.

  1. Callaway XR OS Irons

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Not many golfers can break 100, despite the fact that there are numerous irons to choose from. Fortunately, the Callaway XR OS is one of the best golf irons ; it could be just the answer you are looking for. They not only offer great forgiveness but they also offer great distance. They will also help you keep the ball in the grass. They are solely designed to help improve distance. Therefore, if you are interested in gaining a few yards, then the Callaway XR OS are the ideal choice for you.

Best golf irons for beginners-Golf Irons reviews

The best irons for beginners feel, look and play different as compared to golf irons for professionals. Therefore, when you are golf amateur, don’t go ham on buying golf clubs for professionals because you are looking forward to getting there one day. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that but as a starter, you need to perfect your game before you can start buying professional golf equipment. Here’s a little golfing 101 for beginners;

Most golf beginners struggle with getting the ball into the air. With most short golf irons, the ball rarely gets high into the air; it runs on the ground or it takes a line drive. When this happens, it is recommended that you shop for long golf irons which have been specifically designed for beginners. Long irons help in putting more effort into the short as compared to when one swings a pitching wedge. However, if you swing these long golf irons the same way you swing your short irons, your timing will be a bit better. If you have a good contact with your golf club irons but you keep missing the greens or you keep coming up a little short, it is advised that you get golf irons for mid handicappers.

The best golf irons for beginners are clubs with oversized heads. This larger golf club head promotes your confidence when you look down at the golf ball. A good game improvement iron helps you get the ball in the air without putting in too much effort, it also helps in curbing any slice as well as providing you with consistent and reasonable distance from one club to the other.

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set is one of the best golf Irons for beginners. Cleveland launcher HB Irons are a combination of simplicity and performance with a focus on a high launch as the name suggests. Cleveland irons also focus more on more forgiveness as well as straight shots. The most notable aspect of these Cleveland launcher HB Irons is their distinct look. The short irons might look like the traditional game improvement irons but the set progresses into the mid irons. The long irons look like the traditional hybrid clubs.

Best Golf Club Irons Buyers Guide

So what is the Face Cup?

It is a piece of technological design that is designed to equip you with superior ball speed. Essentially, it gives your club head a hot face which in turn increases ball speed significantly. And as you all know, increased ball speed results to increased distance. Also, if you manage to hit the ball properly, it will launch searing sound that most golfers find invigorating.

In addition  to this, the best golf club irons feature a multi-piece construction that is specifically designed to help your ball launch faster. The irons have light clubheads, longer ball flights, and optimized iron blends for efficient transfer of energy from the iron clubs to the golf balls. With such combination of features, you will get an iron that is built to increase ball speed and distance.

Perimeter Weighting

Most of the best game improvement irons will always have good weight distribution with most of the weight being at the bottom of the club. However, with this model, Callaway golf irons have managed to push the weight further from the face. It is an engineering move geared at balancing the centre of gravity, which allows for more consistent and improved ball striking. This design will not only increase distance and ball speed but it will also give you better results when in case of a mishit.


Most of the best game improvement irons are loathed by many players because of their lackluster designs. The use of gimmicky feel and or colors is not well appreciated by players. Besides, the best game improvement irons are often oversized and most of the players feel that the irons make them look ‘uncool’. However, Callaway irons reviews show that Callaway has been able to capitalize on these shortcomings and made improvements that not only oozed of style but also confidence. The Callaway XR Irons have a more cleaner look with very little dramatic color schemes.

Strong Lofts

Nowadays, strong lofts have become a trend, however, not everyone appreciates the strong lofts. But all those who do not like it will have to deal the fact that it is here and probably here to stay. If you look at the Callaway XR irons reviews , you will notice that it has strong lofts. This means that you’ve to fit your best golf club irons farther with every club. This is the main reason that these best golf clubs sets are famed for their great distance. Its pitching edge is angled at 44°, which is quite strong for a PW.


The sole purpose of the XR OS irons is   to offer great distance. They are the most forgiving blade irons, which means you will not only improve your game but you will also enjoy while at it. As for the look and feel, it is commendable, I mean, isnt it just one of the best golf clubs 2018.

Conclusion on the Best Golf Clubs Irons

Before you buy any of the best golf club irons, make sure you do great research! You dont want to end up with something you didnt want. One great way to do research is to read through the reviews; by doing so you will see the ones that have great positive comments.