Best Golf Grips for Arthritic Hands

Best Golf Club Grips for Arthritic Hands

As someone who’s been golfing for years while managing arthritis, I understand the challenges you face, from swollen joints to decreased strength and mobility.

The good news? Using the best golf grips for arthritis can make a world of difference in your playing experience. That’s right, something as seemingly simple as changing your grip can dramatically reduce pain and improve your swing.

In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know to find the best golf grips for arthritis, designed to make your rounds more enjoyable and less painful. Trust me, the right grip can transform your game, and I’m here to guide you through this vital choice.

So, whether you’re a scratch golfer or a high handicapper, stick around. This guide is dedicated to helping you—and your hands—enjoy the game you love, for many rounds to come.

Stay tuned and let’s help you make the most out of your golfing experience, arthritis and all.

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Our Top 6 best golf grips for arthritic hands

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Lamkin Arthritic Grip – 13pc Golf Grip Kit

Specifically designed for golfers with hand conditions, its jumbo size minimizes hand pressure, significantly reducing pain and fatigue.

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Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Golf Grips

This golf grip features a unique serrated texture that maximizes traction without putting undue pressure on your joints.

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Karma Arthritic (+3/32") Golf Grip Kit

Crafted with unique texture patterns, this golf grip ensures secure handling without the need for a vise-like grip.

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do larger golf grips help with arthritis
CHAMPKEY Polyurethane Golf Grips

For those grappling with arthritis, the CHAMPKEY Polyurethane Golf Grips are a game-changer. Crafted from advanced polyurethane material, these grips offer an optimal blend of softness and durability that eases the discomfort on your joints.

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Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Golf Grips

Crafted with Winn’s signature polymer material, this oversize grip offers exceptional cushioning that’s a godsend for sensitive, arthritic hands. Plus, its durability means you won’t be re-gripping anytime soon.

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Avon Chamois Jumbo Golf Grips

The Avon Chamois Jumbo stands out as one of the best golf grips for arthritis, thanks to its unique “Air-Cushion” technology that offers unparalleled softness and cushioning. 

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Choosing the Best Golf Gloves for Arthritis

Selecting a golf grip when you have arthritis is not a decision to take lightly; it’s a fine balance between various factors that influence both comfort and performance. With years on the fairways, struggling with arthritis myself, I’ve learned that paying attention to the nuances can make all the difference. So, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of what to look for in the best golf grips for arthritis.


I personally recommend polyurethane grips or those that combine rubber with polyurethane for that extra cushioning. Some specialized arthritis-friendly grips even include gel or foam padding for additional comfort.

best golf ball for high handicap with high swing speed

Grip Size

For arthritic hands, midsize and jumbo grips are often more comfortable as they distribute the pressure more evenly across the hand, reducing strain on individual joints.


For arthritis sufferers, a smooth yet tacky surface often works best. This allows for a firm hold without requiring a white-knuckle grip that can strain your already sensitive joints.


Non-tapered golf grips, such as the JumboMax UltraLite, are more comfortable. These grips maintain a consistent diameter, allowing for an even grip pressure, which can alleviate stress on the hands.

best golf ball for high handicap with high swing speed


Arthritic hands can be even more sensitive to cold and wet conditions. Look for golf grips with moisture-wicking capabilities or those that offer excellent traction in wet weather, like Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet Cord.


Arthritic hands often exert more pressure on the grip, which can cause it to wear out faster. High-quality materials and construction, like those found in the SuperStroke Traxion Tour, can help your grips last longer, saving you from the frequent re-gripping.

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1. Lamkin Arthritic Golf Grips

The Lamkin Arthritic Grip offers a holistic approach to managing arthritis while golfing. From its specialized texture and jumbo size to its shock-absorbing materials, it addresses the core challenges arthritic golfers face, providing not just a grip, but a comprehensive solution.

The Lamkin Arthritic Grip is engineered with an acute understanding of the challenges faced by golfers with arthritis.

