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Can you play golf during corona virus pandemic is a question many golfers are asking themselves a lot; staying at home can be quite exhausting. We all need a breath of fresh air at some point especially when there are sorts of anxiety like what Covid-19 pandemic is doing to everyone. The best thing about golfing is that it is a game of few people and practicing social distance is a bit easy as compared to other games.

So, can you play golf during the corona virus pandemic? Yes, it is very possible to play golf in the wake of this pandemic; you only need to practice general cleanliness, of course ensure you sanitize at every opportunity and make sure you practice social distance. Here are some of the things you need to do to ensure you are safe from contracting corona virus whenever you venture into that golf course;

  1. Do not ride in a golf cart; just walk

Weight loss experts say that walking is one of the best exercise; not only for weight loss, but it also helps in keeping one feet. Having a 5-mile walk while carrying your golf bag or pushing your own push cart is an amazing exercise especially if you haven’t walked for days. When you are using your own golf pushcart, you are ensured of thorough sanitizing as compared to when you use the facility’s golf cart. Even if they claim to have sanitized everything, you will never be completely sure.

  1. Skip the driving range.

The driving range can get a little crowded at times and the need for social distancing is paramount at this point. It is important to ensure that you keep your hands off the range golf balls because you don’t know who has been touching them. Do not touch the first hole balls because they might be laden with germs.

  1. Don’t use the golf ball washer

Now that WHO recommends in absence of sanitizer you should use normal soap and water, do not use the ball washer. The soapy water used for washing golf balls should not be used to wash your hands. Just keep a portion of your best golf towel wet to use to wipe and clean your golf balls. The golf towel can also be used to clean your golf clubs. If a wet golf towel does not feel enough for keeping corona virus away, you can use wipes like Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes Hands and any other disinfectant wipes that contain 75% alcohol.

  1. Maintain social distance with your other golfing buddies.

The same 6’ rule you use for gimme putts should be used for social distance. For birdies, you can use elbow and fist bumps but a thumbs up is just as enough.

  1. Wear gloves on both hands

Most golfers will only buy a golf glove for their dominant hand but during this corona virus pandemic, it is ok to have both hands golf gloves on. You can get any rain gloves; they tend to get tackier as the weather becomes wetter.

  1. Don’t touch the flagstick

When out golfing during corona virus pandemic, the lesser the touches the better for you; do everything in your power to reduce the touches. The best thing about the new Rules of Golf is that it is not a penalty to putt a golf ball on the green and hit the flagstick that’s been left in the hole. This rule ensures that the round up speed is fast and chances of you picking the corona virus germs are reduced.

All in all, please do not go out to play golf if you are sick or else you are putting so many people in danger. Stay in your house until you are declared corona virus negative.

  1. How are you supposed to handle your golf clubs during corona virus pandemic?

To keep yourself and everyone else who might come into contact with your golf clubs safe, ensure you wipe the golf clubs with an alcohol based wipe or sanitizer that’s not greasy. The other things you should wipe are the edges of your golf bag, the parts that touch the golf cart as well as the handles of the golf clubs. Wiping down the handles gives you an assurance that they are as clean as they should be.

  1. How are you supposed to handle your golf cart?

As noted earlier, it is advisable to walk but if you insist on riding, ensure you wipe it down thoroughly. Wipe the seat, the steering wheel and any other surface you are prone to touching to minimize the risk of catching the corona virus.

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