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Most Comfortable Golf Shirts for All Weather

There are many different golf shirts on the market, but not all of them are comfortable. In order to find the most comfortable golf shirts, you need to do some research.

The best golf shirts should not only look good on you on the golf course when you are teeing off; they should also enhance your performance.  Versatility is the keyword here when it comes to picking the best golf shirts. You need to consider a few things before giving out your credit card to pay for the golf shirts.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Most Comfortable Golf Shirts

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Some of these things that you need to consider before buying your golf shirts are;

  • The shirt should be light enough to ensure that you won’t overheat when playing.
  • The golf shirt should not be constricting when you are playing
  • It is easy to machine wash and that it doesn’t need ironing when taken out
  • The golf shirt can be worn for as an all-day wear
  • It is comfortable and breathable

Golf shirts come in all shapes and sizes. From sleeveless to long sleeve, they can be made of cotton or polyester, have collars or not, and the list goes on. However there are a few things that set one golf shirt apart from another.


Cotton/polyester make for the most comfortable golf shirts. They offer the best in durability and breathability. Cotton is usually slightly more breathable than polyester, but both will perform well in a variety of conditions and temperatures.

Polyester shirts are cheaper and can be machine-washed, but they can also make you sweat more. Cotton shirts are more expensive, but they’re cooler and softer to the touch. They’re also usually more breathable.

Some clothing manufacturers will use a blend of polyester and cotton to create a shirt that’s cooler than pure polyester but cheaper than pure cotton.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing between the two materials is that cotton shrinks over time; if you are between sizes or are unsure which size to get, go for the larger one. Shrinkage is something that can be prevented through washing and drying correctly, but no matter what you do it will shrink over time.

Collar type/length

On a traditional golf shirt, there are three different styles of collars found on most shirts: a short or fused collar, a semi-cutaway collar , and a full cutaway collar .

For those who prefer to have their collars up when playing, the short or fused collar is the best option. Often times these shirts are referred to as “polo” style because of this. These types of collars keep your collar in place while also protecting your skin from chafing. They are the most casual style of collar, and can be found on shirts that are made with both cotton/polyester blends and 100% polyester. The shorter length keeps the shirt tucked in nicely without being too tight or giving you that “popped” look when it’s not tucked in.

The semi-cutaway collar is a blend between the short and full cutaway collar , which makes it a great option for those who like to have their shirt out just a touch. The bottom of the collar can be seen when tucked in, but not nearly as much as with a full cut away.

Cutaway collars are the most “professional” looking and are designed to be worn out. They can range from 1/2in to 2in when fully extended, and the full cutaway offers two inches of flair. The full cutaway has a more pronounced peak at the collar, making it ideal for those who like to play in their collars up.

However, because of the larger collar it can be more prone to catching on your golf glove when swinging.

Arm length:

One of the most common complaints about golf shirts is that they are too short. While this varies from brand to brand and person to person, a good way to decide how long a shirt should be is by measuring a shirt you already own.

For most golfers, this measurement falls at the bottom of the palm (for those who wear a watch on their left wrist). If your shirt falls below that mark then it is probably not long enough to properly tuck into your pants or shorts; if it’s too short then you are likely tucking the extra fabric into your pants and creating an unnecessary bulge. Before you decide to order a shirt online, we recommend checking the specific brand’s measurements on their website or calling customer service with any questions.

Color options:

Shirts come in just about every color imaginable, but there are some colors that work better than others for golfing purposes. For example, red and pink shirts are not ideal because they can get dirty or show sweat stains more than other colors.

Darker colors such as grey, blue, and green work great for this sport because they hide dirt and don’t show stains as easily.


Shirts range anywhere from $15 to $50 depending on how they are constructed. Generally speaking, more expensive shirts have a higher thread count, which can make them feel smoother to the touch and appear nicer when pressed.

Thread counts over 100 are common in golf shirts because they feel soft, don’t wrinkle easily, and look great when hung up on a hanger at the end of your round. For this reason, you probably don’t want to buy a shirt with a thread count under 100; anything less than that will feel cheap and wrinkle easily.


