The best golf balls-All you need to know about golf balls

Choosing the best golf balls for your current handicap makes all the difference when you are on the golf course.

Different golfers have different needs, and what might be the best ball for one person might not be the best ball for another.

That being said, there are a few golf balls that are specifically designed for high handicappers. Some of these balls have a higher compression rating, which means they are harder and more durable. They also tend to have a larger sweet spot, making them easier to hit.

If you are a high handicapper, it might be worth giving one of these balls a try. You may find that you are able to hit it farther and straighter than you ever have before. 

best low spin golf balls for high handicappers

1. Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1 has to be one of the best golf balls because it has a next generation 2.0 process core that generates a slower spin as well as faster ball speeds.

When playing a long game, the big spin reductions can be noticeable. Thanks to its soft urethane elastomaster, Pro V1s delivers a superb short game and this can be attributed to the control that comes with a soft feel.

In terms of flight, spin and feel, these two differ quite a bit. The Pro V1 tends to fly lower but with a penetrating trajectory; it is also softer as compared to Pro V1x. Pro V1x tends to fly higher but it has a slightly firmer feel; this golf ball tends to spin more on iron shots thus making it one of the best golf balls.

2. Taylor made TP5 and TP5x golf balls

Taylor made TP5 and TP5x golf balls are some of the best golf balls, they are both premium and a tour-caliber golf balls. They were introduced into the market on March 2017 and they have had quite an impact on the golfers. The TP5 tends to be softer as a compared toTP5x golf balls.

These golf balls have a 5 layer construction and each layer has been customized to suit a different area when it comes to performance, iron distance, the covering driver, iron control, the spin as well as greenside feel and performance. According to Taylor, there is no compromise between the distance, feel and control resulting from this construction.

The biggest gains with Taylor made TP5 golf balls and TP5x golf balls is to the high swing-speed golf players and it is better as compared to other golf balls.

3. Srixon Z-Star golf balls & Z-star XV golf balls

Srixon Z-Star & Z-star XV golf balls are premium golf balls that offer more spin, distance as well as  great consistency when one is golfing in windy conditions. Both of these models have a new 338 speed dimple pattern that uses five dimples sizes which results into a more powerful trajectory.

The compression of Srixon Z-Star golf ball is 102.  This is a higher compression ball that is designed for players with a higher swing speed.  It will provide more distance and a harder feel. 

The Z-star has a super soft energetic gradient growth core that’s softer in the middle with the softness diminishing as you progress towards the outside which makes this golf ball softer than its predecessor. With a lower driver spin, the Z-star generates a higher launch.

With the Z-star XV golf balls, you are assured of more distance off he tee and this is a result of the EGC large diameter dual core design that gives a high-repulsion. The Z-star also has a new 13 % softer skin that coating that helps in greenside control; the urethane cover provides spin control when it comes to approach shots.

Both Srixon Z-Star & Z-star XV are high performance golf balls and some of the best golf balls 2018; they have been made to give golfers more distance, better feel and a better spin control.

4. Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls & Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

There are new and the best golf balls  in town; these are 2018 Callaway Chrome soft golf balls that happen to have new Graphene Dual soft fast core. Graphene Dual soft fast core is stronger than a diamond with the outer core being thinner thus allowing for a bigger inner core. This setting allows Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls & Chrome Soft X Golf Balls to have better balls’ speed and a reduced long game spin which in turn gives more distance.

The compression of the Callaway chrome soft golf ball is usually 84.  This ball is designed for enhancing the feel and the distance of your shots.  If you are looking for a ball that will give you a great feel and distance, then the Callaway chrome soft golf ball is the perfect option for you. 

Callaway Chrome SoftX has a better and bigger transformation. Callaway Chrome SoftX has a reduced spin profile through the bag which leaves you with a firmer feel. Golfers who have a swing speed of around 105mph and above are more suited to use Callaway Chrome SoftX

5. Mizuno MP-S golf balls & MP-X Golf Balls

Mizuno MP-S golf balls & MP-X Golf Balls are golf balls that have been made to see golf players become better in their game. The four-piece MP-X golf balls have a dual core design that helps reduce the spin from the driver such that with stronger ball strikers, they are able to gain more control. The urethane cover enhances the starting golf ball speed because the 330 dimple configuration helps in creating a penetrating flight.

MP-S is a three piece golf balls package that contains the most responsive and the softest golf balls thus making them some of the best golf balls 2018. The MP-S golf balls cover is 0.5mm thick which helps to increase the ball speed right from the golf tee, while the 330 dimple golf ball configuration helps in keeping the flight as stable as possible.

