Best Golf Club Grips for Arthritic Hands

GOLFING when suffering from arthritis can be quite painful; wait, it is damn painful. All the same, you don’t have to give up on your golfing career, that’s why there are arthritic golf grips.

Here are the top 10 golf club grips for arthritic hands:

  1. Avon Chamois Jumbo
  2. Winn Golf Grips for arthritis
  3. Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip
  4. Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips

What is arthritis?

If you are wondering what is arthritis, arthritis is inflammation of the joints. This means one or two joints thus causing quite a discomfort. Arthritis comes as a result of cartilage( the material that prevents your joints and your bones from rubbing onto each other) breakdown. Some of arthritis symptoms are swelling, pain, stiffness with the symptoms increasing as the disease progresses.

Arthritis can be cured with moderate, normal exercises while other times it needs anti-inflammatory drugs (creams and tablets). In extreme cases, arthritis can progress to chronic pain and in the worst cases into disability.

You can play without pain-use arthritic golf grips

As noted earlier, you don’t have to endure pain when golfing; arthritic golf grips will be your saving grace. You can play without pain; all you need to do is to exercise moderately to strengthen your muscles.

Aerobics will also help in joint function, joint coordination, and joint balance not forgetting your overall health. Make sure you have the right equipment because it makes all the difference.

One great example of the right equipment is using the right arthritic golf grips. Using graphite shafts is better as compared to steel shafts. This is because graphite ones are lighter thus needing less energy to swing. Also, graphite shafts vibrate less as compared to steel. This reduces the impact on your hands and in turn reducing the pain.

Do larger golf grips help with arthritis?

You can also use oversized golf grips to reduce the pain since the bigger the grip, the less the amount of pressure your hands need to apply. At the same time, the bigger the grip, the less the vibration your hands will endure.

    Beyond the arthritic golf grips

When you are armed with arthritic golf grips and the right golf clubs, arthritis golfers will endure less pain (discomfort). It doesn’t matter if you have severe arthritis, with the right golf grips and the right golf clubs; you’ll still enjoy your golfing.

Phil Mickelson’s (PGA Tour start) golfing career had his golfing career threatened by psoriatic arthritis. Fortunately his condition was cured by a drug called Enbrel. He went ahead to get the British Open award in 2013. So, get the right medication and the right equipment and you are good to go.

The best golf grips for arthritis come in handy when one is suffering from arthritis and they still want to enjoy golf. Arthritis should not dim your golfing career. Arthritis is a disease that affects people in their old age and it is mostly as a result of cartilages breaking.

When a cartilage breaks, bones come into contact with each other thus making it uncomfortable and in serious cases it escalates to pain. Having the best golf grips for arthritis will make your golfing little more pleasant. All you need are oversized golf grips and you are good to go.

With  oversized golf grips, there will be less exertion by your hands when holding your golf club. We will discuss more golf grips for arthritis on this post so that your golfing experience can be more pleasant.

What is the best golf grip for arthritic hands?

Avon Chamois Jumbo

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips

Avon Chamois Jumbo

arthritic golf grips

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Avon Chamois Jumbo has to be one of the best arthritic golf grips you’ll ever come across. The oversized grip lessens that vibration when one is swinging the golf club. At the same time, it provides the arthritic golfer with ample cushion. The best thing about this golf grip is that it is ribbed. This ribbing ensures  the golfer wont have a problem placing his or her hands on the golf grip.

This ribbed grip helps to ensure consistency when placing your hands which translates to greater consistency when making those golf shots. This golf grip for arthritis is made from rubber polymer which is great in terms of durability.

This makes it one of the best golf grips for people with arthritis. In conclusion, this Avon Chamois Jumbo helps to keep joint pains at bay while providing the best cushion for your joints when shooting.

Winn Golf Grips for arthritis

Winn Golf Grips are so soft on your hands they almost feel like a pillow which make the best golf grips for arthritis. They are cushy, comfortable and soft; the cushy grip helps to absorb the shock when one is shooting.

