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Golf dress code- What to Wear to Golf Course

Most golf courses around the world have a golf dress code but the strictness on what to wear to golf course depends on the particular golf courses. However, most golf courses will not allow you to play without a golf polo shirt.

If you want to know whether there’s a golf dress code to a particular golf course, you should check the prices you have to pay for you to play. The higher the green fees you have to pay, the more likely it is that there is a dress code.

Most golf courses will however allow you to have a collared polo shirt, dockers style slacks or shorts for men and skorts or golf skirts for women. Other lower-priced golf courses allow golf players to wear denims shorts or even blue jeans.

What is Considered Proper Golf Attire?

When you are playing a round of golf, proper attire is key. There are certain items of clothing that are considered appropriate for golf and others that are not.

Anything that is not considered golf attire would be considered inappropriate for the golf course. This would include clothing that is too revealing, clothing that is too casual, and clothing that is too heavy. If you are not sure if a certain item of clothing is appropriate for golf, it is best to ask a golf professional or the staff at the golf course.

When it comes to choosing the right golf attire, it is important to consider the weather conditions. For example, if it is cold outside, you will want to wear clothing that will keep you warm. If it is hot outside, you will want to wear golf clothes that will help keep you cool. The same goes for wet weather conditions. You will want to wear clothing that will keep you dry.

Golf attire should be functional as well as stylish. Make sure whatever golf attire you purchase can be worn for your everyday errands, work or to social places. Here is a list of what is considered proper golf attire:

Male Golf Dress Code

what do you wear to play golf
  • Golf shirts

Men should wear collared shirts or collared polo shirts and they should be tucked in at all times. The best golf shirts to buy are solid colored shirts but if you prefer print golf shirts, go for it. T-shirts are however not allowed on the golf course

  • Golf jackets or golf sweaters

Golf jackets or golf sweaters come in quite handy when the weather is chilly. Layering is allowed; in fact it is a popular style for golfers but hoodies are not allowed on the golf course. Golfers can also wear vests and windbreakers. A vintage golf sweater is still very much stylish even today.

  • Bottoms

Men can wear golf pants but some golf courses will only golfers to wear the best golf shorts. If you are unsure about the golf dress code, you should enquire from the management before you show up for the game. You must also wear a belt with any of the bottoms that you pick. Sweat pants, jeans or athletic shorts are not allowed on the golf course

  • Hats

Golf hats for sun protection are optional but they are recommended to prevent sunburns. bucket golf hats, straw hats, visors and baseball caps are some of the most common golf caps worn by men. If you opt to wear a baseball cap, ensure it is turned forward. Also, always remove your hat when entering a building. Fedora hats and cowboy hats are considered as an improper golf dress code. Beanie hats can be worn to the golf course during cold weather especially on winter but they are not allowed on normal days.

  • Golf sunglasses

Sunglasses for golf are also optional but they can be used as a golf item to enhance your golfing game. Golf sunglasses not only provide you with sun protection, they also reduce your eye strain on the golf course. With the best golf sunglasses for golf, you are able to see better especially when playing on the last few golf holes. There are quite a number of sunglasses in the market with golf-specific lenses to help in colors and contrast. These golf sunglasses help you to see further and with a clear vision on the golf course.

  • Golf gloves

Golf gloves are also optional but they are golf items that help one to enhance their game. Golf gloves are worn on the non-dominant hand; for right handed people, it is worn on the right hand and the vice versa

  • Golf shoes

Golf shoes help in stabilizing your golf swings while providing comfort throughout your golfing day. Most golf shoes have spiked soles but nowadays most golf courses require soft spike golf shoes with the spikes being made of plastic or rubber. Traditional metal spiked golf shoes have been banned in quite a number of golf courses. Black, brown and white golf shoes are some of the most worn men’s golf shoes. If you don’t own a pair of golf shoes, running shoes can be worn to the golf course; boots and sandals are not allowed on most golf courses. Having socks is unspoken golf etiquette; golfers should wear socks to complete their golf dress code.

