What is a cadet golf glove?Cadet vs regular golf gloves

What is a cadet golf glove is a question whose answer is not known to many golfers. A cadet golf glove is a golf glove that’s specifically made for golfers whose hands are a little bit different than the normal people.

So, let’s talk about cadet vs regular golf gloves; Cadet golf gloves are shorter and wider as compared to regular golf gloves. Therefore, if one is struggling with finding the right gloves because either their fingers are too short or too long or the fit is a little too tight, then one should consider getting a cadet size golf glove. Roughly 20% of all golfers wear the wrong size when it comes to golf gloves but unfortunately most of them don’t know there’s a solution to their predicament. It is however unfortunate that these cadet golf gloves are only available for men and they only come in select sizes.

What’s the ideal golf glove fit?

The ideal fitting of a regular golf glove is where it is lightly stretched over the palm of the hand as well as over the golfer’s fingers and it is not lose on the wrist or leaves excess room on the finger tips. When they say an item fits like a glove, it means the item should feel like a second skin. Therefore, a properly fitted glove should feel like a second skin to the golfer.

What is difference between cadet and regular golf glove?

The main difference between cadet golf gloves and the regular golf gloves is that cadet golf gloves are shorter and wider as compared to the regular golf gloves. The other difference between the two is that regular golf gloves are more available as compared to cadet gloves. As we have noted earlier, not all golf gloves come in cadet sizes; most manufacturers will only make the sizes that are fast moving. The most common sizes in cadet golf gloves are medium, large and medium/large.

What cadet size golf glove do I need?

Just like when buying regular golf gloves, you can also choose from the different cadet size golf gloves. Just like in the normal golf gloves, there are factors to consider when buying golf gloves other than the usual small, medium and large sizes.

When choosing golf gloves especially when fitting, ensure the glove is not loose on your wrist. You should also ensure to check if there’s an extra room at the fingertips because it means the gloves are longer than your fingers. Some of the other factors you should consider when buying cadet golf gloves are;

  • Size: As earlier mentioned these cadet golf gloves also come in sizes and they range from small to XXL. We’ve already established that the ideal fit is when the golf glove leaves no room at the finger tips. Cadet gloves are more suited for golfers with short fingers and broader palms.
  • Body condition: If you get sweaty hands when playing golf or if you are playing when the temperatures are high, ensure you get cadet golf gloves that have a mesh interior. This mesh interior material helps to absorb your sweat thus leaving your hand dry and able to hold the club without it slipping.
  • Material: Most times we buy golf gloves hoping they’ll last us for a few seasons before we buy another pair. It is therefore good to know that synthetic material made golf gloves are longer lasting and they don’t shrink easily. On the other hand, leather made golf gloves are thinner and they tend to wear faster.
  • Dexterity: In the event that you are the golfer who only wears glove on one hand, there’s a possibility that you’ll only use it on your non-dominant hand. This means that you should get a left glove when you are right handed and vice versa.
  • Weather: There are specific gloves for either hot or wet conditions. Therefore, when buying cadet golf gloves for wet weather, ensure they are waterproof. The best thing about these is that, since they are custom made, they offer the golfer more grip. As for the cold weather, ensure you get winter golf gloves since they’ll provide you with adequate insulation.

Should a cadet golf glove fit tight?

When they say, it fits like a glove; it should feel like a second skin to you. A golf glove should not be too tight or too loose. A well fitting golf glove translates to comfort and good performance when the golfer is on the golf course; a well fitting golf glove allows you to hold and swing the golf club nicely.

An ill-fitting golf glove slips off and wears off easily which means you’ll keep on buying new golf gloves every other time. Wearing a golf glove that’s ill fitting can also lead you to getting blisters on your hands.

Frequently asked questions on Cadet Golf glove

What Is A Cadet Medium Golf Glove?

A Cadet Medium Golf Glove is the men’s regular medium size golf glove where the fingers are a little shorter and the palm is a little wider. These gloves are suitable for players whose hands are not catered for in the regular golf gloves sizing.

What Is a Cadet large Golf Glove?

Cadet large Golf Glove is a golf glove that works the same way as the other cadet size golf gloves

How do I know I need a cadet golf glove?

You are only able to know if you need a cadet golf glove by looking at the size of your fingers and the shape of your palm. When shopping for golf gloves try both the regular golf glove and the cadet golf glove to see which one suits you the best. Sometimes it is not obvious that you need cadet gloves; so you need to measure both.

How to choose golf gloves

As we have already established, a fitting golf glove is essential as it is the 60% determinant of your performance on the golf course. Here is how to choose golf gloves;

  1. Measure your hand using a tape measure across your knuckles. Golf gloves are measured by the inches around this part of your palm or in sizes smaller, medium or large.
  2. Determine the proper size of your glove based on the hand measurements chart. It is also important to know that men’s and women’s hand measurements are taken differently.
  3. Try on a golf glove on your correct hand depending on the size measurements you had taken.

Summary on cadet golf glove

Cadet golf gloves are good golf gloves especially for golfers whose fingers are shorter and palms are wider. Now that you’ve learnt something about the cadet golf glove, ensure you pass the good news to the other golfers.

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