Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners

Golf is a notoriously difficult game to master. Even the slightest misstep or miscalculation can lead to a missed putt or an errant ball. Fortunately, there are a variety of golf training aids on the market that can help beginners improve their game. Here are some of the best golf training aids for beginners:

  1. Golf swing analyzer – A golf swing analyzer is an amazing golf training aid that can help beginners identify and correct common swing errors. The device attaches to the golf club and records the motion of the club as it is swung. This information can then be used to help the golfer improve their swing. There are a number of different golf swing analyzers on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Our goto golf swing analyzer is the Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer, which is a small, wireless device that attaches to the club. It records the motion of the club and sends the information to your phone or tablet. The app then analyzes your swing and provides feedback on your swing plane, speed, and tempo.
  2. Putting green/mat – A golf putting green is a specialized surface used to practice and improve a golfer’s putting ability. The green is typically a smooth, synthetic surface that is often divided into sections to help the golfer line up their putts. A putting green is a great golf training aid for beginners to improve their putting skills. A good putting green should be large enough to accommodate full-length putts, and should have a number of contours and slopes to simulate different types of greens.
  3. Chipping net – A chipping net is a great golf training aid for practicing your chipping skills. Chipping nets can be used to help improve your accuracy and distance when chipping the ball. There are a variety of different chipping nets available on the market, so it is important to do your research before purchasing one. A good chipping net should have a variety of  chipping targets such as hills, sand traps, and water hazards. Some of the factors you will want to consider when purchasing a chipping net include size, portability, and price. You will also want to decide which type of net you want – an enclosed net or an open net. Enclosed nets are great for practicing in a controlled environment, while open nets are more portable and can be used outdoors. Price is also a consideration, as chipping nets can range in price from around $20 to several hundred dollars.
  4. Golf simulator – A golf simulator can be a great aid for beginners to practice their swing in a variety of different conditions. Golf simulators can simulate different terrain conditions, weather conditions, and club types. Golf simulators are a great way to practice your golf game. They can be used to improve your accuracy, distance, and swing. There are many different golf simulators on the market. Some are stand-alone devices, while others are software that can be installed on your computer. One of the best golf simulators on the market is the Zepp Golf simulator. It is a stand-alone device that attaches to your golf club. It records your swing and provides feedback on your accuracy and distance. The simulator also measures your swing speed, tempo, and backswing length.
  5. Golf instructional DVDs or online lessons – If you’re looking to improve your golf game, instructional DVDs or online lessons can be a great way to get started. There are a variety of different instructional programs available, and most of them are relatively affordable. 

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer; one of the best golf training aids

Best Golf Swing Analyzer installed with Golf OLED screen provides the novice players with a near accurate mathematical calculation on the most accurate swings; it reduces blank swings that players make. This device gives you a preview of your final shot; it also helps in rehearsing for the perfect shots in a game without you using the actual balls. A golf swing analyzer gives the player a close estimate of the distance the balls will ‘travel’ in an actual game. The best thing about this golf swing analyzer is that it is wearable and it is light in weight. Other things about this analyzer is ;

  • It is iOS/Android compatible
  • It uses Bluetooth version 4.0 LE
  • It is convenient in that it has features of a digital clock as well as an automated call declining feature
  • It has a vibration motor ready and a call alert
  • The battery is made of lithium polymer 70 Mah
  • The battery runs for 5 days after its been fully charged for two hours

Review in depth

  • Real time swing analysis- Golf swing analyzer uses a 6-axis micro electro mechanical(MEM) sensor to analyze the 9 types of swings that are common in golf and it is one of the best golf training aids. The feedback will come in handy in your practice because you will know where to adjust your swings/shots. Golf swing analyzer also helps in recording the previous shots that your had done with perfection. The best news is that this information can be viewed with a single tap.
  • Carry distance calculator tittle; Golf swing analyzer has been equipped for the estimation of the carry distance using a set algorithm. The projected distance calculation is done with immediacy as well as accuracy. This tittle is also compatible with all standard clubs- wood, driver, iron, putter and wedge. The best thing about this analyzer is that it displays the results in a personalized manner; the displayed data also includes the club path, head speed, the swing type as well as the face angle.
  • Golf course GPs data-this golf swing analyzer has information about 36,000 golf course scattered all over the world and it is connected to smart phones via BLE. To know about a specific golf course, all you have to do is to type the country or the name of the golf course and all the information you need will be at your disposal

Advantages of using Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer; the best golf training aids

  • Its GPS helps you to access various avenues in terms of data
  • It is cheap when it comes to price and the best thing is that it does not water energy
  • The device is tailor made to suit needs of each user
  • You don’t experience text or calls disturbances
  • You can easily download it and set it up with ease
  • It lets you deliver your shots like the pro you are


  • If one is not tech savvy, using it can be quite confusing
  • The device’s Bluetooth is not as reliable
  • It can heat up thus destroying the labels as well as being a threat to the golfers

1. Smash Bag Impact Trainer

Smash Bag Impact Trainer for Improving Clubface Impact is one of the most important golf training aids. It guides you through the golf course as you get to those scores on the golf course.