Women Golf Attire

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What Should a Woman Wear to a Golf Course?

There is no one specific answer to this question. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few things to keep in mind when dressing for a day on the golf course.

First, consider the weather. If it’s hot, shorts or skorts may be the best option. If it’s cold, you’ll want to dress in layers and wear pants or a skirt.

Next, think about what will be most comfortable for you. Some women feel more comfortable in pants, while others prefer shorts or skorts.

Finally, consider the other golfers on the course. You don’t want to stand out too much or look too casual. Slacks, shorts, or skorts are all acceptable choices for women golfers. 

  • Shirts

Golf shirts for women are not as strict and therefore they vary greatly. Women are allowed to wear uncollared or collared shirts as well as sleeveless, short or long sleeved golf shirts. The most important thing when it comes to women golf shirts is the modesty. Crop tops, T-shirts, halters or spaghetti tank tops are not allowed on the golf course. When wearing golf shorts or golf pants for women, you should never forget to tuck your golf shirt.

  • Bottoms

When it comes to bottoms, women have quite a variety of golf items to choose from. Women can wear golf pants for women, they can wear golf dresses, dress shorts, capris or golf skirts, golf shorts for women; they are spoilt for choice. The golf dresses should not be low cut or too short such that they are considered mini dresses. When standing up straight, the best golf dresses should pass your finger tips.

  • Hats

Golf hats for women are optional but they are such important golf items for sun protection. Baseball caps and visors are the most common golf caps for women. The golf hat should be turned forward at all times on the golf course and they should be removed when one is going inside a building on the golf course grounds. Fedoras and cowboy hats are not allowed. Beanie hats are only allowed when it is extremely cold for example during winter.

  • Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses for women are also optional golf items but they are quite important since they can enhance ones performance on the golf course. Golf sunglasses help in reducing eye strain while protecting the golfer from sun. Sunglasses for golf also protect the skin around the eyes from the sun which prevent the formation of wrinkles from UV rays. There are golf specific lenses as well as frames which provide the golfer with a comfortable fit and the best optical vision on the golf course.

  • Purses

Purses are allowed on the golf course but they are not recommended as a golf dress code since they can be quite a bother to carry around the golf course. The best golf bags have a pocket that can hold a small purse, so it is recommended that one should put all their golf essentials in their golf bag.

  • Shoes

Golf shoes for women are not as strict as it is for men which mean they can wear colored golf shoes. If one doesn’t have golf shoes, they can wear running shoes. High heels, boots or sandals are not allowed. The best golf shoes help in stabilizing your swing while providing you with great comfort. Golf shoes should be worn with socks to complete the entire golf dress code look.

  • Gloves

Golf gloves are also optional golf items but they are quite useful for a tight grip on the golf club. Golf gloves for women are also worn on the non-dominant hand. Right handed people wear the golf gloves on their left hand and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions About What to Wear to Golf Course

Do you have to wear a hat in golf?

what to wear to golf course

Golfers do not have to wear hats, but many do choose to do so. Hats can help protect against the sun and wind, and they can also help keep your head warm on colder days. 

If you are a golfer, you may want to consider investing in a good hat. There are many different types of hats available, so you should be able to find one that will suit your needs. 

Just make sure that the hat is comfortable and does not interfere with your ability to play golf. 

Whether you choose to wear a hat or not, be sure to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and stay in the shade whenever possible. 

Do you have to tuck your shirt in for golf?

The answer to this question may surprise you. While wearing a tucked-in shirt is the traditional way to play golf, it is not required. In fact, some professional golfers choose to go without a tucked-in shirt, as it gives them a little more freedom of movement. If you feel more comfortable playing golf with a tucked-in shirt, then by all means go for it! But if you’d rather keep your shirt untucked, that’s perfectly acceptable, too. 

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