As soon as you hold one, you notice the grip’s nubbed texture, designed to provide a tactile surface that enhances traction without requiring an overly firm grasp. This texture proves to be an invaluable asset for arthritic hands, as it mitigates the need for a tight grip that can often exacerbate pain and discomfort. The nubs give your fingers individualized points of contact, allowing for a more relaxed grip, thereby reducing the stress exerted on your joints.

Size is another factor where the Lamkin Arthritic Grip shines. This grip comes in a +3/32″ oversize, which is generally considered a “jumbo” size in the realm of golf grips. 

The oversize dimensions are beneficial in reducing the torque on your wrists and hands during the swing. 

When you have arthritis, every bit of reduced torque equates to less pain and more rounds of comfortable golf. The thicker diameter allows for a more even distribution of grip pressure, creating less strain on specific joints and muscles in your hand, which is a boon for anyone managing arthritis symptoms.

Adittionally, the Lamkin Arthritic Grip is constructed from a proprietary compound that manages to be both durable and shock-absorbent. The material effectively dampens vibrations from each shot, providing a comfortable experience that can make a significant difference during a long day on the course. 

Anyone who has struggled with arthritic pain knows that the accumulation of little shocks and pressures can result in a flare-up of symptoms. This grip significantly reduces such risks, making it easier to focus on your game rather than your discomfort.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Golf Grips

The Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips offer a unique combination of features that make them an excellent choice for golfers with arthritis. 

The most distinctive aspect is the serrated texture, which provides the much-needed extra grip without requiring intense pressure from the fingers. This innovative feature ensures that the golf club remains secure in your hands throughout the swing, eliminating the need for a tightly clenched grip that could exacerbate arthritic pain.

In terms of size, the grip comes in an oversize, which is larger than a standard grip but not as bulky as a jumbo. The dimensions are thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably in an arthritic hand, relieving the pressure on joints and reducing the muscle fatigue commonly associated with gripping a club for an extended period. The reduced tension translates to a more fluid swing, potentially lowering your handicap and certainly raising your enjoyment levels.

The grip is made from a high-quality rubber compound that provides both durability and comfort. Despite its softness, the grip is surprisingly resilient, showing minimal wear even after multiple rounds. This balance of comfort and longevity means you won’t have to re-grip as often, which is a bonus for anyone, but particularly for those with hand pain who may find the re-gripping process cumbersome.

There are several things to consider when choosing the best golf grips for arthritis. First, you’ll want to pick a grip that is soft and cushioned. This will help absorb some of the stress on your joints. Second, you’ll want to make sure the grip is easy to hold onto. Grips that are too big or too small can be difficult to manage, especially if your hands are affected by arthritis.

Third, you’ll want to choose a grip that is comfortable to use. Some golfers with arthritis find that grips with a textured surface are more comfortable than smooth grips.

Finally, you’ll want to pick a grip that fits your hand size and playing style. There are many different types of golf grips available, so take the time to find the one that is best for you.

Best Golf Grips for Arthritis

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best golf grips for arthritic hands and provide some tips on how to find the right grip for you. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, read on to learn more about choosing the best golf grips for arthritis.

  • If you’re looking for a golf grip that is soft, cushioned, and easy to hold, the Winn Grips Dri-Tac Wrap grip is a good option. This grip is made from a soft, tacky material that helps to absorb shock and provide a comfortable grip for arthritic sufferers. The wrap-style design also makes it easy to hold, even for those with small hands.
  • If you’re looking for a golf grip with a textured surface, the Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound grip is a good choice. This grip has a rubber base that provides a firm grip, while the synthetic leather top offers a soft, comfortable feel. The textured surface also helps to reduce hand fatigue.