This cushioning prevents the shock from reaching your most affected joints like your arms as well as your shoulders. Winn Golf Grips give great traction and in turn they offer the golfer a secure feeling.

When using this golf grip for arthritis, you don’t have to grip on your golf club too tightly for control; all you need to do is to relax your arms. You don’t need to grip too tightly. Less gripping reduces the tension on your arms thus reducing the discomfort. In turn giving you a good, powerful swing.

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip

arthritic golf grips

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Winn Excel Midsize Grip – Black is Winns longest running arthritic golf grips. This Winn golf grip provides the layer with a cushioned soft and smooth yet tacky texture on the perforated spiral wrap. This golf grip for arthritic hands provides a leather like look.

This Winn Excel golf grip has a high shock absorption. This high shock absorption hat’s is what makes it most used by most arthritic golfers or people with hand fatigue. This golf grip for arthritis prevents your hands from over-gripping your golf club. Less gripping allows you to play or practice for longer without experiencing pain.


  • It is shock absorbing

    It is tacky and soft
  • It has a spiral wrap design for use without gloves

    It has low water resistance
  • It has a perforated leather look which gives it a minimal texture

    It is made with excel polymer

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips
arthritic golf grips

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Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips are manufactured from the best thermoplastic rubber which gives it a tacky feeling. Tac-Mac grips are one of the best golf grips for arthritis because the grip has a serrated design that gives you a tight grip.

The many tiny bumps on the grip make it have a rough texture that helps you maintain your grip without holding on to it too tightly. With this grip, you reduce the pressure on your hands when you are making that swing.

Arthritic golf grips buying guide

Golf grips are quite overlooked when golfers are buying golfing equipment. Golfer research about the best golf balls, the best putters, the best golf drivers, the best golf shoes but they rarely research on the best golf grips.

During a swing, the grip is the only part of a golf club that you actually touch. It is therefore very important to find the right golf grip.

It is also important to ensure that your golf grips are always clean and fit to play. Below is information that will help you make a conclusion when you are shopping for the best golf grips

Types of golf grips

Rubber golf grips

Most golf grips are rubber. The rubber is easy to produce, it is easy to shape and it offers a firm but an adhesive feel. The other materials used in making the best golf grips are elastomer, silicon and plastic.

Wrap golf grips

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Wrap grips go back to the original leather grips style where leather strips were wrapped around the shaft. Lately, wrap grips have been using some modern material that creates a soft surface texture which in turn provides a tacky touch.

Corded golf grips

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Corded golf grips are grips that have a cord material as a component in the composition of the grip. This material helps in providing more traction to your hands when you are sweating or  playing in the rain. Unfortunately most players find corded golf grips a little abrasive. This makes them uncomfortable to the hands as compared to un-corded grips

Light golf grips

When companies started making fairway woods and drivers lighter and lighter, it was only logical that the grips would also be made lighter. Therefore, certain golf grips that are used on metal woods tend to be lighter as compared to golf grips used on irons.

Putter golf grips

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Putter grips tend to differ from grips made for woods and irons in a number of different ways. For starters, they don’t require the same traction level or texture. This is because golfers don’t necessarily have to grip or swing hard with the putter as it happens with a normal golf swing.

Another thing is that putter grips happen to be the only golf grips allowed by golf rules to have a flat edge. This flat edge is added to the front of the grip to give you an idea on where your thumbs should rest on the golf grip.

Different golf grips sizes are there to improve on your ability when you are on the greens. A thicker golf grip helps you to take your wrists and hands out of the stroke. This is something most golfers seek in order to improve on their putting skills. The only disadvantage of a thick grip is that you don’t get the feel of a thin golf grip. If you are a putter or you have strokes that involve a lot of wrist action, thin golf grips are your best bet.