  • Its material is of high impact with the zipper being a visible feature
  • It does not need any battery to function
  • Your impact’s standard is done by proprietary targets and this is communicated to you via visual feedback.
  • It weighs 905 grams with 10’’ *9.5’’ * 3.5’’ dimensions

Review in depth

Stuff the bag: stuffing the bag is very important;it is one of the most important golf training aids. The stuffing will weigh the bag down thus absorbing your rough strikes. These rough strikes are inevitable since you have to practice for hours on end

Easy to use: impact bags regardless of the model function in the same way. They’ll help the use to learn the correct impact of the clubface. It also helps to provide a visual feedback on the accuracy and the quality of the impact. It also helps in the elimination of thin and fat shots as well as cure slices; it is also easy to interpret the target. It is perfectly safe for use for you and your club(s); it can also be used with other trainers


  • You can use old clothes or old towels as stuffing meaning you’ll put the weight best suited for you.
  • It can be used at home
  • It solves the problem of slices as well as thin and fat shots
  • You are assured of the safety of your clubs as well as personal safety
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps with downswing sequencing


  • It is not equipped technologically which means more is required of your manual expertise
  • You can rule out the possibility of injuries; it should be used carefully
  • The fact that the bag is self weighted can be a problem since the bag can fly off from the impact thus making it one of the best golf training aids

2. Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Swingyde golf swing training aid happens to be one of the best golf training aids for beginners. It helps in improving one’s distance and accuracy. All you need to do is to attach the swingyde golf swing training aid to the grip or the shaft of the golfing club you are using and then rest your wrist on the other end.

By doing so, you encourage your wrist to cock well and it also improves the swing plane, the club face alignment as well as the follow through. If you are looking for one of the best golf training aids, Swingyde is what you need. the best thing about Swingyde is that it works for both right and left-handed golfers.

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid; one of the best golf training aids

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid is one of the best golf training aids and it can be used even in your backyard; it also has a variety of other uses. One of its uses is to help in developing your natural tempo; other uses are strengthening your swings as well as building muscle memory. Gold Flex also helps in developing one’s core muscles especially if one has an injury.

SKLZ Gold Flex-Golf training aid also comes in handy as a great warm up tool just before you get to start your golfing rounds; it lets you ease into the rhythm without much of a hustle.

3. Pivotpro- Golf Swing Trainer PRO-HEAD 2

One of the reasons why most golf beginners commit many mistakes is because they shift most of their weight to their front leg which in turn increases the need for excessive swaying of the entire body.  Most golf pros know that a powerful swing comes from a braced back leg; in fact, most of them shift most of their weight to their back leg when they are making a back swing.

The PivotPro is one of the best golf training aids because it helps in improving their footwork, weight shifting and transfer and it also forces them to use their back muscles more. Using of the back leg and the back muscles more helps in having a powerful and a consistent swing.

The pivot pro comes in a boot shape and it is meant to be worn over the best golfing shoes. The best thing about PivotPro is that it can be worn both indoors and outdoors. This means you can ingrain the best pivot motion even as you practice your indoors swings thus making PivotPro one of the best golf training aids.

Pros of PivotPro

  • It can be used in both indoors and outdoors
  • It helps improve weight transfer as well as the swing sequence
  • It helps the golfers develop their muscles memory thus making it one of the best golf training aids
  • PivotPro comes with instructional videos which makes it easier for one to practice how to use


  • PivotPro can only be used on soft grounds

4. Eyeline Gold EDGE Putting Mirror-The best golf putting aid

One of the best golf putting aids is the Eyeline Gold EDGE Putting Mirror. While the other putting aids will only help you make straight and solid putts, this Golf EDGE putting mirror will help you perfect your putting game. For one to have the perfect golf putt, you have to set it up right otherwise the ball will not roll out smoothly; this is where the Eyeline Gold EDGE Putting mirror comes in.

The idea here is to spot any mistakes and correcting them before finding your putting space. The EDGE putting mirror is one of the best golf training aids because it works by giving the golfer a full view of their set-up (the golfer’s eyes, the golfer’s shoulders as well as the putter face) in terms of the ball.

The ball has to be in alignment with the putter alignment lines on the EDGE putting mirror. The best thing about this EDGE mirror is that it is light and portable; it has non-skid backing when being used indoors and it has slots for the putter gate; what else are you looking for in one of the best golf raining aids?