There are many different brands of golf shirts available on the market today, which can make it hard to choose. While there is no such thing as the “best” brand, there are brands that make higher quality shirts than others.

Generally speaking, a shirt from a company such as Augusta Sportswear, Kentwool , or Under Armour will cost more and be of a better quality than one from Gap or Banana Republic . This is not to say that these stores don’t have some good golf apparel available, but the shirts from the golf specific brands offer a better fit and feel that makes them worth the extra money.

Most Comfortable Golf Shirts for Men

Tennis and golf have one thing in common; their shirts have the same principle. Golf shirts and tennis shirts have a placket and a collar. Many golf clubs are strict on what you should wear to the golf course and what should never be worn to the golf course. Mens polo golf shirts are a better choice because they are formal, lightweight and comfortable.

Other than zero friction and sweat wicking designs with microfiber cooling, you should also consider other features. Fortunately most polo shirts for golf have been designed with anti-order technology as well as ventilation for better air flow. Below are the best golf shirts for men;

NIKE Men’s Dry Victory Solid Golf Polo Shirt

Nike Men's Dry Victory Solid Golf Polo

NIKE Men’s Dry Victory Solid Golf Polo Shirt is made up of 100% polyester. Its double knit fibre is good for the dry and comfortable touch not to mention it provides an awesome ventilation system. This is one of the best golf shirts for men because it can help in maintaining your body temperature especially when you are playing in the hot sun. The best thing about NIKE Men’s Dry Victory Solid Golf Polo Shirt is that it will also keep you warm and dry.

What makes this golf shirt better than the others is that polyester has antimicrobial properties and it is also lighter as compared to cotton. The ruffled collar helps in preventing the curling of the necklaces. These golf shirts for men have three buttons on the planket which helps to give the shirt a standard fitness. This mens golf shirt is available in 33 colors which means you are spoilt for choice to pick your favorite color.

NIKE Men’s Dry Victory Solid Golf Polo Shirt comes in all sizes, ranging from small to XXXL. Unfortunately this golf shirt is not suitable for cold weather so you should also stock up for winter golf shirts. This golf shirt for men can be worn for an all day wear as it has the best quality.


  • Available in over 3o colors
  • Its design is stylish and comfortable.
  • Moisture wicking properties


  • It snags easily

NIKE Men’s Dry Victory Stripe Polo

Nike Victory Mini Stripe Golf Polo

This mens golf shirt is made from 100 % polyester and jersy material. It has three buttons on the planket to help in a correct fit. This Nike golf shirt for men has a dri-fit technology which helps to provide a dry feeling as well as a comfortable fit.

NIKE Men Dry Victory Stripe Polo has a ribbed collar that prevents it from curling. Its jersy fabric is light in weight and soft to the body. It is imported which means it is a good quality golf shirt. It is only suitable for warm or hot weather as it is light in weight. Unfortunately it is not available for women.


  • It comes 38 colors which gives you a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Stretchy fabric
  • 100% polyester material offers great wicking properties
  • Has a classic cut

Under Armour Men’s Playoff Golf Polo

Under Armour makes the most advanced golf polo shirts for men and they also happen to be very stylish. Under Armour men’s golf shirts have been manufactured with anti-pill fabric with a soft touch, making them some of the most comfortable golf shirts available today. This fabric provides a snag free finish with super quality properties and long lasting durability.

The Under Armour Playoff Golf Polo is one of the best golf shirts for men. It is easy to dress up or dress it down as you like. It is one of those golf shirts for men that have the right fit; it is light in weight not to mention it feels comfortable with pretty much everything and anything.

Under armour playoff polo is loose and it has a fuller cut to give the wearer complete comfort. The fabric used is a mixture of 88% polyester and 12% elastane which gives this golf polo shirt great sweat wicking properties and also makes it dry fast.