7 Best Golf Grips for Arthritic Hands

Here are the 7 best golf grips for arthritis:

  1. Avon Chamois Jumbo
  2. Winn Golf Grips for arthritis
  3. Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip
  4. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips
  5. Karma Arthritic – 13 Piece Golf Grip Kit
  6. Lamkin Arthritic Grip – 13pc Golf Grip Kit
  7. CHAMPKEY Comfortable Golf Grips

1. Avon Chamois Jumbo

best golf grips for arthritis

If you prefer a larger size with excellent cushioning to help you play golf without any difficulty, these grips may be what you need to enjoy your favorite sport! Check them out now on Amazon.

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There are many different types of golf grips available on the market. Arthritic people usually prefer a larger grip size to help them play golf with better stability and control. One of the most popular and economical choices for these players is the Jumbo Avon Chamois Golf Grips, which happens to be one of my favorites as well.

These Avon Chamois Golf Grips have a 4-1/4-inch circumference that provides plenty of cushioning and ensures that your hands do not slip when you swing or set up your shot. The material used in manufacturing is also known for its tacky feel (chamois) and high durability (iron). These features make it very easy to handle balls in all conditions, while the soft leather-like exterior provides excellent grip.

These grips also come with a small amount of rubber inlaid into their surface that helps improve your grip and add some cushioning to reduce vibration. The durable material is easy to install, while the unusual shape ensures that you do not get blisters or calluses when you practice for long periods of time.

Made from high quality materials by one of the leading brands in golf, it comes with a 90-day warranty and offers excellent value for money. This makes it a popular choice among arthritis sufferers who want to enjoy their favorite sport without any difficulty.

This ribbed grip helps to ensure consistency when placing your hands which translates to greater consistency when making those golf shots. This golf grip for arthritis is made from rubber polymer which is great in terms of durability.

This makes it one of the best golf grips for people with arthritis. In conclusion, this Avon Chamois Jumbo helps to keep joint pains at bay while providing the best cushion for your joints when shooting.

The Avon Chamois Jumbo Golf Grips provide excellent value for money. They are made from durable materials by one of the leading brands in golf equipment, with an unusual shape for better grip and durability despite being slightly thicker than average.

2. Winn Golf Grips for Arthritis

best golf club grips for arthritic hands

Winn is the company that started the textured grip business. They have been producing their top tier Winn Dri-Tac golf grips for decades, all while constantly pushing to improve their materials and handcrafting processes.

The embedding process of Winn Grips involves adding thousands of little round dots on the gripping surface to create an extremely tacky feeling similar to wearing a pair of workout gloves or being at a batting cage during humid weather. Not everyone loves this feeling but apparently those that do swear by it. The main thing is Winn grips never slip when in use and they are always tacky in all weather conditions.

Additionally, Winn Golf Grips are so soft on your hands they almost feel like a pillow which make the best golf grips for arthritis. They are cushy, comfortable and soft; the cushy grip helps to absorb the shock when one is shooting.

This cushioning prevents the shock from reaching your most affected joints like your arms as well as your shoulders. Winn Golf Grips give great traction and in turn they offer the golfer a secure feeling.

When using this golf grip for arthritis, you don’t have to grip on your golf club too tightly for control; all you need to do is to relax your arms. You don’t need to grip too tightly. Less gripping reduces the tension on your arms thus reducing the discomfort. In turn giving you a good, powerful swing.

Winn Excel Midsize Grip – Black is Winns longest running arthritic golf grips. This Winn golf grip provides the layer with a cushioned soft and smooth yet tacky texture on the perforated spiral wrap. This golf grip for arthritic hands provides a leather like look.

This Winn Excel golf grip has a high shock absorption. This high shock absorption hat’s is what makes it most used by most arthritic golfers or people with hand fatigue. This golf grip for arthritis prevents your hands from over-gripping your golf club. Less gripping allows you to play or practice for longer without experiencing pain.