It also has release gate or ball gate for the different putting drills.  If you are hoping to be a consistent putter an want to ensure you have the correct stance, then the Eyeline EDGE putting mirror is the perfect golf training aids

Pros of the Eyeline EDGE putting mirror; the best golf training aids

  • It is light and portable and it is non-skid when being used indoors
  • It understands the full body alignment
  • It helps one to master the set-up


  • Just like it happens with all the mirrors, it is fragile and it should be handled with care.

5. Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

The best golf GPS watch is one of the best golf training aids. For starters, this golf GPS watch not only helps you know your surroundings, it also makes you look stylish. This is a smart watch that gives you all the information you need when you are out there golfing.

There are many smart watches but one of the best GPS golf watches is The Garmin Approach S6; it looks like one of those watches from the future. This Garmin Approach S6 is not only slim, stylish and sleek, it also comes in different colors thus giving you a range of them to choose from.

This Garmin ApproachS6 is one of the best golf training aids because;

  • It has a long battery life
  • Has Greenview  that’s shows the layout and the true shape of the green course for accurate yard measurements directly to the placement of the pin.
  • Has Courseview full color maps of over 39,000 golf courses to help one see doglegs and any hazards from the comfort of your sitting room or from anywhere else.
  • Has Touch target that shows the precise yardage point display i.e. the front, the middle as well as the back of the green and this makes it one of the best golf training aids.
  • Has Swing Strength and Swing Tempo to help in analysis, tracking and the best golf clubs’ recommendations for one to achieve better scores.
  • Has Lay-up distances to course hazards and doglegs so that one can plan in advance.
  • Has PinPointer directional arrow that helps you know where you should line up your shot.
  • It has enhanced Stat Tracking function that helps to keep track of the fairway hits, putts per round and greens in regulation.
  • It has digital scorecard functionality that records, views and saves your handicaps as well as all the scores to help in analysis
  • It has additional functionalities like round timer, odometer and an alarm clock to help in tracking time which makes it one of the best golf training aids.

This Garmin S6 GPS golf watch is easy to use because of its high resolution, it is golf gloves friendly, it is sunlight readable and it has a touchscreen interface. With all these qualities and features, the Garmin S6 GPS golf watch has to be one of the best golf aids for beginners.

The other best thing about this GPS golf watch is that it can receive smart phone notifications meaning you don’t have to bring your phone to the golf pitch; aint it just one of the best golf training aids?. The SwingStrengh and the TempoTraining act as golf training aids to promote better rhythm as well as the timing in the golf club swing.


  • It has a strong course coverage
  • It shows overhead hole maps
  • It shows handicap scoring
  • Statistical analysis is available when synched with Garmin Connect
  • It is super stylish and it has many other features


  • It does not have a list of distances to any hazards and you have to use the overhead hole map
  • You can’t see the statistics especially the score card; to see them you have to synch the GPS golf watch to a phone app or to a webpage.

 6. Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder

Rangefinders are some of the best golf training aids because they help the golfer to make better decisions on the golf pitch. As a newbie in golfing, you might find it a little hard to pick one of the best golf rangefinders because there are many in the market. That’s why, we have selected on of the best rangefinders; the Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder. Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder is used by PGA tour professionals; 97 % of all golf professionals use it.

Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder  has a 1000 yards range capability, with +400 yards to the flag with the best accuracy of +/-1 in yard. With a 5magnification power, it can display your targeted object with very good clarity; if you want more, the eyepiece is adjustable and it helps you to focus on your target object.

The best thing about the Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder is that it weighs only 1 pound and its ergonomic design helps the golfer to effortlessly use one hand. It comes with red, black and white color scheme which gives it a stylish look.

Bushell’s technology is famous for letting one pan across landscapes with continuous yard updates on its LCD display; the famous JOLT vibration feedback shows you when the target has been locked on.

Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder is a perfect golf training aid and it is also helpful to the senior golfers because it is easy to use.


  • Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder is easy to use thus being one of the best gold training aids
  • It is able to laser what the player is targeting in seconds
  • It offers reliable range which makes it possible for the player to identify objects that are far.
  • It has high precision
  • Its JOLT technology enhances its performance


  • Its OLED display design makes it harder to read when there’s a low light situation.

7 Random Golf Training Aids For Beginners

Have you ever thought that some of these random things can be used to make your golfing better when you are a beginner? Some of these things are as random as a butter knife, a soccer ball, a cookie or a CD check? This article will show you how these random things are some of the best golf training aids; and the best thing is that they will not cost you an arm and a leg.

CD Check

Place your golf ball on the CD check for the CD check to act as the mirror. To give you a good putt, lock your eyes with yourself (your reflection on the CD check). When you have your eyes on the ball when you putt, you will have a straight back and have a straight through putting stroke.

Soccer ball

A soccer ball is one of the best golf training aids because you don’t necessarily have to buy one if your kids already have one. A soccer ball helps to deal with the dreaded chicken wing. For a better swing, place the soccer ball between your forearms and make sure the ball doesn’t fall as you swing.

