Best SuperStroke Putter Grip

The seemingly simple task of choosing the right putter grip can turn into an overwhelming challenge, especially when faced with the vast catalog that SuperStroke offers

It’s not just about choosing a grip that looks good or feels comfortable in your hands for a fleeting moment; it’s about finding one that complements your unique putting style and stands the test of countless rounds.

SuperStroke, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, has crafted a diverse range of grips precisely to cater to players with varied putting nuances. If you ever wondered why pros like Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler rely on SuperStroke, it’s because the brand offers tailored solutions for distinct situations on the green.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the maze of choices, helping you choose the best SuperStroke putter grip for your specific needs. Whether you’re a weekend golfer or aspiring to tour-level mastery, understanding which grip suits which situation might just be the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

1. Zenergy Flatso Putter Grip

Best SuperStroke Putter Grip
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors

The Zenergy Flatso Putter Grip, with its distinct design, is particularly well-suited for players who employ non-traditional grip techniques, like the cross-handed or “lead-left-hand low” grip, as championed by Jordan Spieth. The grip’s profile ensures that both hands find a comfortable and natural position, thereby enhancing the efficacy of such styles.

When in hand, the first thing that becomes evident is how the Flatso shape aids in consistent grip pressure. The flat front and non-tapered design mean that neither hand overpowers the other, leading to a more balanced and controlled putting stroke.

If you have a penchant for allowing one hand to dominate the stroke, either due to grip pressure inconsistencies or misalignment, you will find the Flatso 1.0 to be a game-changer.

2. SuperStroke TRAXION 1.0PT Putter Grip

What SuperStroke grip does Rory McIlroy use?

The SuperStroke TRAXION 1.0PT putter grip marries contemporary engineering with a timeless, classic design that has been a favorite among tour players for generations.

This grip’s size and shape naturally promote a more arc-like putting stroke. The design complements players who possess an arcing stroke by providing a consistent hand placement, which is crucial for maintaining a repetitive motion. Moreover, the ergonomic pistol shaping supports the hand’s natural curvature, allowing for a more fluid stroke and better roll.

Who’s It For? Given its classic pistol shape and slender design, the TRAXION 1.0PT is particularly well-suited for players with an arcing putting stroke. Those who appreciate a more tactile grip, enabling them to “feel” the putt more distinctly, will find this grip especially appealing. Additionally, players who have traditionally favored the classic pistol grip from yesteryears but want modern enhancements like advanced surface texture will gravitate towards this grip.

A notable aspect of the TRAXION 1.0PT is the absence of a Tech-Port. This means it cannot accommodate a CounterCore Weight. While this might limit customization in terms of weight, it also ensures a purer, more traditional feel to the grip, which can appeal to many players.

3. SuperStroke Zenergy WristLock Putter Grip

SuperStroke Zenergy WristLock Putter Grip

The Zenergy WristLock Putter Grip stands out immediately due to its unique design, intended to ensure that your wrist remains locked during your putting stroke. This is a pivotal feature, especially for beginners.

Why? One of the common pitfalls novices encounter is unnecessary wrist movement. Such movement often results in inconsistent putts and a lack of control. By introducing a design that effectively limits this wrist action, SuperStroke provides an immediate solution to one of golf’s most frequent beginner challenges.

But it isn’t just about wrist movement. The grip’s tactile feel strikes a balance between comfort and feedback. For beginners, it’s crucial to feel the putt without the grip feeling too rigid or too soft. The WristLock strikes this balance masterfully, providing a sense of security and confidence with every stroke.

Compared to other grips in the SuperStroke lineup, the WristLock’s emphasis on stability makes it a prime choice for beginners. While SuperStroke offers a range of excellent grips catering to various needs, the WristLock’s targeted approach to address the typical beginner’s wrist action issue sets it apart.

4. SuperStroke Pistol Putter Grips

SuperStroke Pistol Putter Grips
  • Width: At 1.14″, it’s neither too thick nor too thin, hitting a sweet spot for a vast range of hand sizes.
  • Length: Measuring 10.60″, it provides ample room for both hands to rest comfortably, facilitating that much-coveted even pressure.
  • Weight: At 83g, it’s weighted to perfection, providing a balanced feel that complements a variety of putter head designs.
  • Core: With a core size of 0.58″, it ensures a snug fit on a multitude of putter shafts.

