best junior golf shoes

Best Junior Golf Shoes

Golf is a popular and rewarding sport for people of all ages, and it’s never too early to start learning and practicing. For young golfers, having the best golf equipment is crucial to success on the course, and that includes a good pair of golf shoes.

Here are 10 junior golf shoes that our reviewers have thoroughly tested and recommend:

  1. FootJoy Kids’ FJ Flex Jr. Golf Shoes: These shoes have a flexible design and a comfortable fit. They are also waterproof and have a classic look.
  2. PUMA Boy’s Fusion Evo Golf Shoes: These junior golf shoes have a lightweight design and a comfortable fit. They also have a sleek, modern look and come in a variety of colors.
  3. Adidas Unisex-Child Jr Adicross Retro Golf Shoe: A high-quality option for junior golfers looking for a comfortable, waterproof shoe with a classic look.
  4. Puma IGNITE Jr Golf Shoes: These shoes have a contemporary design and provide both stability and comfort, with a waterproof upper and IGNITE foam cushioning.

Golf shoes serve a number of important functions, including providing traction and stability, protecting the feet from the elements, and offering support for long periods of standing and walking.

A good pair of golf shoes for juniors will ensure that the young golfer is able to focus on the game both physically and mentally. Comfortable junior golf shoes ensure that the young golfer does not spend the better of his golfing time worrying how their feet feel during the traipsing from the teeing box, over the hazards, across fairways and on the greens.

You don’t have to settle for boring golf shoes for kids, junior golf shoes can be just as stylish, one can opt for spikeless golf shoes, and they can also opt for spiked golf shoes. However, it is important to ensure that whatever air of golfing shoes you pick, make sure the pair is comfortable, offers an awesome grip and it is lightweight.

It is also important to make sure that the best junior golf shoes offer maximum support and they are water resistant for those days the young golfer has to play in the rain.

Some of the best junior golf shoes we have picked for you are;

Adidas adicross IV

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Adidas adicross IV golf shoes for kids come in four colors and this gives you a variety to chose from; these colors are white, black, grey as well as charcoal colors. The other cool thing about these junior golf shoes is that they come in different sizes meaning every younger golfer is catered for. Both the sole and and the topside of these golfing shoes for kids are made of synthetic material and this ensures they are longer lasting.


The heel’s side of adidas adicross IV golf shoes is perforated to offer breathability

For better traction, these golf shoes for kids have spikeless soles

They have a padded collar not to mention a low profile to offer the best comfort for the junior golfer.


PUMA Titantour Junior Golf Shoes

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PUMA Titantour Junior Golf Shoes is one of the best junior golf shoes for kids who love their golfing sport and a bit of style. PUMA Titantour Junior Golf Shoes is unisex which is a unique feature in that both male and female young golfers can wear them. These golf shoes for kids are the best in that they have been made from full grain leather which makes them more longer lasting as compared to others. The leather has also been perforated to allow for breathability                                                                                                                                                       


They are waterproof which ensures the junior golfer can play even when it is drizzling

PUMA Titantour Junior Golf Shoes have been cushioned for comfort

PUMA Titantour Junior Golf Shoes are light in weight which means the young golfer will be not have a rough time from the airways to the hazards all the way to the greens.

Their outer sole has been made in such a way to provide a superior traction

NIKE Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes

NIKE Boys' Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoe


NIKE Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes is an awesome pair of junior golf shoes for boys. It is light in weight and it is breathable which makes it comfortable when the young golfers are out there in the golfing tracks.



This pair of shoes has been made with the best technology in that the upper part is a mesh that has no-sew overlays thus offering a breathable fit

The shoe has deep flex grooves that allow natural motion

It has a fabric lining that makes sure the feet is warm especially when playing during winter

The midsole is made of foam in order to offer the desired comfort

The rubber outsole of NIKE Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes makes the shoe look stylish it also gives the young golfer a superior grip. It also makes it easier to clean the shoes because you only need to wipe the rubber part

It has a laced-up closure

It has a padded footbed that gives the junior golfer the desired comfort


Under Armour Speith One Golf Shoes

Under Armour Speith One Golf Shoes is one of the best pair of junior golf shoes because it offers flexibility on the golfing tracks by rotating perfectly with every swing motion you make. It has been designed to lock down traction. This shoe has been designed for the stylish junior golfer because, not only does it offer comfort on the tracks, it is also stylish and we all know boys want to stand out all the time.


Under Armour Speith One Golf Shoes is 100% water proof making it the best when playing in rain and during winter.

It repels water without while still maintaining breathability.

Under Armour Speith One Golf Shoes has a removable EVA footbed that offers the best underfoot comfort

Footjoy’s Freestyle Golf Shoes For Boys

Footjoy’s Freestyle Golf Shoes For Boys are some of the best junior golf shoes because they have been designed to offer the best traction as well as comfort on the golfing tracks. These footjoy junior shoes have been designed with the best sturdy synthetic fabric. They have also been generously cushioned in order to provide the young golfer with comfort as well as the best heel support. Footjoy’s Freestyle golf shoes for boys have spikes that offer the best traction not to mention a superior grip.


  • Footjoy’s Freestyle Golf Shoes For Boys are light in weight
  • These footjoy junior shoes come in 3 sizes and these are 3,4 and size 5medium which makes sure every young golfer has been catered for
  • Footjoy’s Freestyle Golf Shoes For Boys has been cushioned for comfort thus ensuring the young golfer’s feet are happy throughout the game; nothing sucks than pinching or uncomfortable shoes

Footjoy’s Dna Golf Shoes

Footjoy’s DNA golf shoes are some of the best junior golf shoes; they have been designed to offer your junior golfer the comfort they need when out there in the greens and the rest of the golfing track. I can recommend these shoes because they have a full collar lining that offers a snug fit when the young golfer wears them. The sole is spiked to offer the young golfer with an added grip. The best thing about these footjoy junior shoes is that they come in multiple sizes which ensures that every young golfer has been catered or.