Butter knife

For a beginner who keeps on thinning their chips because they are too wristy through the ball, a butter knife is one of the best golf training aids. Get a dull butter knife and place it in your lead arm’s wrist watch and make a few short shots. This butter knife will keep your wrists firm but be careful not to hurt yourself in the process.

Before hitting their first shot, most people are quite tensed-up and nervous which is a recipe for disaster; being nervous leads to sketchy results. To practice being calm and collected, one should place a cookie in their mouth. If the cookie crumbles or breaks when you are hitting your shot, it is evident that you are tensed and you should loosen up.


A towel comes in handy as the best golf aids; you place it under both your arms and make sure it doesn’t fall as you make your shots. When you are under pressure, your arms start acting independently which means they are not in coordination with your body and that’s why it is impossible to hit the ball consistently.


For a beginner, it is quite a hustle to swing on the right path; that’s where the flashlight comes in as one of the best golf aids. Hold your flashlight as you would your golf club and then flip it such that the light is facing your stomach. Slowly take your backswing; if the light travels in a straight line away from your golf ball, then you are on the right path and your swing is good.

Swiss Ball

Most amateur slicers use too much upper body when down swinging. To work on this small hitch, a Swiss Ball comes in handy as the best golf aids. All you have to do is place the ball against a wall and let your hips be used to compress the ball against the wall.

The best golf clubs for beginners

Golf is such a great sport and just like any other sport there are novice players and there are champions. One of the things that make golf a special game is that there is more than one club required for different areas of the same game; there are golf clubs for beginners too. For a beginner, you may not feel like you need all those types of cubs but as time goes by, you will definitely need more clubs. There is a wide range of clubs and if you want to go all the way to the championships, you will need to get a few more clubs to suit your game.

Here is a guide on the best golf clubs for beginners 2018

What is there to know about the best golf clubs for ?

One of the questions that novice golf players ask themselves before purchasing some golf training aids like golf clubs is how to use them well and when to use them inorder to better their game. However, before you learn all that, you need to know all the basics of  golf clubs and once you are equipped with this information, you will have the confidence of picking the one that suits you.

A golf club has three main components and these are the head of the club, the grip and the shaft of the club. All the three components are very important and a golf club would not function properly if one of them is missing or faulty. The grip is where you place your hand on the golf and it is important to pick a grip that gives you the best comfort while giving the best grip.

The golf club head is the most important part of the golf club because it affects so many things and one of them is your accuracy when hitting the golf ball as well as the trajectory of the ball. The shaft of the golf club is also very important although it is quite underrated. The golf club shaft makes all the difference when you are playing depending on its weight as well as the material from which it is made of.

When getting golf clubs for beginners, it is important to watch out for things like the flex and the torque of the shaft because they have quite a big impact on your golf game; make sure you don’t overlook it.

You are already done with the essential parts of a golf club; the next thing you need to know is how many golf clubs you need to have in order to start your golfing career. The golfers USGA allows golf players to have 14 golf clubs in their golf bags when playing a professional level. This is to mean that whether one is a golf beginner or a professional golfer, the total amount clubs golfers should have is 14 golf clubs.

The best golf club sets for beginners of 14 golf clubs contain a putter, a driver, a hybrid club, two wedges, two woods and seven irons. Most of the golfers will match and mix their hybrids with irons which is solely dependent on their style of playing. The other very important thing a novice golf player should know is how each of the golf clubs is used and when is the correct time to use the said golf club.

Many of the golf clubs can be used for multiple purposes but it is also good to know that one might not get the desired results if the clubs are used for different roles other than for what they are supposed to be used for.

Types of golf clubs and their uses

Golf clubs come in 5 different types and different manufacturers will have different looks but the clubs are used for the same purpose. A beginner getting these golf clubs should be able to understand the difference between each of the golf clubs and this will greatly help them in learning and improving their game in golf.

  • The drivers

A driver is the most commonly used golf club and every golfer worth their salt will have this club; it also comes in as one of the best golf training aids for beginners. The driver is the club that drivers the golf ball the furthest; it is also the club that chooses when they are starting a round.

To distinguish this club from the rest; it has the longest shaft, the biggest head and the smallest loft. The driver’s main purpose is teeing off when it comes to par-4s and par -5s with the ball being on a tee. In the cases of professional golfers, this club can be used on the fairway but for a novice to use it this way, they will need a lot of practice to achieve the same.

Therefore, it is best if the beginner golf player stuck to using the club meant for teeing off because it is the most useful.

For a novice golf player, using the driver can be quite an uphill task because of its small loft and the longest shaft. However, it is important or golf beginners to have this club so that they can practice for as long as it takes in order to improve their game.

If one has a problem teeing off with the regular golf clubs, it is important to get a driver that has a higher loft to make it easier for them. Starting off with drivers that have a higher loft will help one to smoothly transition to the best golf drivers and this will make golfing easier and more fun.