As we all know, most times golf is played in the sun and the golf players are bound to sweat. This Under armour playoff polo shirt has been made with anti-odor technology that prevents the odor causing microbes from growing thus ensuring you are dry and smelling fresh the entire golf game.

This under armour playoff polo shirt protects you from the harmful sun rays as its UPF 30+. The best part about this golf shirt is that it’s made with a four way stretch construction and you can move in any direction with ease.


  • It’s stretchy
  • Have awesome sweat wicking properties
  • Dries quickly
  • Has a self- fabric collar
  • Its made with anti-odor technology
  • It comes in a dozen colors
  • Can be worn to the golf course and to the office during summer


  • The sizing can be a little inconsistent

Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo

Under Armour Men's Tech Polo

Under armour tech polo is an original to go to golf shirt for men or even tennis; it is one of the best golf shirts. It is light in weight and it keeps you cool when you are golfing under the hot sun. This under armour tech polo is everything you are looking for in a golfing polo shirt.

It is made with an anti-odor technology which helps in preventing the growth of odor causing microbes thus keeping you fresh throughout the game. The material used to make it is 100% polyester which ensures it dries fast and also ensures your body is not wet with sweat.

It has a full cut for comfort; it is loose


  • It keeps you dry and dries fast
  • It is made with anti-odor technology
  • Light and breathable fabric
  • Comes in more than 7 colors


  • It can be a little too loose if you are small bodied
  • The sizing is a bit off

Under Armour Men’s Performance 2.0 Golf Polo

Under armour performance polo is one of the best golf shirts for men. It comes in classic colors, it is one of the most breathable golf shirts and it has a comfortable feel and fit. Its heat battling and sweat wicking delivery is one of the best; this golf shirt for men has it all.


  • Made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane
  • Has a 4 way stretch which allows unrestricted mobility
  • Made with anti-order technology that prevents odor causing microbes from growing
  • Has 30+ UPF that protects your skin from UV rays


  • it is light in weight with a smooth anti-pick, anti-pill fabric and a snag free finish
  • It is sweat wicking and dries quickly
  • The 30+ UPF protects your skin from harmful sun rays
  • Comes in 36 colors which gives you a variety t o choose from
  • Can be worn to the golf course and for everyday activities


  • Most of them are a size smaller especially if you are big bodied.

Under Armour Men’s Playoff Long Sleeve Golf Polo

Under armour long sleeve polo are some of the best golf shirts for men because unlike the short sleeved polo shirts, they cover the whole of your upper body. These Under armour long sleeve polo shirts protect your body from the harmful sun rays that can casue skin cancer.

Not only are golf shirts for men stylish, they are also very comfortable, light in weight, smooth and silky soft.

They come in 20 colors which gives you a lot of options to pick from. Under armour has been known to make the best golf shirts with anti-odor technology which leaves you smelling fresh the whole golfing time.

These Under armour long sleeve polo shirts have a 4-way stretch fabric which ensures your movement is not restricted.

Most Comfortable Golf Shirts for Women

The best golf shirts for women should be fitting and good looking for that dose of confidence on the golf course. Golf shirts for women can either be short sleeved, three quarter sleeved or long sleeved.  The best thing about these women golf shirts is that they can also be worn outside the golf course, either on weekends to run errands or just for those girl dates. They come in many shapes and colors and you will be spoilt for choice when picking the best golf shirts. Below are our best golf shirts picks;

adidas Golf Women’s Performance Polo

Adidas womens golf shirts are top quality golf shirts that give the golf player value for her money. Adidas Golf Women’s Performance Polo T-Shirt has been made using 100 % polyester and it offers all day comfort whether it is warm or cold. This is a short sleeve golf shirt with a fold down collar.

It comes with a right pocket for you to put tiny things that you might need on the golf course. Adidas Golf Women’s Performance Polo T-Shirt comes in a range of colors thus giving the golfer a range of options to pick from.


  • Adidas womens golf shirts come in various colors and sizes
  • The material used provides breathable space and it is quite comfortable
  • It is made with a high quality knit
  • Has a flattering fit.