If you’re in pursuit of excellence on the greens, look no further than the SuperStroke Pistol Putter Grips. Combining a harmonious blend of tradition with modern technology, it stands out as an impeccable choice for those desiring a consistent, straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.

One of the standout features is its pistol-style top section. This design choice isn’t merely aesthetic; it serves a functional purpose. The pistol-shape seamlessly helps golfers to lock in their upper hand position, ensuring a stable and repeatable hand placement. When you’re staring down a critical putt, this locked-in feeling can be the difference between a made or missed shot.

However, what truly elevates the SuperStroke Pistol Putter Grip as the best SuperStroke putter grip for the straight-back, straight-through stroke is the integration of the “No Taper Technology.”

Traditional golf grips often taper down, potentially leading to varying grip pressure between the upper and lower hands. By opting for a non-tapered design, SuperStroke ensures that golfers can maintain even grip pressure throughout the stroke. This feature, in turn, significantly boosts the consistency of one’s stroke – a godsend for golfers striving for that predictable roll time and time again.

So, who is this grip best suited for? Given its emphasis on promoting a straight-back, straight-through putting method, it’s tailor-made for players who adopt this style. Beginners or high-handicappers striving for consistency would find this grip an invaluable ally. Simultaneously, even seasoned golfers, looking for that edge on the greens or those who prefer a no-nonsense, consistent grip pressure, would significantly benefit from the SuperStroke Pistol Putter Grip.

5. ZENERGY Flatso 17″ 3.0

superstroke putter grip weights

If you’re in the hunt for the best SuperStroke putter grip, the SuperStroke Zenergy Flatso 17″ 3.0 might just be your answer.

One of the standout features is its extended 17-inch length. If you’re among the golfers who prefer positioning the putter grip against your lead forearm – a technique gaining traction for its promise of greater stability – this grip fits the bill perfectly. The added length not only complements that style but also offers the versatility needed for those exploring mid-length putters.

Another attribute that sets the ZENERGY Flatso 17″ 3.0 apart from its counterparts is its distinctive pentagonal profile. This unique shape provides a wide-front design, ensuring a more ergonomic grip, which is particularly beneficial for those who stabilize the putter against their lead forearm. With this design, the grip offers tactile feedback that is hard to match, making every putt feel more controlled and confident.

Speaking of dimensions, the grip boasts a width of 1.68″ and a core of 0.58″. These specs ensure that the grip sits comfortably in a wide range of hand sizes. Weighing in at 97g, it’s neither too heavy to make the putter feel unwieldy nor too light to feel flimsy.

However, an essential point to consider is the absence of a Tech-Port. If you’re keen on customizing your putter’s weight balance, take note: the Zenergy Flatso 17″ 3.0 cannot house a CounterCore Weight. While this could be seen as a drawback for customization enthusiasts, it emphasizes the grip’s commitment to delivering a purer, traditional feel.

While any golfer can benefit from its features, those with an orientation towards mid-length putters or the forearm anchoring technique will find the Zenergy Flatso 17″ 3.0 especially advantageous. Moreover, if you’re someone transitioning from regular golf grips and seeking enhanced stability without delving into the heavy counterbalance territory, this might be your ideal starting point.