  • Fairway woods

You have already used your drivers to tee off, now it is time to use the fairway woods down the fairway; fairway woods come in handy because they have a smaller head, a slightly short shaft and a small loft.

The fairway as mentioned earlier is mainly used on the fairway because on the fairway you need less power as well as loft. The fairway wood looks like a smaller version of the driver other than it doesn’t stand much as compared to the driver.

Fairway heads have shorter shafts and smaller heads and they have metal heads that resemble those of the drivers. Few years back though, the heads were made of persimmon or hickory and that’s why they acquired the name fairway wood.

This golf club is more accurate although it doesn’t give the driver’s distance. However, if you use this club properly you will achieve a decent distance and an even better accuracy.

If you are not sure when to use a fairway woods, at least you should remember the name of the golf club and where or when it is supposed to be used should automatically come. The fairway wood should be used when one is at least 175 yards from the hole or the flag.

One should also know that the fairway wood is used immediately after using the driver. Most seasoned golfers use 3-wood and 5-wood because the lofts in these two are different; the 3-wood has a 15 to 18-degree loft while the 5-wood has a 20 to 22-degree loft.

  • The irons

The irons are used when one is 200 yards or even less from the green.  Irons come in different ‘numbers’ and they are available in these ‘number’s 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 and you need to have all of them in your set; these take much of the space in your golf bag.

The closer you get to the green, you should be choosing the best golf iron and you should choose the higher each time to move. 3 ad 4 irons are harder to use as compared to the others and that’s why some ladies, golfers with a higher handicap and golf beginners replace them with 7 or 9 fairway woods.

  • Hybrids

Over the past few years there has been a hybrid golf clubs craze although they have been around for the last 10 years. Hybrid golf clubs are popular with most golfers because they have an iron shaft and a wood head design which allows for a greater distance. Most golfers replace the 3 and 4 irons and the 7-9 woods with these hybrid golf clubs for a better golf game.

  • Wedges

You can define a wedge in many ways but a wedge is basically a special kind of an iron that helps in making a particular shot. The most important type of wedge which is also the first is the pitching wedge and it comes with a 46-48 degrees’ loft.

The loft works in these types of clubs by going up by four each time with the available ones being 48, 52, 56, 60 and 64 degrees. For a better game, it is important to carry more than one of these wedges in your set.

They are used when one is closer to the green where their design gets to shine. The fact that they have a shaped head allows you to shape your shots and also control them without you over hitting them.

  • Putters

Putters like the name suggest are used when putting the ball into the hole when one is on the green. Putters are only used on the green and they are quite useless when one is on the sand traps which means you will have to use other golf clubs.

Putters come in quite a number of styles and thee are bent, short, belly, heel-toe, centre-hosel, mallet and many others. When you have already learnt your first set of golf clubs you can always check out more golf clubs especially the best golf putters.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Training Aids For Beginners

Even when not knowing how to play the game, many golf beginners find it hard to shop for the right equipment. This difficulty in purchasing the right golf aids for beginners is as a result of lack of the right information.

From the surface, golf seems like an easy game but it can actually be complex especially when one doesn’t know the types of clubs that should be used where.

Finding golf clubs can be quite a hustle because there are many manufacturers of the best golf clubs for beginners with each one claiming theirs is the best. For a painless golf clubs shopping, you will need to have the following information; it will come in handy before you make any golf clubs purchase;

  • Is it better to buy individual golf clubs or a complete set of golf clubs?

Should you buy individual golf clubs or complete golf clubs sets is one of the hardest decisions a beginner has to make. Both methods are fine but to make decision making process a lot easier there are some other things that you need to know.

Buying individual golf clubs can be quite costly as compared to buying complete set. Therefore, buying a golf set is going to save you some bucks that you can get some other golf aids for beginners. Purchasing a golf set will save you a lot of time since you don’t need to move from one shop to another looking for individual golf clubs.

Choosing whether to buy a complete golf set for beginners or buying individual golf clubs is all about personal preferences as well as your set budget. However, as a beginner, all you need in terms of golf clubs is a driver, a few irons, a few fairway woods and a putter.

If you are planning to play regularly and go all the way to professional golf, then it is important to consider buying a full set and making sure you don’t go for second hand golf clubs since you are in it for the long haul.

  • The types of clubs to look for when buying a complete golfing clubs set

The best thing about buying a full starter golf clubs set is that it will always have irons, hybrids, wedges, fairway woods as well as putters. The USGA allows golfers to have up to 14 clubs in their golf bags while most professionals recommend 12 to 14 clubs when they are in a pro tournament.

The other very important information is that there is a set number of each golf club types within a set and this varies from a player to player because each one of them has their preferred style of playing. However, most golfers bags consist of hybrids or irons.

  • What are your golf goals?

