How do you play golf in hot weather?

Summer is almost here and when you are a new golfer, your biggest question is how do you play golf in hot weather? High temperatures should never be a reason as to why you should keep off the golf course. All you need to do is to arm yourself with the right golfing equipment and essentials to make golfing easier and better.

What to wear to play golf in hot weather


The type of golfing clothes you wear to play golf in hot weather matters a lot. You ought to pick clothes that keep you cool while still looking your best and maintaining the ease to play golf. Ensure the golf shirts or golf shorts you pick are extremely breathable thus allowing air to move in and moisture to move out.

In humid conditions, this is very important; the air movement keeps the sweat evaporating which is important in keeping the body cool. When you are picking your golf pants or shorts and golf shirts, ensure you pick breathable and light weight fabrics. When picking the best golf shirts or shorts to play golf in hot weather, you can never go wrong with Adidas, Nike, Callaway, UnderArmour or Hanes. These brands have golf shirts and golf shorts for every golfer. Also ensure you pick a golf shirt that has inbuilt UV protection to keep harmful rays from reaching your skin.

Once you are sure you are fully dressed, ensure you put on a good golf hat to keep the harmful sun rays from your face and neck. If possible, a bucket golf hat is the best as it covers both your face and your neck. The other bets golf hat is a Dorfman Pacific Soaker which you can dip in cold water right before you put it on to ensure maximum coolness.


After ensuring you are fully armed in terms of breathable golf shirts, shorts and protective golf hats, ensure you get a good quality sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only important when you are out there in the sun, it is also important when you are indoors. The best sunscreen should be SPF 30 and above to give you maximum protection

Other tips on how to play golf in hot weather


Golfers are advised to hydrate throughout the golfing rounds but starting a day prior is the best thing. By starting 12-18 hours prior will have gotten your body prepped and well hydrated with the good old WATER. You are also advised to have reduced your caffeine drinks intake as well as alcohol intake for soberness and clarity.

Even as you take your water, do not neglect your electrolytes; you can also have a supplement you can put in your water bottle. Golf is a strenuous game and it can become twice as hard when it is extremely hot. One of the best supplements you can put in your water bottle is Nuun