NIKE Women’s Dry Victory Polo

Nike Victory Solid Golf Polo

NIKE Women’s Dry Victory Polois one of the best golf shirts for women; they have been made with 100% recycled polyster. The dri-fit technology helps keep your body dry and comfortable. The best thing about these Nike golf polo womens is that they come in various shapes and colors to give you a wide range of options to pick from.

The three button placket gives you customizable support as you can choose to button all the way up or wear it unbuttoned. The dropped back hem also comes in handy in that it provides extra coverage on the wearer.


  • Comes in different colors and shapes
  • The dri-fit technology keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • The sizes can run smaller
  • They are a bit light which might need you to wear a vest beneath

Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo’s

Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts are the best golf shirts for women. They have been made with 100% poly interlock. The dry-fit technology and the 100% polyester interlock make them quite strong and with great wicking properties. Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts come in 20 different colors which give the buyer a wide range to choose from. They also come in different sizes ranging from small to XX large.

Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts are women polo shirts with true feminine fit. They feature a 3 button placket which gives you an option of buttoning up or leaving it unbuttoned.

These women golf shirts are the best golf shirts for women because they can also be worn outside the golf course. They can be worn to work, to shopping sprees or to girl dates because they are comfortable and well fitting.


  • They come in 20 different colors and different sizes
  • They are feminine fitting
  • They have been made with dri-fit technology
  • They are moisture wicking golf shirts which means you’ll be dry and comfortable
  • They have a silky touch thus comfortable against your body
  • The material does not cling to the body


  • The fitting might run a little large so if you prefer a snug fit, get a size smaller your normal size
  • They wrinkle easily so hang them as fast as you remove them from the washing machine

What is a Good Quality Golf Shirt?

most comfortable golf shirts

A good quality golf shirt should be made of a lightweight and breathable fabric so that you stay cool and comfortable on the course. It’s also important that the shirt fit well and move with your body as you swing your golf clubs.

It should also have a spread collar to help keep the sun off your neck, and short sleeves to allow you to move your arms freely. And finally, it should feature a placket front with buttons or snaps for added style.

There are many golf shirts on the market. And because of this, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Golfers often have different budgets and different preferences when it comes to style. Fortunately, there are a few things that every golfer should consider before making their purchase.

First, what kind of weather will you be playing in? If you live in an area with high humidity or frequent rain showers, then cotton may not be your best choice. A polyester blend shirt might wick away moisture better than natural fibers will and dry more quickly too. Alternatively, if you live in a place where temperatures drop below freezing during winter months, then wool is definitely the way to go! Wool doesn’t easily retain water and it’s both warm and soft.

Second, do you like the kind of shirt that makes you look like a superhero? If so, then get a polo. These shirts are made from knitted fabric with two to three buttons down the collar. The classic polo has a piqué-style pattern that looks great in any situation. They’re great as a part of a casual outfit and can easily be dressed up as well. And if you don’t like the idea of wearing a collared shirt, then there are plenty of polos out there without collars as well!

Third, do you want your golf shirt to look professional? If so, then get a classic golf shirt! These shirts are usually made of cotton and feature buttons down the front placket. They’re usually quite roomy and can be worn both on or off the course. You can dress them up with a sports jacket or wear them more casually as well. Just make sure to choose what best matches your style!

Lastly, do you want to make a statement? If you’re looking for an eye-catching, unique golf shirt then look no further than the argyle golf shirt! These shirts are made of cotton and come in two varieties. The first usually features two different types of argyle design, with one on the chest and another down the sides. The other is made of one continuous piece of argyle fabric that runs the length of the shirt. And it doesn’t matter what your style is either! These shirts come in polo, classic golf shirt, and t-shirt styles for every kind of golfer.

There are plenty of other options out there besides these ones, but if you choose any one of these you can’t go wrong! Whatever shirt you choose to wear on the course is up to you, but make sure that it’s comfortable and stylish.

And remember: look good, play good!

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