Before your go shopping for the best golf clubs for beginners you should first set a goal of what you want to achieve in your upcoming golf game or career. With these golfing goals, you will have a better idea on the best golf clubs that you should buy knowing that each golf club will have an impact on your games.

You should also be clear on the number of times you intend to play golf in a week and where you see yourself going in terms being an avid golf player or a professional golfer. If you are only planning on playing a few times in a year then there’s no need to put in a lot of effort when buying golf clubs.

However, if you are planning to play often and you are considering becoming a professional golfer, then you have all the reason to invest in the best set of golf clubs set.

  • Shaft options

The longest part of the golf club between the head and the grip is called a shaft. Unfortunately, most people don’t think much about the golf club shaft and it is such an important part of the golf club. Before selecting a golf club, it is important to know what you are looking for in a shaft.

There are different flex types in a shaft and you should know that different flexes have different effects on a golfer’s performance. The golf clubhead speed is what determines the particular flex you need for the perfect swing.

There are labels on these golf clubs; “L” is meant for ladies while “A and M” is meant for amateurs, “S” means that that the golf club has a stiff flex while “R” means the golf club has a regular flex, “X” means that the golf club is extra stiff. As a beginner, the best shaft for you is one that’s been labelled “A or M” since you are still an amateur and this is the best for a learner.

  • Should you get new or used golf clubs?

Should you buy new or used golf clubs is usually one of the many decisions a beginner golfer has to make. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of both before you make that decision.

If you are not playing golf to become a professional, then you should get used golf clubs. Used golf clubs are definitely cheaper as compared new ones and if you are lucky enough, you can get a good deal if you meet a good seller.

However, since they are already used, their quality has depreciated meaning they are more prone to damage as compared to new and quality golf clubs.

New golf club sets are definitely higher in quality and they will definitely offer more value for money since they are durable. You will however have to cough a lot more when buying them.

When you are firs starting and you want to see where this golfing will take you, then starting with a used set of golf clubs is recommended; then when you are sure you want to do more golfing, you can now get a new set of golf clubs.

  • The fitting of the golf club

Regardless of your experience level, it is important to always consider the club fitting before you go out shopping for golf clubs. The off-shelf standard size golf clubs size that can be used by any man is 5ft 10’’.

Therefore, if you are this height, this should give you the best service when playing golf. However, if you are shorter or taller, then you have a club fitting session to ensure you get the right club size that suits your body size.

Club fitting process is simple and it involves taking into account the different measurements of your body like your arm length and your height so that you can get just the right club size. This process takes at most one hour and it helps in giving the beginner a comfortable size that’s just right for you.

  • What’s your budget?

Golf clubs are quite expensive to buy and just like anything else, you need to have a set budget before you go out shopping. You can come up with this budget depending on the amount of time you plan on spending on golf and how far you are willing to go on the “golfers’ ladder”.

If you are going to be a regular golfer, then it is important to get a high quality set which doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It is not however not recommended for a beginner to splash all the money in getting a set of golf tools such that even if they don’t put so much time into it, they will not be at a loss. The trick is to buy what one can afford such that as the golfing progresses, you will know whether to upgrade or not.

  • Read the available customer reviews

It is a very bad idea to buy golf clubs without reading wat the others are saying about the said golf club. Looking at other customers’ reviews will give you an idea on what is the best golf clubs for beginners. Therefore, take some time to read through the reviews so that you can make a good decision before you can make a purchase.


  1. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

The Wilson golf clubs set is one of the best golf aids for beginners and it couldn’t have been more straightforward. All the golf clubs have been designed in such a way to give their best performance and be of great help to the golf learners thus improving their skills in shorter time.

The golf set comes in a golf bag that’s good for transporting them around safely; the best thing about this golf bag is that it also has a great number of pockets to store other golfing gear.

Its features.

  • The set- this club golfing set includes iron 5PW, 3 woods, 4 hybrids as well as a putter which makes it the best golfing set for a beginner.
  • A putter-a putter is supplied with this set to help the beginners have a greater precision as well as help increase their putting skills
  • Materials-both the wood and the driver have a graphite shaft that gives them a light weight feel and durability thus making them extremely dependable. The irons and the hybrids have steel shafts and this helps the player have great control as well as have great amount of power on their swings.
  • The stand bag-the best thing about this Wilson golf set is that it comes with a golf bag that’s ergonomically designed to stand on its own and protect your golf clubs. This bag also comes in handy when transporting your golf clubs and the best thing is that it will protect the golf clubs from any harm.


  • All the golf clubs are standard size and this mean they are comfortable for most men.
  • The set comes with 3 club sets and this gives you a chance to protect your most important expensive ad most important golf clubs.
  • The set is quite affordable for beginners even with the standing golf bag.
  • The golf bag has a great number of pockets which means the golfer is able to store more of his golfing gear in this golfing bag.
  • The golf clubs are of high quality, great swings and they are very durable.