  • Footjoy’s DNA golf shoes are light in weight thus making sure the young golfer does not get tired when walking on the golfing tracks
  • They have a cleat webbing design that makes it easy when cleaning these shoes
  • They have a Lopro design whose main aim is to offer the young golfer’s legs the desired comfort.

Top 3 junior golf shoes in adult size for the junior golfers

Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe is one of the best junior golf shoes for kids with bigger feet. They have been made to bring style and better the performance of the young female golfers. The flowered part makes it even more feminine and stylish and also makes it an everyday pair of shoes; it can be worn anywhere else and not only on the golfing tracks.


  • Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe has been made with a mesh fabric that gives the upper a breathable characteristic that helps in air circulation and offering the desired comfort.
  • It has a midsole cushioning that’s necessary for shock absorption as well as the desired stability.
  • The spikeless TPU outsole grips offer great traction when one is out there on the golf tracks
  • They come in great and in multiple designs which means they can be worn anywhere else minus the golf tracks
  • They are affordable


  • They are not designed to be used in et environments because they are not fully water proof
  • They can be a little snug especially for kids or adults with wider feet

Adidas Climacool II Women’s Golf Shoes

Adidas Climacool II Women’s Golf Shoes are super cute, fair priced and fair weather junior golf shoes. The shoe’s upper part is made of classic Adidas Climacool mesh that offers breathability thus making the young golfer’s feet are comfortable.


  • They have a lace-in saddle that maintains the young golfer’s performance by stabilizing the feet.
  • The spikeless outsole offers support which is good for swing plane traction.


  • These shoes can only be used during summer or in spring because they are not 100% water proof
  • It might be a bit of a hassle for the young golfer to put their feet into the bootie fit.

Nike Women’s Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes

Nike Women’s Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes have to be one of the best junior golf shoes they are quality shoes. For starters, they are gorgeous to look at and they come multiple colors thus allowing you to choose your favorite color. These Nike’s women golf shoes have been made to blend the modern workmanship with the unique no-sew design on the upper part of the shoes.

Nike Women’s Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes have flexible phylon midsoles that are lightweight thus offering reliable stability and comfort. These Nike women golf shoes have a 1 year water proof warranty that ensures the golf shoes have ample ventilation as well as an all-weather protection all year long.


  • Has a rubber outsole that’s combined with integrated traction to provide a great grip and durability
  • It has a dynamic fit that’s coupled with flywire bundles for adaptive and lightweight support
  • This pair of Nike Women’s Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes has a full length Lunarlon midsole that offers a springy and responsive cushioning

Junior golf shoes buying guide

best golf shoes for youth

So, your little munchkin already has a firm grip on the golf club, their golf swing is on point but they just don’t have the best golf shoes for kids. You are wondering how to go about buying them a good pair of golf shoes; we have a junior golf shoes buyers’ guide just for you. Here are some of the things you should consider before making that purchase;


The best golf shoes for kids have been designed to look like the adult version of golf shoes. This means the golf shoes for kids still have the same sophisticated technology and this gives the young golfers the feel and the look of an adult golfer. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Footjoy now have golf shoes for juniors and these sizes can be worn by up to 9 and 10 year olds. Well, sometimes these junior golf shoes do not have inners soles like those of adult golf shoes, however, you can always get another sports inner sole that will work the same way.


Most often than not, the highest quality of junior golf shoes will be higher as compared to the rest. Therefore, golf shoes for kids that have been made of real leather will be more costly as compared to other shoes. Also, golf shoes for kids made with the latest golf shoes technology will always be more costly as compared to other golf shoes for kids. All the same, we all know kids outgrow their shoes and any other outfit fast than money can keep up. Therefore, it is important to keep your golf shoes for kids purchasing at middle range prices such that you don’t end up using too much money on golf shoes and they’ll outgrow them too fast.


The best golf shoes for kids should fit properly also feel comfortable to the feet. You don’t want your young golfer limping all through the golfing course because their toes are pinched too hard. Golf shoes for kids should also be waterproof especially if it is the only pair they carried to the golf course.

Also, it is good to have an extra pair of golf shoes if there is more than one game because you never know when the junior golf will need to change into a clean pair of shoes.

Your young golfer should feel confident when teeing off on the fairway, teebox, rough or sand and still remain stable and in control. You can choose to pick spiked or spikeless golf shoes for your young golfer. Spiked golf shoes provide more stability, a great grip and an even greater traction.

When wearing spiked golf shoes, there’s a very low chance of slipping when swinging the golf club. Spikeless golf shoes are also a good choice because they are comfortable but they don’t give the desired traction. Spikeless golf shoes for kids do not give the best traction and stability especially on slippery or wet grounds.

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The golf shoes market is quite saturated; it gives you a range of options to choose from but it can also be quite confusing. Most people will go for golf shoes for kids from known brands just because the brands have been in the market for long.

However, the golf shoes manufacturing technology is constantly changing and therefore it is also good to give the newer brands a chance. For example, Sketchers is an entrant brand in the golf shoes market, but it gives the young golfer all the comfort, stability and style they need. Sketchers are being worn by Tour players and they are all praises about these pairs of shoes.

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