Titleist AVX golf balls

Titleist AVX golf balls are some of the best golf balls 2018.These are high performance golf balls providing the golfer with distance and soft feels through the proprietary core and the aerodynamic technologies. When it comes to offering an all-round performance from the golf tee box to the greens, these golf balls are on the same category with Titleist Pro V1 golf balls and Pro V1x golf balls although Titleist AVX offers the lowest spin not to mention the softest feel.

Titleist AVX golf balls have a low compression core not to mention the new high flex casing layer that controls the spin and enhances speed thus promoting a high speed and a greater distance. The catenary aerodynamic design that’s quite unique delivers a low trajectory but a piercing shot while still maintaining a consistent ball flight

The best golf balls for high handicap players

When looking for these best low spin golf balls for high handicap players, it is important to know what is more important to you in a golf game; is it a short game, full shots, the golf ball feel or the golf ball price. You should however, match your game with the best golf balls that match with your skill level. Most professionals will be able to detect the small things in a golf ball when it comes to their performances. High handicap golfers can notice the difference between the best golf balls for high handicaps and the best golf balls for beginners. The three main types of golf balls are;

Two-piece construction

The tour level

The advanced two piece/three piece

A two-piece golf ball is the best one for high handicap golfers but a three piece design can also come in handy. These two golf balls are covered with a hard durable cover that gives them a solid core. High handicap golf balls have hard cover and a low compression which deliver less spin as compared to other golf balls as well as great distance.

High handicap golfers tend to have lower swing speeds and that’s why they benefit with the added distance offered by these golf balls. High handicappers also slice the ball off the golf tee and this lower spin helps in minimizing the slice severity.

Below is a list of the best golf balls for high handicaps. All these golf balls have been made for distance and they feature the two and three-piece construction golf balls.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Bridgestone E5 2015 Performance Distance Golf Balls

Bridgestone E5 2015 is a two piece urethane design that and it is an awesome option for high handicap players; it gives the player distance and they spin around the green thus giving the golfer a good game. These Bridgestone E5 2015 Performance Distance Golf Balls have been designed for a high trajectory and this is accomplished in two different ways. The first way is the fact that the ball has a 326 dimpled pattern which allows the players to have a more carry especially for players who have a lower swing speed.

The other way in which Bridgestone E5 2015 Performance Distance Golf Balls offer higher trajectory is through the urethane cover thus making them the best golf balls for high handicap players. This urethane cover helps in adding more spin for a player who has a little spin (spins that are under 2000 rpms) when they hit the golf ball. The urethane cover and the dimpled pattern is a perfect combination for maximizing on the distance off the golf tee.

The urethane cover also offers another technical achievement and this is the fact that it provides a lot of greenside spin. When it comes to chip shots this golf ball stops where it wants.

Callaway Chrome Soft 16 Low Compression Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft 16 golf balls are some of the softest golf balls you will ever hit. This golf ball gives the average player a totally new experience on the golf course. Callaway Chrome Soft 16 Low Compression Golf Ball compresses when hit and acts as a spring and takes off in the air with a maximum speed. Callaway Chrome Soft 16 Low Compression Golf Ball is a 65 compression and this is because of its SoftFast core which happens to be lower than the typical golf balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft 16 golf balls are great for slower swing golf players whose greatest need is for the golf ball to compress more when hit thus generating more distance. What makes Callaway Chrome Soft 16 the best golf balls for high handicap players is the proven Hex dimple patterns that use hexagon thus ensuring there are no gaps in between the dimples. Callaway Chrome Soft 16 is more consistent on the chips around the greens; try it and you’ll agree.

Srixon Soft Feel 2015 Low Compression Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel 2015 Low Compression Golf Balls are the best golf balls for high handicap players who struggle with consistency. The soft feel ball has specifically been made for golf players whose swings range between 70 to 100 mph.

The technology behind Srixon Soft Feel 2015 Low Compression Golf Balls is the low compression distance as well as the dimple pattern that helps slower swingers maximize on their distance without losing control and any short game feel. The 324 dimple and the super soft 71 compression core combination produces a high launch with a low spin which is the best combination for a high handicap to get the maximum distance off the golf tee.

This combination helps in creating a more stable flight that holds the flight better especially in windy weather. Thanks to their cover, Srixon Soft Feel 2015 Low Compression Golf Balls will give you a soft feel on the greens.

When selecting the best golf balls for high handicap players, remember golf balls can make or break your game; therefore, pick the golf balls carefully.