Features of the Winn Excel Arthritic Grips

  • It is shock absorbing
    It is tacky and soft
  • It has a spiral wrap design for use without gloves
    It has low water resistance
  • It has a perforated leather look which gives it a minimal texture
    It is made with excel polymer

3. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips

best golf grip for arthritic hands

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips are manufactured from the best thermoplastic rubber which gives it a tacky feeling. Tac-Mac grips are one of the best golf grips for arthritis because the grip has a serrated design that gives you a tight grip.

The Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf grip is a great way to ensure your arthritis doesn’t prevent you from enjoying golf.

Many golfers that suffer from arthritis don’t realize that the pain in their hands and fingers is actually caused by poor grip. This article will go over what makes this grip particularly helpful for those with arthritis, as well as some other important features of it.

The Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip was designed to have an incredibly tacky surface, which can help you get a good hold on your club. This way, you’ll be less likely to lose control while swinging or hitting the ball, greatly reducing any pain that might happen during the hit. It’s also very easy to maintain once it’s been put on, so there won’t be too much upkeep involved for this particular product.

The size is also important for any golfer that has problems with arthritis. This product is oversize, meaning that it’s quite bigger than the average golf grip, which can help you get a better hold on your club.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Golf Grips for Arthritis

Golf grips are quite overlooked when golfers are buying golfing equipment. Golfer research about the best golf balls, the best putters, the best golf drivers, the best golf shoes but they rarely research on the best golf grips.

During a swing, the grip is the only part of a golf club that you actually touch. It is therefore very important to find the right golf grip.

It is also important to ensure that your golf grips are always clean and fit to play. Below is information that will help you make a conclusion when you are shopping for the best golf grips

Types of Golf Grips

Rubber Golf Grips

Most golf grips are rubber. The rubber is easy to produce, it is easy to shape and it offers a firm but an adhesive feel. The other materials used in making the best golf grips are elastomer, silicon and plastic.

Wrap Golf Grips

Wrap grips go back to the original leather grips style where leather strips were wrapped around the shaft. Lately, wrap grips have been using some modern material that creates a soft surface texture which in turn provides a tacky touch.

Corded Golf Grips

Corded golf grips are grips that have a cord material as a component in the composition of the grip. This material helps in providing more traction to your hands when you are sweating or  playing in the rain. Unfortunately most players find corded golf grips a little abrasive. This makes them uncomfortable to the hands as compared to un-corded grips

Light Golf Grips

When companies started making fairway woods and drivers lighter and lighter, it was only logical that the grips would also be made lighter. Therefore, certain golf grips that are used on metal woods tend to be lighter as compared to golf grips used on irons.

Putter Golf Grips

Putter grips tend to differ from grips made for woods and irons in a number of different ways. For starters, they don’t require the same traction level or texture. This is because golfers don’t necessarily have to grip or swing hard with the putter as it happens with a normal golf swing.

Another thing is that putter grips happen to be the only golf grips allowed by golf rules to have a flat edge. This flat edge is added to the front of the grip to give you an idea on where your thumbs should rest on the golf grip.

Different golf grips sizes are there to improve on your ability when you are on the greens. A thicker golf grip helps you to take your wrists and hands out of the stroke. This is something most golfers seek in order to improve on their putting skills. The only disadvantage of a thick grip is that you don’t get the feel of a thin golf grip. If you are a putter or you have strokes that involve a lot of wrist action, thin golf grips are your best bet.

Round Versus Ribbed Arthritic Golf Grips

All golf grips for irons or woods are either ribbed or round. A round golf grip has a symmetrical design while a ribbed golf grip has a small ridge that goes the whole length of the golf grip. The ridge acts as a reminder or a guide to players to show them where their fingers and hands should lie on the grip.

Grip Size

The same way you wear a fitting pair of shoes is the same way you should use the best golf grips that fit your hands. Unfortunately, research shows that 75% of golf players use the wrong size of golf grips. The best golf grips do not allow fingers in a golfer’s top hand to touch the palm.

