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Is the Swing Glove legal on the golf course?

Is the swing glove legal on the golf course is a question that keeps playing on many golfers’ heads. A swing glove is a unique golf glove because it is the only glove that has a built-in swing gear which guides you through all the points of your golf swing. This glove can be said to be more of a training aid than a golf glove. This is because it helps you with your swing’s problems and your golf game will improve immediately.

This glove has been highly recommended by one of the most highly recommended golf instructors, Rick Smith. Rick Smith and other golf instructors agreed that that when you have a softer grip on the golf club, you are able to deliver more as compared to when you have a tight grip on the golf club. This glove helps you to acquire this soft grip; it allows the hinged plate to guide your wrists while at the same time reducing any excess pressure caused as the glove corrects the position of your wrist.

Most golfers have always complained of a breakdown of the wrist at the top of their golf swing. This leads to common problems like the flying elbow which in turn results to the dreaded slice. The work of this glove is to ensure that you get a proper swing every time you swing the golf club; it also helps in keeping the wrist straight.

This glove is one of the easiest golf training aids unlike other training aids because it looks like any other golf glove. You can wear it to practice and still wear it to normal golf plays. You can use from the tee box to the short game; it will guide you to better golf shots accuracy and greater distance.

Once you start using this glove in a few practice sessions, you are able to achieve a correct club angle and a more precise swing path for every golf shot. Whether you are chipping, putting or driving, using this glove improves your swing game all around.

So, back to our question, is Swing glove legal on the golf course? First of all, it is important to know that golf has a lot of gray areas. However, according to Rule 14-3 on Artificial Devices and Unusual Equipment; Abnormal Use of Equipment, which states that the use of equipment and devices which includes electronic devices are not allowed on the golf course during tournaments.  

Therefore, Swing Glove can only be used for practices but not during tournaments because it can be termed as an aid. The benefits however are immense because this glove induces muscle memory; it helps the golfer’s tournament play.

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