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The best golf tees-how to shop for the best golf tees

The best golf tees can actually improve your golf game. A shot from the tee box should be very easy; it is the only thing that you have control over when you on the golf course. Getting the right shot depends with the type of golf tees that you have. One of the best set of tees you can pick is the pride professional tee system because its different tees have different heights for different types of golf clubs.

The best golf tees do not really get a lot of attention when people are shopping for the best golf equipment but for those who struggle with tee box shots, you should give golf tees a little more attention. There are different products that have been created to improve your golf game and golf tees happen to be some of them. Basic golf tees are not expensive and you can pick a dozen of them and not feel a pinch in your pockets because you will only need a couple of dollars. Below is our comprehensive research on the best golf tees that will help you improve your game. These golf tees 2018 are;

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The best golf tees-Pride golf tees

Most people have quite a struggle when trying to find the proper height when teeing off their golf balls. This problem might even become worse when you are using different golf clubs. Pride golf tees being the best golf tees simplify the process picking the right length of the tee and also when placing the tee on the ground such that you’ll have just the right length to place your golf balls.

The pride professional tee system helps fix the problem because these tees come in five different lengths with a distinct color code that helps find just the right tee length for the right golf club. Pride golf tees are the perfect solution for that golfer who has been yearning for consistency off the tee box. These golf tees have stripes printed on them such that you are able to place them on the ground for your desired height. Pride golf tees come in 5 sizes and these are;

4-inch- used with large head drivers

3.25 inch- used for medium head drivers

2.75 inch-used for small head drivers

2.125 inch-used for irons, fairway woods and hybrids

1.5 inch- used for irons and hybrids

Get small quantities of each tee and have them in your golf bag for the different golf shots that you make when on the golf course. The best thing about these pride golf tees is that they are easier to place on the ground as compared to other types of golf tees.

One thing that you should note is that wooden pride golf tees break easily as compared with the plastic ones; so have this in mind when shopping.

The best golf tees- The best low friction golf tees

Less friction on golf balls ensure a better performance. The best low friction golf tees are 4 yards more reduced friction golf tees. These golf tees give more distance off (4yards) the tee box as compared to others; however, no one is promising magic every time you tee off but these tees offer a good option.

4 yards more reduced friction golf tees consists of six-pronged and a flexible plastic top that ensure the golf ball is held in place. When compared to other golf tees, these 4 yards golf tees have less contact with the golf ball.

Reduced ball contact with the golf tee ensures that your golf ball has less spin off the tee and this helps in keeping your shorts straighter and longer. The other advantage you have when using these 4 yards more reduced friction golf tees is that you are able to tee off your golf balls at a consistent height since the golf tee has a plastic ring in the middle.

According to My Golf Spy, golfers who have been consistently using the 4 yards more reduced friction golf tees have improved on their ball speed as well as their yardage. The best thing about these golf tees is that the golf ball will remain nicely placed on the tee even when the weather is quite windy. These golf tees last longer as compared to others but they also tend to be more costly as compared to others.

On the flip side however, it can be quite difficult to place these golf tees on the ground because of their soft top. Also, when they pop out of the ground, they can be quite difficult to see.

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