Some golf players prefer oversize golf grips that limit the wrist movement or to limit a hook or a draw and vice versa. Some players also try to limit a slice by using a slightly thin golf grip.

Golf grips sizes vary depending with a manufacturer but they always tend to fall in one of the below 5 sizes;

  • Standard golf grips-0.580 to 0.600 inches in diameter
  • Junior golf grip-they come in various sizes and they are shorter and smaller than standard
  • Undersize golf grips-they are 1/64 inches smaller than standard golf grips
  • Midsize golf grips- they are 1/16 inches larger than standard golf grips
  • Oversize golf grips/jumbo golf grips-they are 1/8 inches larger than standard golf grips

For minor adjustments in the size of golf grips, some players may add some tape between the shaft and the grip. One layer of tape adds 1/64 of an inch, 3 wraps add 1/3 while 6 wraps add 1/16.


The most common question asked by golf players is how long the arthritic golf grips last. The answer to this question depends on the type of a player one is. The life of the grip depends on how hard you hold your golf club, the number of golf swings you take, how often you play or practice as well as how well you maintain your golf grips.

Most manufacturers say the best golf grips should be changed after every 40 rounds of golf or after one year.


Maintaining your golf grips is important. You should be able to feel and know when you need to change your golf grips. Some of the signs to look for in order to change you golf grips are; hard or smooth areas of the golf grips, shiny spots, cracks in the material or tear and wear where your fingers lie.

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of the best golf grips. You can wash most golf grips with a mild dish washing detergent. When washing non-buffed golf grips, use a wash cloth as opposed to an abrasive brush or pad. For rubber golf grips, use an abrasive brush or pad.

After cleaning, make sure the golf grip is thoroughly rinsed in warm water to remove all the soap. Towel dry or air dry the golf grip.

Golfing With Arthritis in Hands

jumbo golf grips for arthritis

What is Arthritis?

If you are wondering what is arthritis, arthritis is inflammation of the joints. This means one or two joints thus causing quite a discomfort. Arthritis comes as a result of cartilage( the material that prevents your joints and your bones from rubbing onto each other) breakdown. Some of arthritis symptoms are swelling, pain, stiffness with the symptoms increasing as the disease progresses.

Arthritis can be cured with moderate, normal exercises while other times it needs anti-inflammatory drugs (creams and tablets). In extreme cases, arthritis can progress to chronic pain and in the worst cases into disability.

Golfers with arthritis in their hands can still play golf by modifying the way they hold their club, grip the club, and swing the club. Here are some helpful tips for golfing with arthritis in hands:

  1. Grip the club lightly. Don’t grip the club too tightly, as this will put unnecessary stress on your hands.
  2. Use an interlocking grip. This grip will help to keep the club in your hands.
  3. Swing gently. Don’t swing the club too hard, as this will also put unnecessary stress on your hands.
  4. Use a larger club head. A larger club head will decrease the stress on your hands.
  5. Play a lower-scoring course. A lower-scoring course will require less precision from you and will be less demanding on your hands.
  6. Take breaks often. Take a break every few holes to rest your hands and give them a chance to recover.
  7. Wear gloves. Gloves will help to protect  your hands from the elements and will also keep them warm.
  8. Use a golf cart. A golf cart will take some of the stress off your hands. 
  9. Practice regularly. The more you practice, the easier it will be to play golf with arthritis in your hands. 

How to Grip the Club

When you grip the club, make sure to hold it light enough that you can still move your fingers. You don’t want to grip the club too tightly, as this will put pressure on your fingers and cause pain. Try using a light grip and then increase the grip pressure as needed. You may also want to try using an interlocking grip or a V-grip.

How to Swing the Club With Hand Arthritis

When you swing the club, make sure to keep your arm and hand relaxed. Don’t try to swing the club too hard, as this will put too much pressure on your hands and arms. Instead, try to use a smooth swing and  follow through with your arms. 

