Golf grips for arthritis; golf grips reviews,what you should know

GOLFING when suffering from arthritis can be quite painful; wait, it is damn painful. All the same, you don’t have to give up on your golfing career, that’s why there are golf grips for arthritis. If you are wondering what is arthritis, it is inflammation of the joints; one or two joints thus causing quite a discomfort. Arthritis comes as a result of cartilage) the material that prevents your joints and your bones from rubbing onto each other) breakdown. Some of arthritis symptoms are swelling, pain, stiffness with the symptoms increasing as the disease progresses. Arthritis can be cured with moderate, normal exercises while other times it needs anti-inflammatory drugs (creams and tablets). In extreme cases, arthritis can progress to chronic pain and in the worst cases into disability.

You can play without pain-use golf grips for arthritis

As noted earlier, you don’t have to endure pain when golfing; golf grips for arthritis will be your saving grace. You can play without pain; all you need to do is to exercise moderately to strengthen your muscles. Aerobics will also help in joint function, joint coordination, and joint balance not forgetting your overall health. Make sure you have the right equipment because it makes all the difference. One great example of the right equipment is using the right golf grips for arthritis, using graphite shafts as compared to steel shafts because graphite ones are lighter thus needing less energy to swing. Also, graphite shafts vibrate less as compared to steel thus reducing the impact on your hands and in turn reducing the pain. You can also use oversized grips to reduce the pain since the bigger the grip, the less the amount of pressure your hands need to apply; also, the bigger the grip, the less the vibration your hands will endure.

Beyond the golf grip for arthritis

When you are armed with the right golf grips and the right golf clubs, arthritis golfers will endure less pain (discomfort). It doesn’t matter if you have severe arthritis, with the right golf grips for arthritis and the right golf clubs; you’ll still enjoy your golfing. Phil Mickelson’s (PGA Tour start) golfing career had his golfing career threatened by psoriatic arthritis but fortunately his condition was cured by a drug called Enbrel and he went ahead to get the British Open award in 2013. So, get the right medication and the right equipment and you are good to go.

The best golf grips for arthritis come in handy when one is suffering from arthritis and they still want to enjoy golf. Arthritis should not dim your golfing career. Arthritis is a disease that affects people in their old age and it is mostly as a result of cartilages breaking. When a cartilage breaks, bones come into contact with each other thus making it uncomfortable and in serious cases it escalates to pain. Having the best golf grips for arthritis will make your golfing little more pleasant; all you need are oversized golf grips and you are good to go. With  oversized golf grips, there will be less exertion by your hands when holding your golf club. We will discuss more golf grips for arthritis on this post so that your golfing experience can be more pleasant.

Avon Chamois Jumbo Black Grips

Avon Chamois Jumbo has to be one of the best golf grips for arthritis you’ll ever come across. The oversized grip lessens that vibration when one is swinging the golf club while still providing the arthritic golfer with ample cushion. The best thing about this golf grip is that it is ribbed such that the golfer wont have a problem placing his or her hands on the golf grip. This ribbed grip helps to ensure consistency when placing your hands which translates to greater consistency when making those golf shots. This golf grip for arthritis is made from rubber polymer which is great in terms of durability thus making it one of the best golf grips for people with arthritis. In conclusion, this Avon Chamois Jumbo helps to keep joint pains at bay while providing the best cushion for your joints when shooting.

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grip

Winn Golf Grips are so soft on your hands they almost feel like a pillow which make the best golf grips for arthritis. They are cushy, comfortable and soft; the cushy grip helps to absorb the shock when one is shooting thus preventing the shock from reaching your most affected joints like your arms as well as your shoulders. Winn Golf Grips give great traction and in turn they offer the golfer a secure feeling. When using this golf grip for arthritis, you don’t have to grip on your golf club too tightly for control; all you need to do is to relax your arms. The fact that you don’t need to grip too tightly reduces the tension on your arms thus reducing the discomfort and in turn giving you a good, powerful swing.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Grips are manufactured from the best thermoplastic rubber which gives it a tacky feeling. Tac-Mac grips are one of the best golf grips for arthritis because the grip has a serrated design that gives you a tight grip. The many tiny bumps on the grip make it have a rough texture that helps you maintain your grip without holding on to it too tightly. With this grip, you reduce the pressure on your hands when you are making that swing.

Golf grips for arthritis

The Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2018


The best golf bags for push carts are one of the most important supporting players in your golf game. Your golf bag not only requires being organized, durable and functional-it must be worth the savings you are making from the fun gear. We understand it can be challenging to come up with all choices and categories you have. So, we have prepared the key criteria you need to consider when purchasing the best golf bags for push carts. Here is a look at the best golf bags for push carts.