  • The set does not come with a sand wedge which means you will need to get one separately.
  • Many customers have claimed that the driver’s head breaks easily which means you will need to replace it earlier than expected
  • If you prefer a plain colored set then it is unfortunate that this set is only available in one color which is yellow; many people might not prefer this color.
  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (18-Pieces)

Being a beginner, this set of the best golf clubs for beginners will be such a great investment. It comes in handy especially when you have trouble getting the perfect swings or getting a ball from a sandy trap.

This Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set ( 18-Pieces ) is not only affordable but it has every other item you need to have a better experience when golfing. The golf clubs have a high quality finishing with the set containing the best golf driver(460cc), 2 woods, 6 irons and two hybrids.

Its features

  • Irons- this golf set of clubs comes with 6 irons and all of them are made of high standard material; irons help the golfer improve their game faster and within a shorter time.
  • Putter- the golf putter is one of the best items in this set because it helps the golf player to have a better accuracy when they are putting.
  • Fairway woods- this set comes with 2 fairway woods 3W and 5W and they are both made from the best stainless steel. The graphite used to make the shaft is lightweight and gives the golfer a quick and an effortless swing which in turn gives them a great distance.
  • Hybrids-this set comes with two hybrids and these are (A 4H and A 5H) which are both flexible and forgiving which makes them one of the best golf training aids. These hybrids are the best for golfers who are looking or more challenging shots.
  • The driver- the driver provided in this golf club set for beginners is the standard size(460cc) and the reason it is recommended for beginners is because it offers a large sweet spot that give the shots a great distance.
  • Weight- this set is quite a light weight because even with all the golf clubs in the bag, it only weighs 25 pounds. This means the golfer wont struggle with so much weight.
  • The bag- the bag is a stand bag that’s made of a high quality material that’s very durable and light weight. The bag is good looking and it has a good number of pockets that the golfer can store some their other golfing aids for beginners.


  • The golfing clubs have a great grip which means that even with continued use the clubs will still great when being used.
  • When it comes to its price, this set is quite affordable which makes it an ideal set for a beginner
  • It has forgiving driver that’s a great choice for a beginner because it makes their game easier while improving their golfing experience.
  • When using these golfing clubs the player is able to have a good control time and an even better flight time when golfing.
  • The set comes with 18 items which means you will have all the golf clubs you will ever need.
  • The bag has a great look and it has an even eve better number of pockets that the golfer can use to store other golfing aids for beginners.


  • You will need to upgrade the golf clubs after perfecting your game which can be quite costly
  • The shafts feel like they can easily snap which means there needs to be an improvement during manufacture
  • The bag was a little flimsy when it was almost empty
  • The bag does not have any kind of branding which means it is quite hard to know whether the set is an original or a counterfeit.
  1. Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set

Golf club sets come in shapes and size but none comes as complete as this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set. Other than the golf clubs and the golf bag, the set also comes with golfing balls.

The fact that the irons are made of stainless steel and the driver head is made stronger with titanium should make you buy this Pinemeadow golf set. Another reason to buy this set is the fact that the 3W’s graphite shaft and the mallet putter will help the beginner gain more confidence in their golfing.

Its features

  • Hybrid- the 21 degree hybrid provided with this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set is very comfortable for the golf beginners. The hybrid gives the golfer great control as well as a higher flight time.
  • The driver- the driver of this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set is titanium enhanced and it gives a loft of 10.5 degrees. This driver is extremely durable and robust and it is down to the graphite shaft.
  • Wood- this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set contains with a 3 Wood that has a 15 degrees’ loft. The fact that the wood is made of pure graphite makes this wood one of the best golf hybrids. It can help a golfer with straight shots with a low profile.
  • Irons- the irons in this set are made of stainless steel which gives them a higher performance and gives them a longer life. The irons included in this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set are 4 to 9 ad there’s also a pitched wedge iron.
  • Putter- this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set has an impressive putter that allows the golf beginner to have precision and control with every shot they make. These two helps the golfer to gain confidence whenever they get down to playing golf.
  • The stand bag- the stand golf bag is great and it has a number of pockets that is able to hold all the other golf aids for beginners whenever they go out to play. This particular golf bag also comes with handy hooks that the golfer can hang their towels.
  • The extras-the best thing about this set is that you will also receive a dozen golfing balls and the icing on the cake is that they don’t cost you an extra dime. You also get a lot more than you gained for and this includes 3 head covers that can used to over your 3W, your hybrid as well as your driver.