Round versus ribbed

All golf grips for irons or woods are either ribbed or round. A round golf grip has a symmetrical design while a ribbed golf grip has a small ridge that goes the whole length of the golf grip. The ridge acts as a reminder or a guide to players to show them where their fingers and hands should lie on the grip.

Grip size

The same way you wear a fitting pair of shoes is the same way you should use the best golf grips that fit your hands. Unfortunately, research shows that 75% of golf players use the wrong size of golf grips. The best golf grips do not allow fingers in a golfer’s top hand to touch the palm.

Some golf players prefer oversize golf grips that limit the wrist movement or to limit a hook or a draw and vice versa. Some players also try to limit a slice by using a slightly thin golf grip.

Golf grips sizes vary depending with a manufacturer but they always tend to fall in one of the below 5 sizes;

Standard golf grips-0.580 to 0.600 inches in diameter

Junior golf grip-they come in various sizes and they are shorter and smaller than standard

Undersize golf grips-they are 1/64 inches smaller than standard golf grips

Midsize golf grips- they are 1/16 inches larger than standard golf grips

Oversize golf grips/jumbo golf grips-they are 1/8 inches larger than standard golf grips

For minor adjustments in the size of golf grips, some players may add some tape between the shaft and the grip. One layer of tape adds 1/64 of an inch, 3 wraps add 1/3 while 6 wraps add 1/16.


The most common question asked by golf players is how long the arthritic golf grips last. The answer to this question depends on the type of a player one is. The life of the grip depends on how hard you hold your golf club, the number of golf swings you take, how often you play or practice as well as how well you maintain your golf grips.

Most manufacturers say the best golf grips should be changed after every 40 rounds of golf or after one year.


Maintaining your golf grips is important. You should be able to feel and know when you need to change your golf grips. Some of the signs to look for in order to change you golf grips are; hard or smooth areas of the golf grips, shiny spots, cracks in the material or tear and wear where your fingers lie.

Regular cleaning prolongs the life of the best golf grips. You can wash most golf grips with a mild dish washing detergent. When washing non-buffed golf grips, use a wash cloth as opposed to an abrasive brush or pad. For rubber golf grips, use an abrasive brush or pad.

After cleaning, make sure the golf grip is thoroughly rinsed in warm water to remove all the soap. Towel dry or air dry the golf grip

Best supplements for arthritic hands

As you already know, there’s no cure for arthritis. However, there happens to be the best supplements for arthritic hands in the market which help in improving symptoms as well as reducing joint pains. The market has quite a huge number of brands that claim to help with all sorts of problems as well as improving on general health.

Unfortunately, many supplements do not have a scientific research backing up their effectiveness.  Here are some four supplements that have a scientific backing on their effectiveness and they have been recommended by Arthritis Foundation;


Tumeric has a chemical called curcumin which helps in reducing swelling and joint pain by blocking inflammatory enzymes and cytokines. Although research on how turmeric works for joint pains is still ongoing, an analysis shows that it improves joint pains and it can be compared to ibuprofen.

Since it can be a little hard to get the real turmeric, some turmeric supplements goes a long way to keep your wrists pain at bay.


This is one of the best supplements for arthritic hands; it is a natural component of cartilage which is a sub stance that keeps bones from rubbing each other. It is the rubbing of bones that causes inflammation and pain. Glucosamine also helps in preventing the cartilage breakdown which happens a lot when one is suffering from arthritis.

Glucosamine is one of the most studied and talked about supplements for osteoarthritis. In fact many supplements that treat joint pains contain glucosamine and these supplements are found in two types and these are glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride.

Some studies show that products containing glucosamine hydrochloride don’t help as much to improve osteoarthritis joint pain. Other studies show that products containing glucosamine sulfate help a lot with joint mean; this means that it is a better option as compared to glucosamine hydrochloride.

When taken for up to 3 years, glucosamine sulfate helps in narrowing down the joint pain. You can try some glucosamine sulfate supplements and see how they help with your wrists pains

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