Do I need a golf towel? What are golf towels for?

One of the most important and often overlooked items is a golf towel. A golf towel just like any other golfing is just as important because you need it for a lot of things on the golf course. Even the USGA recognizes the importance of a golf towel and that’s why it allows golfers to use a handkerchief if they didn’t bring a golf towel.

So, how do pros use golf towels you ask? Most golf pros never leave for the golf course without three or more golf towels. These towels are used for three uses and these are; personal care, cleaning and drying, and cooling during the hot season. So do need a golf towel? Yes, you need one for the three reasons below;

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Golf Towel for Personal Use

Most golfers use towels for cleaning their golf equipment but it is important to have some for personal use. Having different golf towels for personal use is important because you can’t be using golf towels with dirt and debris to wipe sweat from your hands or from your face.

Having a golf towel for personal use helps you to focus on the game. This is because you’ll use it to wipe sweat from your skin thus keeping your skin cool and not itchy from sweat. Personal golf towels are however not a game requirement but every golfer should have one or two for when they have a big game ahead of them.

There are a lot of personal use towels for golf that you can buy depending on your preference in terms of color, the material used to make it, shape, and size. When purchasing personal-use golf towels, you might need to pick a different color from the other golf towels to avoid a mix up.

Golf towel for cleaning and drying

When buying towels for cleaning and drying golf equipment, you should pick small golf towels and the ones that are lighter in weight. These ones have been made of an absorbent material like microfiber blend and most of them have a clip to make them easier for use.

The most important role for these ones is to ensure that your golf equipment like golf clubs and golf balls are clean at all times. They always come in very handy especially when your irons get dirt in between their grooves when removing grass stains from the golf balls and when de-sanding your putters. For easy access, they are best clipped on your golf bag or on your golf shorts pocket.

Other than cleaning, a golf towel comes in handy to dry golf club grips especially if you have sweaty hands. We know dirty and wet golf clubs will always give bad results.

Cooling golf towels

When you are playing during spring or summer, there’s a possibility that you’ll need a damp towel around your neck to cool yourself off. The normal golf towels are prone to keeping your clothes wet all day when you are on the golf course and that’s why you need a cooling golf towel. A cooling golf towel is such an important investment and you’ll always get value for your money.  The best thing about them is that they don’t get your best golf shirts wet but they keep you cool for as long as you want. All you need to do is to keep wetting them whenever you need them and then returning it into its carrying pouch for later use. Never use a cooling towel to clean your golf equipment as it ends up ruining the towel.

In conclusion, yes you do need a golf towel when you are on the golf course. Not only do they keep your golfing equipment clean and dry, golf towels also keep you cool, and dry depending on the golf towel you are using

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