Best SuperStroke Putter Grip According to Putting Style

  1. Straight-Back, Straight-Through Stroke:
    • Zenergy Tour Putter Grips: These are often favored for their parallel design, promoting uniform pressure in both hands, leading to a more straight-back, straight-through motion.
    • Zenergy XL Flatso 2.0+Plus Putter Grips: The Flatso series has a wider, flatter front which can help to align the hands and reinforce a straight-back, straight-through stroke.
  2. Arcing Stroke:
    • Zenergy Pistol Putter Grips: The pistol shape tends to fit comfortably in the hands of those who have a slight arc to their putting stroke. The pistol contour can help stabilize the hands and maintain the natural curve of the stroke.
    • Zenergy Tour 1.0 2-Piece Putter Grip: The slim profile can be ideal for those who prefer a bit more feel and a slight arcing motion.
  3. Golfers Struggling with Wrist Action:
    • Zenergy WristLock Putter Grip: Specifically designed to reduce wrist action by adding length to sit against the forearm. This promotes a more pendulum-like motion driven from the shoulders rather than the wrists.
  4. Golfers Seeking Feedback and Control:
    • Zenergy SS2R Squared Putter Grip: Its unique squared shape can help in positioning the hands consistently, and many players believe it offers superior feedback, especially on shorter putts.
  5. Players with Larger Hands or Prefer a Thicker Grip:
    • Zenergy Flatso 17″ 3.0 Putter Grip: The Flatso series offers a broader front profile, and this 17″ version, in particular, is substantial, providing a lot of surface area for larger hands or those who want a more substantial grip to hold onto.
    • Zenergy XL Tour 3.0+Plus Putter Grips: With the “XL” designation, these are designed to be larger and can be a perfect fit for players with bigger hands or those who prefer a chunkier feel.
  6. Traditionalists Looking for a Modern Edge:
    • Zenergy Claw Putter Grips: The Claw design is a mix of traditional with a modern twist, catering to players who want a blend of old and new in their grip style.

A List of SuperStroke Putter Grips

  2. Off The Truck – Zenergy 2.0 PT
  3. Zenergy Flatso 17″ 3.0 Putter Grip
  4. Zenergy Pistol Putter Grips
  5. Zenergy WristLock Putter Grip
  6. Zenergy XL Tour 2.0+Plus Putter Grip
  7. Off The Truck – Zenergy 1.0P 
  8. Zenergy Flatso Putter Grips
  9. Zenergy XL Tour 3.0+Plus Putter Grips
  10. Zenergy XL Flatso 2.0+Plus Putter Grips
  11. Zenergy Tour Putter Grips
  12. Zenergy 1.0PT Putter Grip
  13. Zenergy Tour 1.0 2-Piece Putter Grip
  14. Zenergy Claw Putter Grips
  15. Zenergy SS2R Squared Putter Grip

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Tech-Port Advanced Putting Performance

The SuperStroke grip sports a strategically placed port, which isn’t intrusive by any means. At first glance, one might even overlook it, but upon closer inspection, its functionality becomes evident. The innovative design concept allows players to customize their grip by integrating various SuperStroke accessories. This personalization approach recognizes that every golfer’s stroke and feel preference is unique.

The most notable “Tech-Port” accessory is the CounterCore weight system. By adding or adjusting these weights, you can alter the grip’s balance, which can help in engaging larger muscle groups during the stroke. This can lead to a more stable and repeatable putting motion, reducing the impact of smaller wrist and hand movements that might introduce inconsistencies.

But the CounterCore weight system is not the only thing you can use with the Tech-Port. SuperStroke has a range of accessories designed for this system:

  • SuperStroke Traxion Flatso: Provides a wider flat-front design, beneficial for those who want a more square alignment and tactile feedback.
  • SuperStroke Traxion Claw: An accessory for players seeking a unique shape that conforms more to the palm, promoting an even grip pressure throughout the stroke.
  • SuperStroke Traxion PistolGT: Combines the classic pistol shape with modern technology for players looking for a hybrid of old-school design and modern stability.

Switching between different accessories using the Tech-Port system is a breeze. The accessories fit securely into the port, ensuring they stay in place during play but can be switched out with minimal effort, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments.

What SuperStroke Grips Do the Pros Use?

SuperStroke’s pistol-style grips are a predominant choice on tour, and among them, the Traxion Flatso stands out as a favorite. This preference isn’t just about brand affiliation; it’s about performance and comfort under high-pressure situations that are typical in professional tournaments.

Which SuperStroke Putter Grip Does Jordan Spieth Use?

best superstroke putter grip

Jordan Spieth uses the Zenergy Flatso 1.0 putter grip on his Scotty Cameron putter. The Zenergy Flatso 1.0, characterized by its wider, flatter front and non-tapered profile, is well-suited for players like Spieth who employ a cross-handed grip. The flattened front design allows for both hands to rest comfortably on the grip, facilitating an even pressure.

Major champions and noteworthy figures like Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay have placed their trust in the Traxion Flatso. Their choice underscores the grip’s capability to deliver under challenging circumstances

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