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How Do You Make Old And Dirty Golf Balls Look New?

Sometimes golf balls get lost either in the water or in the long grass or the golfer just gives up on looking for the missing golf balls. Most times when you come across these dirty golf balls, way later after they got lost, they are just old looking and dirty and you might be tempted to throw them away again.

Using dishwasher and basic detergent method to clean dirty golf balls

Using the most basic household cleaning products and items, you can clean the dirty golf balls and make them look new. For starters, wash the golf balls in your dishwasher. Place them in the silverware compartment in the dishwasher which will keep them from becoming projectiles. Using the regular dish washing detergent, you can clean slightly dirty golf balls. In the event the golf balls were under water for a long time or the putting them in the dishwasher didn’t give you the desired results, the next method should do the trick.

Using white vinegar or undiluted bleach or ammonia

To make your dirty golf balls look new again use either of the above chemicals to soak your golf balls and then rinsing them off with clean water. Using an undiluted bleach not only makes the golf balls clean, it also ensures that any algae or fungus that might have been growing on the golf balls is removed. You need to soak the golf balls in either of the chemicals for two or three hours. However, under no circumstances should you mix the chemicals.

Using a cement mixer to clean dirty golf balls

In this method, you place the golf balls in a cement mixer that has been filled with crushed walnuts, almond shells or peanut shells and tumble the mixer. These crushed shells act as an abrasive thus cleaning the golf balls. In the event you have fewer golf balls, a small rock tumbler will work just as well. To clean ink from golf balls, use a toothbrush and a dash of acetone.

Using baking soda paste to clean dirty golf balls

In this method, create the baking soda paste by mixing baking soda with water. Put the baking soda paste on a toothbrush and thoroughly scrub the golf balls. This method ensures that all the dirt stuck in the golf ball’s scratches, cracks or divots on the golf ball’s surface is thoroughly removed. To finish of the cleaning and to remove the white paste, rinse the golf balls in warm water and dry them with a golf towel.

In conclusion, you don’t have to throw away your dirty golf balls. You can clean them using any of the above methods and have them looking as good as new. And if your entrepreneurial spirit is speaking to you, you can sell them to your golfing friends or put them up for sale on E-bay or any other online platform. Besides, we are trying to cultivate a culture of recycling and reducing buying of new items if we can help it.  

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