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The best golf towel is essential for keeping your hands, face, golf clubs and golf balls dry. Being dry increases your longevity on the golf course.  With a good golf towel, you are able to keep your golf equipment clean. No golf bag is complete without the best golf towel.  Golf towels serve a myriad of purposes with some of them being;

  • Drying your face and your body
  • Drying your hands
  • Cleaning the golf clubs
  • Cleaning the golf balls
  • Offers protection from the scorching sun when the best golf towel is draped on your head

Hunting for the best golf towel can be an uphill task because they come in many shapes and sizes and it can be quite confusing picking the one. Golfers can be a little careless when it comes to picking the best golf towel and that’s why we have compiled this list to give a sneak peak on what you are supposed to look out for.

The best golf towels

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel is one of the best golf towels in the market. It has incredibly long lasting microfibers making it one of the best greens towels. It comes in a three products pack; you get 3 towels in that one pack.

It is made of high quality microfiber waffle material which makes it super absorbent and it is able to dry and clean golf equipment fast.  The towels come in three different colors thus making it easier for you to keep different golf towels for different purposes separate. You can make a players towel by joining two towels to come up with a caddy towel. The white side can be used for your hands or face while the black part is used for your golf equipment; golf balls, golf clubs and golf clubs.

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towels are relatively long meaning you have a plenty of reach when you hang them one your golf bag. This microfiber towel comes with a snap on attachment to make it easier for you when clipping them on your golf bag.


  • It has an easy snap attachment that allows you to snap it on your golf cart, golf bag or your golf push cart
  • It possesses super cleaning ability; this microfiber golf towel is super absorbent with 400 grams per square meter, microfiber waffle weave material which cleans fast and easy.
  • These microfiber towels come in a three pack for the price of 1 which gives you value for your money.
  • The towels comes in three colors; white for your face and hands and black or grey for your golf equipment.
  • The three towels come in handy when you are making a players towel by snapping two towels together to make a caddy towel.
  • It is washer friendly


  • They can be quite big if you have a small golf bag which means you need to roll them up to fit
  • The 3 golf towel pack might not fit in your golf bag.

Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel

Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel is one of the best callaway golf towels because it is long, soft and premium. Callaway golf towels have been known to be the best towels because they are made from fine cotton which is a great material for both your hands and golf equipment. It is soft and absorbent all thanks to the 100% cotton material.

It comes with a carabineer for easy attachment on your golf push cart, golf bag or golf cart.


  • The material used is easy to wash and it is durable
  • Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel has a soft touch feel
  • Can be used for both your hands and golf equipment
  • It is able to dry and clean your hands or golf equipment
  • It does not fade even after several washes


  • The material used to make it does not include microfiber


Nike Microfiber Golf Towel

Nike Microfiber Golf Towel is one of the best nike golf towels. Nike golf towels are of good quality and they perform as they should when one is on the golf course. The reasons why Nike golf towels are trusted and have great reviews is the fact that they are made of a superior absorbent material. The waffle weave microfiber material is responsible for the smooth feel on this golf towel.

As for the size, Nike Microfiber Golf Towels measure 19 by 14 inches which is big enough for any golfer; heck, they could be used in the shower. It is big enough for you to wet one end and for you to keep the other end dry


  • The towel is big in size
  • It is easy to clean and it also dries quickly
  • The towel has a soft touch
  • The microfiber design gives this microfiber golf towel an awesome absorbency quality


  • Nike Microfiber Golf Towel does not come with a hook or a clip to attach on your golf bag, golf cart or golf push cart

Titleist Players Towel

Titleist Players Towel is one of the best titleist golf towels. With a sleek design consisting of black, red and white construction features, your competition will know that you didn’t come slack off on the greens. This titleist players towel helps to keep your golf clubs dry and clean.

It is made of 100 % cotton which makes it super absorbent and easy to clean. It comes with a web loop which helps in carrying as well as throwing it over the golf clubheads. The loop also makes it easier to secure it on your golf bag.

It measures 16 by 32 inches which is a good size for a golf towel.


  • Side handles for easy use and easy access
  • Black, White and Red towel with Titleist logo
  • It measures 16 by 32 inches
  • Easily stored on your golf pants back pocket or your golf bag


  • For a person who loves variety of colors, titleist golf towel is not the best pick








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