  1. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway 14 is our choice for the best golf bags for push carts because it is lightweight hence making it easy to bring with you wherever you go, it has a smart design, and it has a lot of pockets. This golf bag has been in the market for a few years and the company never stops improving it.


  • The slots are full sleeve so your clubs don’t tangle.
  • The golf bag has 2 cooler sections, one for a cool towel and another section for drinks.
  • The bag also has a rangefinder slot that assists in protecting phone screens.
  • The bag has center slots which are larger for driver and putter.
  • The bag is large and still light in weight.
  • When at the range the bag can stand on its own.
  • The bag allows for tees via its exterior slots.


  • It is large and light in weight hence mobile.
  • It has a cooler section hence convenient for a sunny afternoon drink.


  • No cons


    1. Sun Mountain Sync

This pick for the best golf bags for push carts is from a known company called Sun Mountain golf bag. In contrast to Org 14, sun mountain golf bag has similar size, materials and number of pockets. More to this, this bag is designed to be used on push carts.

Sun mountain golf bags have been made for optimal use when utilizing the push cart. When using the best golf bags for push carts, your priority is maintaining the bag in place. Due to this, the bag features a bottom section that is notched and fits snuggly with push carts’ triangular pads. The sync’s side upper portion comprises a pass-through strap which lets a strap hold the bag firmly and avoids constriction of the pockets.


  • Sun mountain golf bags have a putter compartment which is integrated.
  • The top is 15-way with full length and individual dividers.
  • All pockets of the sun mountain golf bag are accessible and face forward when a push cart is carrying the bag.
  • The top also comprises dual utility handles to enhance handling.
  • The eight pockets comprise dual velour-lined pockets and a beverage pocket.
  • The pass through of the golf cart allows for the security of the bag to the golf cart while enhancing pocket access
  • It has a loop for towel.
  • Durability is increased via cart bumpers
  • The sun mountain golf bag has a matching rain hood.


  • The material is tear-resistant, waterproof, and high quality.
  • Optimal cart stability is enhanced by smart mounted wraps.
  • The sun mountain mountain golf bag comprises 15 dividers.
  • The bag also has eight pockets which are easily accessed and conveniently placed.
  • The hood is waterproof.


  • If the bag lacks proper weight distribution, it will fail to stand on its own.

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    1. Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag






This bag is a little bit lighter than Sun Mountain; hence it is able to pair up appropriately as a carry bag. In case you require adaptability and diversity in a golf bag, this is your best option. The bag not only functions great on you push cart but also works well on your back. It is excellent due to its water resistance ability.


  • The bag is able to hold a lot of gear via its 8 zippered pockets. Due to its cold air, it is able to store cold drinks.
  • The bag has 15 dividers that let you store 14 playing clubs, a ball retriever, and alignment sticks. The dividers keep your clubs from tangling and banging when walking.
  • Non flex materials make the sides of the bag to protect the clubs from a forceful impact.
  • The bag’s top features pockets so that you can access them easily when the bag has been strapped to the cart.
  • It has a unique non slip bottom which allows you to easily use a push cart.
  • The bag only weighs 7 pounds hence light in weight.


  • It has been made from water resistant and non-rip material.
  • The bag has 15 dividers for your clubs.
  • The clubs are highly protected by the non-flex material
  • The pockets are many and offer storage for beverages, balls, and apparel.
  • The bag can be mounted on a push cart, golf cart or be carried.


  • The bag lacks a hood.

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  1. Callaway Chev

Callaway is my favorite brand for cart and stand picks. This is a great brand and offers value for money. It simply does what you require it to do, it is durable and it is light. This bag has ease when on a push cart and also when walking on the golf course.


  • The bag has full length dividers and a 7-way top
  • The bag has 7 pockets together with a valuables pocket that is soft lined.
  • The bag offers stability on all terrains.
  • The bag has a soft mesh hip pad that offers ventilation and comfort.
  • The bag weights 5.5 lbs


  • The bag has great padding on the straps for carrying


  • When compared with other best golf bags for push carts, the bag is less durable as a result of weight optimization.
  • Dividers fail to go length of the golf bag.


  1. CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10-One

The bag is designed to protect your valuable gear when driving the push cart in the golf course. The bag has zippers and durable nylon construction that ensure the safety of your clubs.  The bag has skated wheels to enable mobility and also riveted handles to enable carrying the bag on a push cart or when walking.


  • It features extra durable nylon construction that increases the safety of your clubs.
  • It features great skate wheels that ensure rolling uses minimal energy.
  • The bag comes with lockable zippers for security.
  • The handles are riveted hence hold strong on the push cart.
  • The bag has dual oversize shoe pockets that can be used for extra gear.
  • The bag is heavily padded for maximum security against hazards.
  • The bag is light as it weighs only eight pounds.