If you are having trouble swinging the club, you may want to try using a golf club that is lighter or easier to swing. You can also try using a golf swing aid to help you swing the club correctly.

Play Without Pain-Using the Best Golf Grips For Arthritis

best golf club grips for arthritic hands

As noted earlier, you don’t have to endure pain when golfing; arthritic golf grips will be your saving grace. You can play without pain; all you need to do is to exercise moderately to strengthen your muscles.

Aerobics will also help in joint function, joint coordination, and joint balance not forgetting your overall health. Make sure you have the right equipment because it makes all the difference.

One great example of the right equipment is using the right arthritic golf grips. Using graphite shafts is better as compared to steel shafts. This is because graphite ones are lighter thus needing less energy to swing. Also, graphite shafts vibrate less as compared to steel. This reduces the impact on your hands and in turn reducing the pain.

Do Larger Golf Grips Help with Arthritis?

You can also use oversized golf grips to reduce the pain since the bigger the grip, the less the amount of pressure your hands need to apply. At the same time, the bigger the grip, the less the vibration your hands will endure.

Beyond Arthritic Golf Grips

When you are armed with arthritic golf grips and the right golf clubs, arthritis golfers will endure less pain (discomfort). It doesn’t matter if you have severe arthritis, with the right golf grips and the right golf clubs; you’ll still enjoy your golfing.

Phil Mickelson’s (PGA Tour start) golfing career had his golfing career threatened by psoriatic arthritis. Fortunately his condition was cured by a drug called Enbrel. He went ahead to get the British Open award in 2013. So, get the right medication and the right equipment and you are good to go.

The best golf grips for arthritis come in handy when one is suffering from arthritis and they still want to enjoy golf. Arthritis should not dim your golfing career. Arthritis is a disease that affects people in their old age and it is mostly as a result of cartilages breaking.

When a cartilage breaks, bones come into contact with each other thus making it uncomfortable and in serious cases it escalates to pain. Having the best golf grips for arthritis will make your golfing little more pleasant. All you need are oversized golf grips and you are good to go.

With  oversized golf grips, there will be less exertion by your hands when holding your golf club. We will discuss more golf grips for arthritis on this post so that your golfing experience can be more pleasant.

Best Supplements for Arthritic Hands

As you already know, there’s no cure for arthritis. However, there happens to be the best supplements for arthritic hands in the market which help in improving symptoms as well as reducing joint pains. The market has quite a huge number of brands that claim to help with all sorts of problems as well as improving on general health.

Unfortunately, many supplements do not have a scientific research backing up their effectiveness.  Here are some four supplements that have a scientific backing on their effectiveness and they have been recommended by Arthritis Foundation;


Tumeric has a chemical called curcumin which helps in reducing swelling and joint pain by blocking inflammatory enzymes and cytokines. Although research on how turmeric works for joint pains is still ongoing, an analysis shows that it improves joint pains and it can be compared to ibuprofen.

Since it can be a little hard to get the real turmeric, some turmeric supplements goes a long way to keep your wrists pain at bay.


This is one of the best supplements for arthritic hands; it is a natural component of cartilage which is a sub stance that keeps bones from rubbing each other. It is the rubbing of bones that causes inflammation and pain. Glucosamine also helps in preventing the cartilage breakdown which happens a lot when one is suffering from arthritis.

Glucosamine is one of the most studied and talked about supplements for osteoarthritis. In fact many supplements that treat joint pains contain glucosamine and these supplements are found in two types and these are glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride.

Some studies show that products containing glucosamine hydrochloride don’t help as much to improve osteoarthritis joint pain. Other studies show that products containing glucosamine sulfate help a lot with joint mean; this means that it is a better option as compared to glucosamine hydrochloride.

When taken for up to 3 years, glucosamine sulfate helps in narrowing down the joint pain. You can try some glucosamine sulfate supplements and see how they help with your wrists pains

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