The best cheap golf balls

The best cheap golf balls sounds like an oxymoron because cheap and best do not occur on the same line. However, cheap and best in this context mean that they are cheap golf balls but they also happen to be the best golf balls. We know there are good balls and these are the likes of Titleist golf balls, Callaway soft golf balls, and Taylormade tour preferred golf balls among others. The middle tier golf balls are the likes of Srixon Q star golf balls, Bridgestone E series golf balls and the Titleist NXT tour golf balls.

The best  cheap golf balls  we are talking about are the likes of TaylorMade golf balls,Wilsonsgolf balls,Mojos golf balls,Noodles golf balls and others. If a golf ball costs you more than $1, then the golf ball cannot be said to be cheap. If you are buying a brand new dozen of golf balls and it goes for more than $12-15 then it cannot be said to be cheap.

The difference between golf balls that cost $1 and the premium ones that cost $4 dollars depends on your skill and your level. For example;

When you are a new golfer, hitting a shot on a premium golf ball or a cheap golf ball makes no difference whatsoever.

When you are an average golfer, you are likely to notice a slight difference when you hit premium golf balls like Titleist Pro V1 and when you hit cheap golf balls like Noodle. You might be short sided on the greens with only 6 feet to work; with a Noodle, chances of you stopping the golf ball quickly are quite slim. On the other hand, when presented with the same situation but with premium golf balls, you have a better chance of the golf ball checking up and stopping right next to the flag.

When you are a pro, you will definitely notice a difference between cheap golf balls and premium golf balls. When using premium golf balls, your swing is consistent not to mention your short game is on point.

How to save up money on best cheap golf balls

To maximize on your saving in terms of golf, you might need to do the following; some of them are a little crude but they are a means to an end. So, how do you save money on cheap best golf balls 2018?

Buy golf balls in bulk: When you buy golf balls in bulk, you are more likely to get a discount as compared to when you buy as single pieces. It makes sense to buy golf balls in bulk if you have cash up front.

Buy used golf balls: just like everything else, used goods are less expensive as compared to new ones. Buying used golf balls makes a lot of sense because you are going to lose some of the golf balls anyway. Therefore, stock up on used golf balls and save yourself some dollars.

Skip buying golf balls altogether: this is a crude way of acquiring golf balls but it also happens to be fun. All you have to do is go to the not easily reached hazards, uncover leaves and check if there are any golf balls down there.Also go to huge drop offs, drag your golf clubs around the rivers and lakes and see if the golf clubs can come up with any golf balls. Someone I know didn’t buy golf balls for a whole by just collecting lost golf balls.

Check your local selling apps for people selling used golf balls; You can also check whether your local golf courses have any golf balls bins. Check out websites that sell used golf balls you never know you might land some good deals.

We will look at two sections and these are new best cheap golf balls and used golf balls;

New cheap golf balls

The best cheap golf balls: Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls

If you are looking for a way to save money and still hit the golf ball a long way, look no further because Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls are the best golf balls 2018 in the cheap best golf balls category. They feel quite hard but they fly farther. All golf balls have some sort of a feel to them with some of them feeling soft while others feel hard. Some of the best golf balls 2018; premium golf balls have the softest feel and you feel like you are making hardly any contact when hitting the golf balls.

Cheap golf balls are hard and when hitting them, you feel like you are hitting a stone. The hard feeling is what makes the golf balls fly further. Therefore, if you are looking for distance, Nitro Maximum distance golf balls are what you are looking for. These golf balls come in four different colors and they are priced the lowest in the golf equipment market.

Great value golf balls: Noodle Long and Soft golf balls

The most current day golf pros must have started with Noodle golf balls because they are quite popular with golf beginners. The reason Noodle long and soft golf balls are the best golf balls for beginners is because of their long off the tee and the fact that they don’t feel like rock.

Noodle long and soft golf balls are high quality golf balls 2018 and they are highly recommended. Even average golfers play with these golf balls once in a while because they are quite good. Most Noodle golf balls come in 12 or 24 golf balls packets with the 24 balls package offering the best value for money. When you are purchasing cheap best golf balls, Noodle long and soft golf balls are the best because they are of good quality and they are quite cheap.

  Quality  golf balls: Srixon soft feel golf balls

Srixon soft feel golf balls are some of the best golf balls 2018 in high quality cheap golf balls category. Srixon golf balls fly very high when they are struck correctly and they stop quite quickly around the greens. Srixon soft feel golf balls are Noodle golf balls on steroids; you only need to add a few extra dollars.