  • The 600D Nylon material makes the bag extra durable.
  • The bag has extra space for your extra stuff and it is also well padded for gear safety.
  • The clamps are fully adjustable clamps that protect the bag from all terrains.
  • It is light when compared with other bags in the market.
  • Has in line skate wheels for easy trolling.


  • It has one color only and hence options are limited
  • The zipper gives out after some time due to its poor quality.


A Guide to Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

To select the best golf bags for push carts from the five types present and many brands on the market, you should opt for the following vital things.


Each of the various types of the best golf bags for push carts has features that will assist you move your gear with comfort around the course. However they have pros and cons. When buying a golf bag for a push cart you must put into consideration the type that you want since they all work differently. For instance, if you prefer trolleys then a carry bag is unsuitable for you since it will be hard to strap it in the cart.

  1. Carry Bags

Created for casual or recreational golfers, carry bags are easy to move around with due to their light weight. The shoulder straps make it easy to walk with them around the course. These bags usually have sufficient pockets to carry beverages, gloves, tees, golf balls and nothing else. These bags are all about carrying the essential golfing stuff. The bags are not many to prevent you from carrying unnecessary stuff.

  1. Stand Bags

These are the most versatile golf bags. They are heavier than a carry bag despite being light in weight. Their base has legs that ensure everything stays upright for accessibility. These golf bags for push carts are suitable when using a golf cart or when walking. They are usually strapped to the push-cart back when being used with a push cart. Great care should be taken to prevent the legs from damage when securing the bag with straps.

  1. Cart bags

Their bases are designed to be able to get attached to a golf cart. They have several pockets and a lot of storage. But these bags are heavier than those bags designed for those golfers who walk around the course. Golf cart bags are used by serious, competitive or professional golfers. These bags are designed to offer easy access to the pockets while still strapped to the golf cart’s back. The bag also features a rubber base to prevent the bag from sliding off the cart.

  1. Tour bags

They are comprehensive and comprise a lot of dividers, pockets and storage. They are made for competitive and professional golfers who require not carrying their own bag.

  1. Travel Bags

They are made for golfers who bring their golf clubs with them and want to protect them at all times. The bags have been designed to secure the golf clubs on flights and during handling of the baggage. The bags have been made from robust materials that ensure a golfer has what he needs when travelling for a game. The bag features padded top for security of the clubs, in-line or luggage skate wheels to enhance mobility, reinforced or padded handles to enable easy handling, and extra pockets for increased storage space.



As much as the features of the golf bags change from one manufacturer to another, the types of the golf bags will also have an influence on this. In case you carry so many things, then the presence of enough pockets is what you should look for. When buying  golf bags for  push carts, then you should go for the ones with several features. Some of the features to consider include the number of pockets, the weight of the golf bags, and the number of dividers. A bag with a lot of pockets will ensure that you have adequate storage while a golf bag that is light in weight will ensure that the luggage is lighter as compared to a bag that is heavy in weight. Also, if the dividers are many then you are able to carry a lot of golf clubs.


Your budget will have a determination on the bag that you purchase since you cannot buy a golf bag that you can barely afford. Consider how much you want to spend before deciding what to buy since the various types of golf bags have different prices. If you have no problem with spending lots of money, you can buy the staff bag but if you want cheap golf bags, a carry bag will suffice.

Customer Reviews

In spite of what you decide to buy, it is vital to go through golf bags for push cart reviews on well-known websites to see what users have to say about the products. Getting primary information from users of golf bags is the most reliable information source since they have tested the product.


The best golf bags for push carts is are vital as any other equipment for your golf game.  Hence you should be very keen when shopping for a golf bag to make sure you acquire the right one.  Considering the above factors will ensure that you get a golf bag that will maintain security for your gear, fit your push cart, and that you enjoy your golf game.

Golf tools for beginners: from equipment to gear

Golf is an awesome game but for a novice player, everything looks hard especially when they walk into golf’s items shop. They don’t know what is needed where and the fact that they can be quite pricy makes it even harder. Just like any other game, new golfers want to perfect their game especially the golf swing in order to satisfy their desires or even their golfing partners. Golf has many rules, it has different clubs that can overwhelm a soul, and then there’s a specific lingo that the new golfers should grasp. If you know nothing about golf, you just landed on the right site; we’ll take you through the whole thing.  To perfect your game as a new golfer you will need to get hold of the best golf tools for beginners. These are:

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer; one of the golf tools for beginners