  • As much as there is more than you had bargained for in this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set, you can be lest assured that it is made of good quality through and through.
  • The stand golf bag comes with a good number of pockets as well as towel hooks which come in handy when one is out golfing; it is also of great quality.
  • The bag has a back pack style with straps which gives you comfort when you carry your golfing bag and its contents around the golf pitch.
  • The forgiving nature of the best golf driver makes it ideal for golfing beginners.
  • The irons and the 3-Wood that come with this set allow the golfer to have great control and the beautiful craftsmanship makes them the best golf aids for beginners.
  • The other best thing about this Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Pieces Complete Golf Set is that it comes with golf balls which means you don’t need to have another budget of buying others.


  • Most players have complained that the putter is not as balanced as it should be thus making it difficult to use.
  • The driver also has a number of complaints for example the head coming off after being used only a few number of times.
  • The set would have been better had it included a 5-Wood which is very useful when is approaching the green.
  • The 3-hybrid 21 degrees can be quite awkward when in use but it is no longer an issue after the user starts getting used to it.

How often should one upgrade their golf club sets?

Upgrading golf clubs is all about a personal preference but there are a number of things that you should consider before buying another set of golf clubs.

As a beginner, one is encouraged to buy a simple set of clubs so that as they get more knowledge about golf, they can upgrade. Also, when starting, you might not need to buy the whole set but as your game improves you will need to upgrade and complete the set or even get a whole new and complete set.

The quality of the golf clubs you picked initially will also determine whether you need to upgrade or not. If you had bought a high end brand of golf clubs, you will not need to upgrade anytime soon since they are of high quality and they are durable. Technological reasons are however one the main reasons why people upgrade their golf clubs.

Finally, to keep you from replacing your golfing clubs and other golfing aids for beginners often is to make sure that you handle your golf items with care.

FAQ about the best golf training aids 2020

  1. What are the best golf training aids

Depending on where you are with your golf training these are some of the best golf training aids of 2020 that will never go wrong with.

  1. SKLZ impact golf galls are some of the best golf training aids 2020 and they can be used for both training and practice. They fly well although with an extremely limited distance. They are though and durable
  2. SKLZ tempo and grip trainer helps you to perfect your swing
  3. Eyeline golf putting alignment mirror allows golfers of any level to understand their putting as well as helping them improve
  4. What is the best golf swing trainer?

Out of the many golf training aids, some of the best golf swing trainers are;

  • Izzo smooth trainer
  • Golf impact ball swing plane trainer aid
  • Tac Tic elbow golf swing tempo trainer tactic
  • SKLZ gold Flex training aid for strength and tempo training
  1. Does overspeed training for golf work?

Sometimes overspeed training works by getting the golfer’s body to move faster than it normally does during a known motor pattern. The brain has a set range of speed for neuro muscular response whenever a golfer makes their swing. To increase the body’s response speed by reducing the load which in this case is the golf club’s weight.

  1. Why is the golf swing so difficult?

The natural instinct when something is on the ground is to hit it and hit is hard. This does not work for golf because hitting the golf ball too hard leads to a swing that is way too long and loose. For a perfect golf swing, try to keep your arms turned off. Make sure your swing is based on rotating your shoulders in the back swing and rotating your hips and legs in the downswing. This helps in stopping the arms from taking the golf club too far.

  1. What training aid does Phil Mickelson use?

The magic golf training aid that Phil Mickelson uses is called SuperSpeed golf. Most golf enthusiasts have seen him warming up with this speed stick before he starts his golf games. This SuperSpeed golf trains the golfer’s body to swing faster with a concept called overspeed training.

  1. What is Tiger Wood’s swing speed?

Tiger Wood’s swing speed currently clocks at an average of about 120 mph. In May 2018 at Quail Hollow, Tiger Woods clocked a speed of 122 mph average golf swing which was faster than his normal golf club swing speeds of since his knee surgery.

  1. How long does it take to master golf?

Becoming a master in golf depends on on many things starting from the number of times one goes for golf training and practice as well as the golf training aids they use. Most times scratch golfers might take 18-24 months. Average golfers can take up 12-18 months to break 100 while reasonable golfers might take 18-24 months to break 90.

  1. How long does it take to perfect a golf swing?

When trying to get the perfect golf swing, rhythm and pace are very important. The swings should not be too aggressive or too fast. Sometimes a golfer might feel the swing is too fast and in a bid to get some sort of a rhythm, they end up slowing down thus ruining things. The average backswing time should be 0.75 seconds with an additional 0.25 seconds for a down swing.

Ideally, this should be something close to 3.1 ratio of backswing time versus downswing time. In short, a Tour golfer should strike the ball in about a second from the time the swing starts. Nick Price’s swing takes about 0.8 seconds while Ernie Els’ swing takes just over a second to strike the ball.

  1. How often should I play golf to get better?

To get better at golf, a novice golfer needs to be realistic about the time they intend to devote to their golfing. One round of golf after every two weeks doesn’t cut it if you want to become a professional golfer. To become a pro golf, you need to be devoting a full hour every day after work and within a few weeks you will start seeing results.

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