The best thing about Srixon soft feel golf balls is that there are deals every other day where the retailers heavily discount the golf balls especially when there are upcoming events like a golf major. If you are not short of the best golf balls you can wait up for such sales and then you can stock up for the rest of the year.

Used golf balls

When you decide to buy used golf balls, you are making one of the best decisions in your entire life! Well, I am exaggerating but buying used golf balls will save you quite an amount of money. The best thing about buying used golf balls is that they don’t come in dozens; you can buy as many as you want, atleast 50-100 golf balls. When looking for best cheap golf balls and used golf balls, you’ll be surprised to be buying balls from the big brands; the likes of Nike golf balls, Callaway golf balls and the other big names. For example, when you are buying used Callaway golf balls, you will be able to get all different models of Callaway golf balls; the same will happen when you are buying used Nike golf balls. The best thing about used golf balls is that you will be able to get all the golf balls models that have been released over the years. Here are some of the best used golf balls;

50 Nike golf balls

When looking for used golf balls Nike used golf balls should be the first on your list; these are the golf balls of choice for budget conscious and frugal golfers. These used Nike golf balls are also the best golf balls for beginners because they are quite long and they are pretty decent when they are hit. In terms of durability, Nike golf balls whether used or new have been known to last forever; you will have them until they are lost in the ponds or in the rivers.

50 golf balls is a pretty decent number to start with because there are quite a number of difficult and tough water holes out there where you are likely to lose some of them. After you make this purchase, you can start hunting for golf balls in the tough holes once in a while.

These 50 Nike golf balls might cost you the same amount someone might use when buying 6 new premium golf balls like Titliest ProV1x’s. Therefore, do yourself a favor and stock up on these used Nike golf balls; you will save a few dollars that will go a long way.

Lot of 50 Callaway golf balls

Used Callaway golf balls are cost efficient golf balls; the best thing is that they (Callaway) has released many golf balls over the years meaning you will have a variety of golf balls. 50 Nike golf balls cost the same as Callaway used golf balls but Callaway is a much higher quality meaning you should stick to it.

When compared to other cheap golf balls, Callaway used golf balls cost a little higher and it is all worth it. Golf is better when played with Callaway golf balls.

The best golf balls for beginners

When playing golf, the only thing that remains consistent is the golf balls you use. Just for the record, golf balls are just as important as the golf clubs you use. Therefore, using the right golf balls is important and as a beginner, you should take your time when picking the best golf balls for beginners. Some of the best beginner golf balls are;

Pinnacle Gold golf ball 15pk yellow

As a golf beginner, you are still trying to figure out on your swing, speed, style of playing etc and that’s why you need to play with golf balls that travel the distance no matter the short intensity. Pinnacle gold golf ball 15pk yellow are suitable for beginners because they travel a good distance without much of an effort from the golf player.


These pinnacle gold golf ball 15k yellow have a high optix technology that has helped in better visibility especially when one is on the greens. Beginner golf players are still not used to spotting the golf ball when on the greens and that’s why these golf balls are the best option for beginners.

These golf balls for beginners have inbuilt power that helps makes them fly a great distance without the player having to hit the ball hard.

Pinnacle gold golf balls 15k yellow are the best golf balls for beginners because the beginner can hit the distance while still making the golf ball go straight.

Even making short shots, the player still has good control over the golf ball.


These balls are harder than other golf balls in the same category.

This golf balls’ construction reduces the spin thus making spins less impressive

Taylormade Burner Golf balls

Taylormade is a reputed and one of the biggest golfing companies in the golf industry. TaylorMade makes some of the best irons and the same can still be said about golf balls. The best golf balls for beginners should feel soft and still go the distance when hit; these two are what TaylorMade Burner Burner golf balls offer to the beginner.

The reason why TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls are the best golf balls for beginners is because they have a low spin and this is every golfer’s wish. Beginners do not have enough experience to give the ball a good spin but TaylorMade golf balls give the beginner motivation and confidence because these golf balls have the ability to spin well and still go far.


These TaylorMade burner golf balls are suitable for players who keep on stopping their shots

When hit these beginner golf balls not only do they travel far but they also go high which are the two things that encourage new players.

These golf balls are easy to spot

TaylorMade burner golf balls play well on the greens

When these gold golf balls are used on the putting surface, they roll alright which aids in short as well as soft shorts.


These gold golf balls do not do well when they are hit with a wedge

The material used to make them is a little translucent which makes it difficult to spot when the golf ball is in the air

The gold golf ball’s back spin is low.

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