Best Golf Swing Analyzer installed with Golf OLED screen provides the novice players with a near accurate mathematical calculation on the most accurate swings; it reduces blank swings that palyers make. This device gives you a preview of your final shot; it also helps in rehearsing for the perfect shots in a game without you using the actual balls. A golf swing analyzer gives the player a close estimate of the distance the balls will ‘travel’ in an actual game. The best thing about this golf swing analyzer is that it is wearable and it is light in weight. Other things about this analyzer is ;

  • It is iOS/Android compatible
  • It uses Bluetooth version 4.0 LE
  • It is convenient in that it has features of a digital clock as well as an automated call declining feature
  • It has a vibration motor ready and a call alert
  • The battery is made of lithium polymer 70 Mah
  • The battery runs for 5 days after its been fully charged for two hours

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  • Real time swing analysis- Golf swing analyzer uses a 6-axis micro electro mechanical(MEM) sensor to analyze the 9 types of swings that are common in golf and it is one of the best golf tools for beginners. The feedback will come in handy in your practice because you will know where to adjust your swings/shots. Golf swing analyzer also helps in recording the previous shots that your had done with perfection. The best news is that this information can be viewed with a single tap.
  • Carry distance calculator tittle; Golf swing analyzer has been equipped for the estimation of the carry distance using a set algorithm. The projected distance calculation is done with immediacy as well as accuracy. This tittle is also compatible with all standard clubs- wood, driver, iron, putter and wedge. The best thing about this analyzer is that it displays the results in a personalized manner; the displayed data also includes the club path, head speed, the swing type as well as the face angle.
  • Golf course GPs data-this golf swing analyzer has information about 36,000 golf course scattered all over the world and it is connected to smart phones via BLE. To know about a specific golf course, all you have to do is to type the country or the name of the golf course and all the information you need will be at your disposal

Advantages of using Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Its GPS helps you to access various avenues in terms of data

  • It is cheap when it comes to price and the best thing is that it does not water energy
  • The device is tailor made to suit needs of each user
  • You don’t experience text or calls disturbances
  • You can easily download it and set it up with ease
  • It lets you deliver your shots like the pro you are


  • If one is not tech savvy, using it can be quite confusing
  • The device’s Bluetooth is not as reliable
  • It can heat up thus destroying the labels as well as being a threat to the golfers

Smash Bag Impact Trainer : one of the best  golf tools for beginners

Smash Bag Impact Trainer for Improving Clubface Impact is one of the most important golf tools for beginners. It guides you through the golf course as you get to those scores on the golf course.

  • Its material is of high impact with the zipper being a visible feature
  • It does not need any battery to function
  • Your impact’s standard is done by proprietary targets and this is communicated to you via visual feedback.
  • It weighs 905 grams with 10’’ *9.5’’ * 3.5’’ dimensions

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Stuff the bag: stuffing the bag is very important;it is one of the most important golf tools for beginners. The stuffing will weigh the bag down thus absorbing your rough strikes. These rough strikes are inevitable since you have to practice for hours on end

Easy to use: impact bags regardless of the model function in the same way. They’ll help the use to learn the correct impact of the clubface. It also helps to provide a visual feedback on the accuracy and the quality of the impact. It also helps in the elimination of thin and fat shots as well as cure slices; it is also easy to interpret the target. It is perfectly safe for use for you and your club(s); it can also be used with other trainers


  • You can use old clothes or old towels as stuffing meaning you’ll put the weight best suited for you.
  • It can be used at home
  • It solves the problem of slices as well as thin and fat shots
  • You are assured of the safety of your clubs as well as personal safety
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps with downswing sequencing


  • It is not equipped technologically which means more is required of your manual expertise
  • You can rule out the possibility of injuries; it should be used carefully
  • The fact that the bag is self weighted can be a problem since the bag can fly off from the impact

Swingyde Golf Swing Training aid; one of the best golf tools for beginners

Swingyde golf swing training aid happens to be one of the best golf tools for beginners. It helps in improving one’s distance and accuracy. All you need to do is to attach the swingyde golf swing training aid to the grip or the shaft of the golfing club you are using and then rest your wrist on the other end. By doing so, you encourage your wrist to cock well and it also improves the swing plane, the club face alignment as well as the follow through. If you are looking for one of the best golf tools for beginners, Swingyde is what you need. the best thing about Swingyde is that it works for both right and left-handed golfers.

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid; one of the best golf tools for beginners

The SKLZ Gold flex-Golf Training Aid is a golf tool for beginners and it can be used even in your backyard; it also has a variety of other uses. One of its uses is to help in developing your natural tempo; other uses are strengthening your swings as well as building muscle memory. Gold Flex also helps in developing one’s core muscles especially if one has an injury.

SKLZ Gold Flex-Golf training aid also comes in handy as a great warm up tool just before you get to start your golfing rounds; it lets you ease into the rhythm without much of a hustle.